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So happy to attract only amazing people to photograph! ❤

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Kickstart treningsuken din med denne sirkelen her🤩 - - 8 bulgarske utfall - 8 push ups med step - 8 strake markløft - 8 pull ups - 20 hurtig step - 8 toes to bar Gjennomfør sirkelen 3 ganger, med 1-2 min pause mellom rundene. Husk å laste ned trimpoeng appen og få 10 poeng for å gjennomføre sirkelen på et av våre sentre 💥🥳 aktiv365 aktiv365arna fitnessinspo fitnessinspiration treningsinspirasjon fitnessmotivation treningsmotivasjon treningsglede sirkeltrening trimpoeng

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Pineapple bun on head, Monday let’s go 👊

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Monday Motivation! A simple but effective circuit format today. 1 minute of each exercise, at the end of the 5 exercises take 1 minute rest and then repeat the circuit 3 or 4 times. Make sure you warm up and cool down! Swipe ➡️ for exercise demos. For my pregnant Mumma’sI’ve shown a knees on floor for T press-ups adaption (half way through video),omit the jumps on the split squats and just lunge & walk the burpees in & out! GO SMASH MONDAY!💪👍😘 homeworkout noequipmentworkout mondaymotivation buggybabes mumsthatworkout notimeworkout fitnessinspo fitgirl crossfit mondaywod exercisemotivation exerciseformentalhealth

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How to: Peel and place our DeoSole foot and shoe odour patches in the arch of each heel. Ready for a night of dancing 🙌🏼

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Start your day with a refreshing smoothie and get ready to ace Monday. imargut wearing our super soft, Isle knot vest top!✨ yoga poweron fitnessinspo

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We all love a bit of cardio for fatloss 🔥✌💪Sometimes running on a treadmill for agers at one pace can get a bit boring 🙈 Thats why i mix it up with a bit of Fartlek training 🔥✌💃 Fartlek is a Swedish term that means "speed play" its a form of interval/speed training that can be effective in improving your running speed and endurance as well as burning some serious calories 🔥 Fartlek training involves varying your pace throughout your run, alternating between fast segments and slow jogs 🔥😊💃 so if your looking to change it up a bit throw a bit of fartlek in your training routine 💪🔥👊💃 fatloss weighttraining mixitup cardio fartlek run workworkwork motivation fitnessinspo speed weightloss gymgoals gymlife instafitness gym running motivation monday weightloss instagramfitness endurance workout xx

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Life is a lot bigger then what we think. There are times when emotionally you think it will never pay off. What are all these heartbreaks for? The temptation to just treat everyone the way you’ve been treated is high. Stay true to your self. Keep fighting the good fight because in due time you will reap good fruit that lead to journeys of friendships and love. Righteousness will always overcome and if you remain in it, through hardships, the grounds you can cover are unimaginable! Fight the Good Fight. ✌🏻🖤

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Monday stretching and strengthening 🌟 These are some variations which you can try with Sarvangasana. They help strengthen the quadriceps and back. Just make sure that your core and glute muscles are kept tight throughout to avoid any back injury😊 soulfitnessstudio monday MondayMotivation fitness fitnessaddict fitnessmotivation fitnessinspo motivation inspiration yoga sarvangasana stretching backworkout legworkout fitgirl stayfit ahmedabadblogger gymgirl ahmedabad fitnessinspiration

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Måndag morgon och Amanda säger att hon inte tänkt gå på gymmet idag?! Jag satte henne naturligtvis i skamvrån tills hon kommer på bättre tankar!☝️Jag var väl inte för hård?!Eller hur uppfostrar ni era lata vänner och bekanta?🤔 Det är tack vare mig hon dyker upp hos er idag satshotorget 🤝👌

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Hey y'alllll 😜😜 IT'S CHALLENGE TIME ‼️ Who wouldn't want to learn how to lose weight, easy, effective and FREE! Try this 5 for 5 CHALLENGE with me! Let's get addicted to seeing and feeling results FAST! For the next 7 days! Come on, we're one step away from achieving GREATNESS! During this journey we will INSPIRE ourselves & others of course, gain CONFIDENCE, access more SELF-LOVE, and we'll be HEALTHIER 💪🏽! So who's really down? Tag a friend you'd like to do this with you 👯‍♀️😜👇🏽 & Save ✅ 1. 50 JUMPING JACKS 2. 30 CRUNCHES 3. 10 PUSHUPS 4. 20 SQUATS 5. 20 BODYWEIGHT DEADLIFTS damnndfit fitfortheculture bodiedfit fitfam challenge weightloss kcfit burnfat snatched womenshealth ebonyfitness fitnessinspo igfitness fullbodyworkout Song: I Do Not Own The Rights To These Songs 🎶

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Get your Boody in gear and be in with a chance to win $200 worth of Nuzest products + a $200 Boody voucher Simply follow boodyecowear + nuzest.aus and tag a friend for your chance to win Competition ends midnight on June 3rd Boody thoughtfully fits your everyday life with the softest, most comfortable clothing essentials. We particularly love their range of sustainable active wear that offers the premium quality and innovative style you want, paired with the durability you need win giveaway competition nuzest boody activewear poweredbynuzest sustainable healthinspo fitnessinspo organicbamboo cleanleanprotein plantbased goodgreenstuff plantprotein proteingiveaway sustainableclothing vegan

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ВЫ СУПЕР! ❤ Большое спасибо всем за приятные слова и поддержку! Ценю Ваше тепло! Нереальные эмоции, две недели подряд! Спасибо всем за видео! За оценку и за очень приятные мелочи, что так ценны! Низкий поклон всем зрителям! Сборник видео от всех хороших человечков💖! ОБНЯЛ ВСЕХ❤ Спасибо за видео: venta_aktau helmatveychuk aktau_best_coffee citrussmafia zina_bairamova _mamasssita_ rayfox1728 ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ fitnessinspo fitnessmotivations fitnessbrasil fitnessmotivation fitnessmemes fitnesslife militaryfitness fitnessmodels fitnessaddict fitnessfam prilaga fitnessbikini fitnessfriday fitnessfun fitnesspro fitnessjunkie fitness24seven fitnessmom fitness fitnessfreaks receitasfitness fitnessvideos fitnesstrainer fitness fitnessjourney roupasfitness fitnessboy

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Denna helg har varit magisk och jag har gjort sånt jag aldrig trott jag kunnat, både fysiskt och mentalt♡ Med den känslan och all energi den ger slutade bröstpasset med pb i hantelpressar💪 Nu fortsätter vi såhär-framåt på alla plan💫

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Fruit is highly astringent & breaks up mucus in the body. Mucus is the body’s defense mechanism against toxins. Over time, mucus hardens and acidifies harboring bacteria & causing disease. The lymphatic system moves mucus out of the body, & is liquified through an alkaline diet & high amounts of fruit. 🍌🍉🍋🍒🥝🥥🍍

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SAVE THIS for your next workout 🔥 🔥 🔥 Featured: Bear Hold DB Row 🎯Core 🎯Arms 🎯Back 🎯Quads 🎯Shoulders allthethings — 👉3 sets of 8 reps each 😘 👉Tag your workoutbuddy 🥰 👉Give it a try this week & tag me when you do! ❤️ — strengthtrain consistencyiskey makeitahabit - - - dontforgettosmile armsworkout coreworkout dumbbell totalbodyworkout dumbbellworkout totalbody fitinspo workoutvideos workoutvideo fitnessinspo workoutvideos coreworkouts upperbodyworkout lowerbodyworkout strongereveryday corestrength corestability gymworkouts weighttrain

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💥ГРАНДИОЗНОЕ ШОУ!💥 9 июня, в концертном зале Областного Драматического Театра имени Нурмухана Жантурина состоит Грандиозноу Шоу, программа представленная режиссером, художественным руководителем и хореографом Сериком Сариевым, при поддержке учебных групп Школы имени Серика Сариева! 9 июня приму участие в данном грандиозном шоу! 💲Билеты в кассе: по тел. +77013336399. 💡Начало: в15:00! 🔥Спешите преобрести! ЖДЕМ ВСЕХ! I AM FABULOUS * YOU ARE A FABULOUS! Друзья! Спасибо за поддержку! Вы мего! Скоро ожидается новые видеовыступления, фотосессии и новости! Спасибо замечательному фотографу Рауфу за воплощенный образ! Давно хотел именно в таком ключе поработать! Принимаются заказы на выступления! Обращаться в Ватсап на главной страничке ссылка! Фотосессия "Black Swan" от известного фотографа, Резидента проекта " ", ismrauf Стиль: Мафия Фотосессия: 2018г. ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ fitnesstrainer militaryfitness fitness fitnessfriday fitness fitnessjourney fitnessmodels fitnesslife roupasfitness fitnesspro fitnessboy fitness24seven fitnessbikini fitnessaddict fitnessfun receitasfitness fitnessfreaks fitnessmotivation fitnessmotivations fitnessmemes fitnessvideos fitnessmom prilaga fitnessinspo fitnessbrasil fitnessfam fitnessjunkie

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I'm a fan of anonymity, but I'm an even bigger fan of being anonymouse. Cool unisex hats and a flowy, slouchy long sleeve blouse to compliment her leggings. Not designed to be worn together. 😘🐀💣🖤💥 lasourismoderne formodernmice athleisure streetwear fashion mindfulness weightlifting running yoga bodymindsoul wellness mensfashion womensfashion gymaddict fitnessinspo fitness fitgirl anonymous zumba mouse leggingseveryday leggings hatsofinstagram hats gymstyle womanowned shopsmall navy blackandtan minimalistfashion

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🔥GLUTES & HAMMIES🔥 . Nothing can beat starting week strong with lower body and building them foundation. Double tap ♥️, ↗️ or save for later and don't forget to tag your gym partner. 1️⃣Hip thrust 1-1/4 | 3 x 12 1️⃣Bench kickbacks | 3 x 12 each side . 2️⃣Bench step up to front kick | 3 x 12 each side 2️⃣Abductions | 3 x 15 . 3️⃣Bulgarian split squat | 3 x 12 each side 3️⃣Single leg sit to squat | 3 x 10 each side

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I’m so ready for Monday

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-I am not the biggest fan of overcast🌫 Cloudy days make me want to nap and be lazy all day 😴 It is no surprise I woke up had breakfast took a shower and passed out luckily Kameren’s dog needs to get out for fetch daily so we had to spend at least some time outside. • This weather makes getting a workout in feel impossible, but when the gym is roughly 20 steps away I don’t have much of an excuse 😅

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Because who works harder than babies? My husband and I were surprised to learn how hard babies work when we became parents. Always pushing their limits always striving and always working out. Babies have a big job. 🧀👶🏽💪🏼💋🐀👏🏽👏🏻👏👏🏿👏🏾 DM 4 📸 credit! lasourismoderne formodernmice athleisure streetwear fashion mindfulness fitness fitnessinspo gymrat babies workhardplayhard workhard babyfashion mensfashion womensfashion love livelovelaugh motivation determination persistence strongbaby yoga weightlifting running kindness zumba pilates shopsmall womanowned

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When you meet someone you admire greatly and the photographer misses you hugging him AND instead gets your husband hugging with awakenwithjp I’m fine! Really. I’m fine. 😬😬😬

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This is accurate. 💯

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waking up

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Si bien esta foto es de hace tiempo, me encanta por que muestra que todos podemos, sólo perseverancia y constancia . Todos pasamos por altos y bajos pero lo importante que la vida es así tienes que seguir ! Nada es imposible instachile fitness fitnesslife fitnessfreaks fitnesspro fitnessmotivation fitnessfun fitness24seven fitnessaddict fitnessworkout fitnesstrainer fitnessaddiction fitnessboy fitnessjunkie fitnessjourney fitnessmodels fitnessinspo fitnessmotivations medellincapitalfitness fitnesstransformation fitnesslifestyle fitnesstime fitnesschile fitnesschileno

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Who else loves a good shoulder pump? 😼⁣ ⁣ Although I can’t do any lower body workouts at the moment, I can still work on my upper body, with precaution of course so I’m going lighter on the weights to avoid any further damage to my lower back. ⁣ ⁣ Here are some exercises from my push workout the other day.⁣ ⁣ -tricep overhead extension ⁣ -dumbbell Arnold press ⁣ -dips ⁣ ⁣ Hope everyone’s had a great weekend! 🌞⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Once again, thanks to skye_lifts and fromtheeyesofalex for recording and dealing with my goofy self. Y’all should really go follow them. Like now. 🤪 Top reebok Leggings lululemon

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hello 👋🏾😊

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🎉 21 Day Results 🎉 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I spent 30 minutes a day working out in my living room 💪 I ate a balanced diet (yes, that included 🍷😜) and I had tons of support from my bootcamp 🙌 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Enrollment for our Faithfully Fit Summer Bootcamp is now open 😁 If you've been thinking about jumping in, now's the time! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To get more information either go to the link in my bio and fill out the "Faithfully Fit Enrollment" form or drop an emoji below and I'll message you 😘 fitish faithfullycourageous coloradofit fitdogmom selfloveadvocate daughteroftheking fitnessinspo greatdanemom eatingdisorderecovery denverfitness denverfit selflovewarrior goalseeker transformation weightlossprogress winenot furmomma myjourneytofit fitfurmom cheesecakelover emotionaleating transformationjourney faithfullyfit

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Mid 👏 Poptart 👏 Pump 👏 I’ve said it once I’ll say it againI LOVE working out arms and shoulders! It makes me feel so strong and confident. Plus, it’s tank top season so gotta get the gun show ready 💪 . I usually do two arm days a week, one slightly more shoulder focused and one slightly more bicep/Tricep focused. Check this one out below ⬇️ . 💪 Standing single arm overhead press . 💪 Seated hammer curls 💪 Tricep dips . 💪 Curl to Arnold press . 💪 Seated overhead press (chin tucked) . 💪 Concentration curls 💪 Tricep rope extensions I did 3-4 rounds of each move, 12-15 reps! Finished off this day with a set of abs and some cardiohate cardio though so just got on the stair master and tried to get to 50 floors as quick as possible LOL (ended up right under 10 minutes 🤪) do what works for you, but get it done Eat your carbs, fuel yourself, and kick ass - new week means new goals ☺️ ttyl fitness fit fitgirl fitsta fitstagram fitnessinspo fitnessinspiration workout workoutinspo workoutinspiration armworkout womensworkout gym exercise wellness lifting strength strengthtraining strongwomen selflove workoutroutine fitnessroutine gym gymroutine workoutvid workoutvideo girlswholift

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Pictured is our Monster Cookie Edible Protein Cookie Dough🍪 This Cookie Dough contains no gluten, has higher Protein values than regular Cookie Dough, and contains lower calories than regular spreads like Peanut Butter! 15% Off Sale on our website for a limited time🎉💥

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There is nothing more satisfying than going to bed on a Sunday night with my alarm set knowing I’m prepared for the week ahead. Of course life never goes perfectly but having a general idea ensures a high productivity level. Here are a few tips that have yet to fail me! MAKE A PLAN: I recommend using a planner or app on your phone to do this. Write out your work/school schedule and any appointments. Then with the remaining time add in your “extras” such as workouts, social plans and don’t forget your self care time! When you start to get busy throughout the week it will be easy to reference and is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything! CLEAN YA SPACE: Finish your laundry (and put it away!), pick up the clutter, and do all of your big chores so you don’t have to think about them in the chaos during the week. From personal experience, my mind is much clearer and ready to focus when I have a “fresh space” to either work in or just exist/relax! MEAL PREP: Y’all already know what type of way I feel on this. Meal prep saaaaves me. I am always on the go and do not have time to make multiple meals a day. I take about 30 minutes to plan my meals and then it takes me about an hour give or take to prep it. I personally prep my lunches and dinners but everyone’s schedules are different so do what works best for you! TAKE CARE OF YASELF: You also know how I feel about this one. I will continue to preach it. Self care makes a difference I promise you! Take some time to unwind however that looks for you- take a bubble bath, go for a walk, you choose! I have been enjoying journaling lately just to get all thoughts/feelings out. Again, this is all about you and what’s going to get you feeling your best for the week ahead! SLEEP: I know the weekend can fly by when you have all the things planned but you have to make sure you are sleeping! This is going to help with productivity, recovery and your overall well being! So if you didn’t get much this weekend, make a pledge that you’re going to get an adequate amount tonight to ensure a great start to your week! Don’t over complicate it and be patient! 🖤

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Solo Road Trip from San Francisco ➡️ LA on the pacificcoasthighway = ✔️ Here are my take-aways: 1. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Being alone does not mean being lonely. In fact, I didn’t feel loneliness for one moment, because I am comfortable being alone with myself and my thoughts. I’ve learned a great deal about myself when I’m alone, good and bad. It’s freedom to do whatever the fuck you want, as fast or as slow as you want. There is no itinerary. And when I wanted to be around people, I was, and I met some really beautiful people, made priceless memories along the way. The point wasn’t to get away from my life or from people; I love my life, my job, my friends, everythingrather, it was to see things and be in awe of another part of the world, meet strangers, change my perspective and come back mentally refreshed to keep living my best life 2. 🐋 California is the home of some of the most breathtaking wildlife and scenery (🌲TREES!🌲). Swipe all the way right to see a fraction of what I mean- every 5 miles was a completely different and even more stunning view, from both sides of the road, rain or shine. I’d been to LA several times before this trip, but there’s so much more to that state that I wanted to see, and I got far more than my fill. It’s amazing that there’s so much to see in just one state, and I didn’t even get to San Diego! I had to force myself to quit stopping (if you weren’t following my story, you missed out, sorry! This is a fitness account, not a travel blog 🤷🏻‍♀️) 3. 🤸🏻‍♀️ The only time I’m ever in pain post-injury is when I’m sitting for long periods of time, and I was driving for 80% of the weekyes, I’m making a point here: movement truly is medicine. I didn’t go to a gym or do any workouts other than some light hiking and random pull-ups and pistol squats in various locations (another post coming shortly 😜), but I made a point to stop often and move around a little bit in nature. My back (and my heart and soul) is very grateful for those stops I could say and show so much more, but there’s too many pictures to count, and they don’t remotely compare to seeing it in person. So now you’ll just have to go see it for yourself. 😉🌍🌲♥️

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Step outside of the shadows

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Change requires Change. When your goals feel like distant wishes, first define your goals using the smartgoal method and reference them daily. Smart Goals are: 🔸SPECIFIC 🔸MEASURABLE 🔸ATTAINABLE 🔸RELEVANT 🔸TIME BOUND Next, tap into your inner strength and remember the secret to your success is found through healthy and productive habits executed in your daily routine. The mind is a very powerful thing. You can convince yourself in and out of the same thoughts day to day, literally. Take control of these thoughts and remind yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to, if you stay dedicated. ✨Kelly, you can be anything you want to be in lifeexcept a singer”- David J. Schleis - (RIP 2016) ✨

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when swift, the sweep of darkness goes the night from black to indigo blue in layers, the light unravels slowly then the coming day the sky of gold

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you and i. they  aren't  words.  never  are  nor  thought  not  even  sound.  just  felt,  in  the deep  down,  where  things  are  just  known  without  why  or  how.

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send Noods 🥢

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good night, moon 🌓

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you're welcome •

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little 🌙

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shout out to the guy i f♡ck with, you the shit baby

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he, sanctimonious promises rain, deliversnothing

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all the night, on a winter solsticewhere the night is long and  the day is badand afterwards the music  is  missing  and the clouds  keep  the  sun  from  burning  a  hole  in  the  sky. your handsthe  kindness  of  touch,  burn  of  a  shot  of  gold,  eyes  that  stare  into  the  night.  too  hot  to  sleep,  too  lonely  to  make love. how  long, while the radio  flutters  in  static spanish praises  god  for  numbering  every strand of  hair  on  all our  heads.  we  creatures  strayed  from  heaven, who,  at  mindless  hours,  waken  and  shut  our  eyes. how long, before the end of grace.