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Today I’m grateful for my gym bringing in new kettle bells and throwing away the old ones. The old ones didn’t have any labels on them and it was hard to estimate which one weighed what amount. The new ones are pretty (definitely Instagram worthy) and have been clearly labelled. It was such a pleasant surprise. 🌸 🔉 Music: Break You In Artist: Unknown ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ gymvirtual gymvideos fitnessvideos fitnessaddict kettlebellworkout weighttraining weightlossjourney womanwholift weightgain weightlossgoal healthjournal healthylifestyle sweaty sweatsession sweatlife ymca gymlife stayactive moveyourbody moveyour🍑 grateful🙏 blessedlife thankgodforanotherday legworkoutsforgirls legdayeveryday quadzilla quadsworkout buildmuscle

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Can’t wait to get back on the bar right after this stretch 😀 I’ve been out for 5 days but My back is feeling better‼️💪honestly at this point I view injuries as ultimate opportunities to strengthen your mind and your body. strongmind workoutbomber workout34 calisthenics.motivationn xalt bodyproudfitness getbsf sportkost personaltrainer barzquadw madbarz fitnessvideos followme follow follow4follow world_full_of_athletes coaching bodyweightmasters stoopidchallenge shredded_academy socalisthenics calisyhenia strengthisthenics strongaf strength calisthenics fitness streetworkout workout воркаут fit

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🏋🏾‍♀️ Leg Day 🏋🏾‍♀️ One of my fave exercises to do are deadlifts. In the vid, I’m lifting 135lbs .The most I’ve ever Deadlift was 155lbs, which means I can lift myself and a little extra. Just appreciating how far I’ve come along in my journey. My goal is to soon be able to easily lift 200lbs. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Till then I’ll be working Side note. All I had left was a good 5 after doing 3 sets of 10 😂😂😂 What’s your fave exercise to do on leg days? Let me know in the comments below. irisfit motivation

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🏋🏾‍♀️ Leg Day 🏋🏾‍♀️ One of my fave exercises to do are deadlifts. In the vid, I’m lifting 135lbs .The most I’ve ever Deadlift was 155lbs, which means I can lift myself and a little extra. Just appreciating how far I’ve come along in my journey. My goal is to soon be able to easily lift 200lbs. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Till then I’ll be working Side note. All I had left was a good 5 after doing 3 sets of 10 😂😂😂 What’s your fave exercise to do on leg days? Let me know in the comments below. irisfit motivation

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Depth check! 👍 Squats are beneficial for lower body development and should be done at least once or twice a week If you can't do squats there are other alternative leg exercises that you can do as a beginner A great compound exercise that should be apart of your leg training routine

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New split HEEYYYO I destroyed Chest and bi’s today! Decided to change things up a bit and let me tell ya this was fire! Normally I’m not the biggest fan of change but I’m SO excited for this change up in the gym😝 SWIPE FOR WORKOUT! 👉🏽👉🏽 . •5 x 12 reps: SUPERSET 1️⃣flat DB bench press 2️⃣incline DB curls . •5 x 10 reps 3️⃣incline flies / hex press . •5 x 10 reps: SUPERSET 4️⃣resistant band hammer curls (with 3 second negative) 5️⃣boso ball DB flies (keep hips up and core contracted) . •5 x 10 reps 6️⃣Alt. DB curls with hold . That’s it fam! Save and try it out🎉🔐🖤 chestpump chestandbiceps bicepcurls biceppump newsplit workoutinspo fitfam fitnessvideos workoutvids armworkout girlswhogrow mindovermuscle musclemotivation getfit getfitstayfit thursdayworkout proudbutneversatisfied fitnessinsta instafitfam mindsetmatters healthylifestyle getstronger instastrong alphapacksquad hhousefit h2fit

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HAMMER CURLS I love 🔨🔨 curls. In my opinion, they’re a great exercise to build size and strength in your upper arms and forearms. The reason is that they build the brachialis and brachioradialis in a way other curl variations don’t. FORM TIP I: I like to choke the dumbbell up against the weight plate so that my hand is in contact with the dumbbell plate. This gives me more control of the weight and allows me to lift slightly heavier and longer than I would if I gripped the dumbbell in the center. Gripping it in the center, though, is not bad. In fact, this would put tremendous force on your forearm, which can help build strength and size even more. FORM TIP II: Throughout the contraction, pretend that you’re balancing a glass of water on top of the dumbbell. You want the top of the plate to be flat facing the ceiling as much as possible throughout the movement. This will prevent wrist strain and will ensure that you’re engaging your forearm throughout the entire movement. COACHING INQUIRIES IN BIO teammihaly

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Devemos trabalhar o nosso core em diversos variações de exercícios, e este aqui é o chamado PICO, que normalmente é realizado na bola, mas aqui o nosso personal saullopersonalzf realizou com o slide nos pés 👉 Este exercício tem uma característica de alongar toda a cadeia posterior, e ativar as musculaturas superficiais e profundas, como reto do abdômen, oblíquos, transverso abdominal. Um estudo publicado pela "Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy" revelou que este exercício na sua variação na bola trabalha o complexo reto do abdômen, oblíquos, transverso e dorsal. Mas não pára por aí 👉 O slide auxilia o trabalho excêntrico da cadeia anterior, além de exigir uma contração aumentada do glúteo máximo, multifido e de musculaturas do complexo do ombro Vale entender bem este exercício e acrescentar numa periodização de treinos. No vídeo, nossa aluna robertacvieira zorzanfitness teamzorzan renatapersonalzf saullopersonalzf personaltrainer personalemcasa consultoriafitness consultoriaonline consultoria fitness fitlife treino training treinododia treinoedieta barrigachapada musculacaofeminina musculação dietaetreino lifestyle fitnessvideos fitgirls mulheresquetreinam treinamentofuncional treinamentopersonalizado mundobt 30tododia

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Back attack using single cable machine attachment I like to stay in one place, usually, which is good if the gym is busy but sometimes I do have to actually move aroundin this case however I managed to stay put These are two sets I punch out at the end of a back workout. I like to ensure I get in unilateral work on my Upperbody as well as my lower bodyvery important as I definately can feel which side I am more dominant on when I'm doing bilateral work. This is not the full workout but can be definitely SUPERSET 4x10 1️⃣ Cable crossover 2️⃣ Cable lat pull in TRISET 4X15 3️⃣ Single arm shotgun row 4️⃣ Single arm high pully row 5️⃣ Cross body cable pull I just made pink buttercream frosting for sugar cookies I made with my sonthank goodness I'm not a huge sugar cookie fan anymoreinstead I had my delicious 1stphorm level 1 protein bar that took care of my sweet tooth and dinnerthey are the best bars I've ever had Please feel free to DM me with any questions you may have about the 1stphorm Level-1 bars and my link is in my bio for free shipping pulldayworkout backgains backandbiceps pullday iamrecharged mygymlife fitmomsover40 fitnessvideos workoutvideos latpulldown latsworkout vtaper ethosbabes iam1stphorm girlswholiftheavy womenwholift strongisbeautiful buildingmuscle workoutmotivation shreds musclesandmascara smithmachine myfitnessjourney cableworkout upperbody shoulderworkout pullups

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Back Day menu: - Pull Ups : 2 sets - Barbell Row : 6 x 20 - High Seated Mid Row : 6 x 20 - Eccentric Low Cable Row : 3 x 15 - Low Cable Row: 3 x 20 - Machine Seated Row : 6 x 20 💪🐲🔥 Pre-Workout: Hype/Formula19/Resurgence/Halo Elite by blackstonelabs_official ◾️20% discount code: DRAGONIZUMI

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✨THURSDAY TIP✨ Proper warm up 👌🏼 Warming up is SUPER important before any workout you do whether is going for a run, swimming or lifting. Warming up prepares your body for what’s about to come, it loosens and lubricates the joints, gets the muscles activated, safely brings the heart rate up and prevents injuries Try this FULL BODY WARM UP if you tend to skip your warm up sesh! This warm up starts with you lying on the ground and gradually gets you up 😍 💪🏼 Glute Bridges - warms up the hips and activates the glutes . 💪🏼 Cat/Cow - warms up and safely stretches the spine . 💪🏼 Chest openers - benefits those who sit allllll dayyyyyy with bad posture & warms up spine . 💪🏼 Push ups on knees - passive way to bring the ❤️ rate up and activate the chest . 💪🏼 Squats - warms up the hips, knees and ankles and keeps the ❤️ rate up . 💪🏼 Hip openers - benefits those who sit all day longggg and who have tight hips (🙋🏻‍♀️) . 💪🏼 Jumping jacks - brings the ❤️ rate up even more REPEAT THIS 2x and you, my friend, are safely warmed up and ready to crush your workout! Remember to ❤️ and save 🎶 dancing with a stranger - sam smith and normani thursdaytip fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessinspiration fitnessinspo fitnesstips fitnessvideos fitnesstrainer personaltrainer personaltrainertoronto workout workoutmotivation workoutinspiration workoutinspo workouttips workoutvideos fitnessbysimona

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⚡️ Nesse período de Ganho de Massa Muscular procuro fazer os seguintes métodos de treinamento . ▫️ Séries de Força (4 a 6RM) ▫️ Negativas ▫️ Rest-pauses ▫️ Pirâmide crescente/decrescente ▫️ Forçadas ( quando tem um parceiro) . Métodos que estão incluídos nos programas Força & Hipertrofia do supertreinosapp. 🍳 Nutrição 60/35/5 . ▫️ 60% da dieta são carbos 👉🏻 uso apenas aveia, quinoa, arroz e pão sírio ▫️35% proteínas 👉🏻 uso apenas frango, ovo e tilápia ▫️ 5% gorduras 👉🏻 uso a gema do ovo e um pouco de semente de chia - Tiro 1 refeição OFF por semana E você? Como esta a sua dieta? Comente 😉 ViniciusPiffardini SuperTreinosApp legzilla videosdetreino  videosdetreinos workoutvids workoutvideos videoworkout fitnessvideos dicasdetreino gymvideos vemprotreino treinopesado appsupertreinos agachamento  agachamentolivre  hipertrofiando quadriceps  treinohard suplementação treinomonstro treinotop treinoanimal  vivaporesporte ejerciciosencasa treinodepernas treinodeperna legsday legday agachaquecresce

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At alphaintervaltraining you never train alone! This warrior came out in the cold rain today ready to train and it was a pleasure coaching and taking the class with him! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 When you have serious goals, nothing keeps you from working toward them 🔹️🔹️ What are your health and fitness goals❓❓ How are you working toward them ❓❓ Contact me today if you need help reaching those goals! ➡️ ⬅️ Or drop me a message in my inbox! 📥 coach personaltrainer health fitness weightloss strength conditioning training cardio hiit glutes abs kettlebells fitchick fitmom fitnessvideos instafitness ocrtraining groupfitness ihaveMG myasteniagravis mgcantstopme imaybeweak butimstrong

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👣CORE FOCUSED HIIT WORKOUT👣 • Here’s an at home workout coming from my apartments basement • (Boston city life means I don’t have my own stair case so here’s to getting creative😂) • Vid 1– stair climbers Vid 2– elevated push ups Vid 3– lateral step ups • • • fit fitness fitfam fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation instagramfitness fitgirls fitnesslifestyle fitnessvideo fitnessvideos fitnessvids workout workoutmode workoutmotivation workouts workoutvideos workoutvideo workoutvids workoutdone workoutflow gym gymmotivation gymjourney gymvibes gymvideo gymvideos legs fullbodyworkout

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It’s a other gorgeous day in the ATL 🌞 and I’m on an outdoor fitness kick 👊🏼 Here’s an upper body workout using the Power Blocks to get your ready for swimsuit season 👙! I’m going heavier on these exercises but doing more alternating arms to focus on the form and movement 😉 Do each exercise for 12-15 reps for 2-3 sets 🌺 Alternate Shoulder Presses and Squat. 🌺Alternate Bent over Rows & Anterior Raises. 🌺Alternating Upright Rows. 🌺Alternate Plank Bicep Curls into Tricep Push-up. 🌺Incline Chest Presses with Leg Extension. 🌺Lying Flat Chest Press w/Ab Crunch and Fly ***Give it a go, TAG a friend that will enjoy this and BOOKMARK 📖 for later. Let me know what you think!

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Wow 😮 this man is 89 years old and deadlifting 405x2. Give this man some respect 🙌🏽🙌🏽 BTW what is your excuse now? - What is the thing that this man have? Spirit and determination That's what you need to have to go long term in the game! - Follow us 👉 bigmusclezone 💪💪💪 Follow us 👉 bigmusclezone 💪💪💪 Follow us 👉 bigmusclezone 💪💪💪 - Credit to respective owner. - lovegymlife gymratlife thatgymlife exerciseball exerciseideas fitness fitnesspro fitnessvideos fitnessgirlsmotivation fitnessmemes weightlossfood weightlossresults weightlosstransformations fitlighttraining fitliving strongbody strongisthenewsexy powerliftingmotivation weightlossstory weightlosschallenge fitnessmodel fitnessaddict shredded exercises gymtime

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Completed FB 30 Round 4 Day 8 30 minute HIIT Cardio and Lower Body Strength. I’m really enjoying this program. I’m determined to complete it What Fitnessblender program is your favorite or you’re currently on?

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Probably one of the hardest things I have yet to try! Thanks for the inspiration minneninja! Tag your friends who might be up for the challenge! ryan_elhalim khaled_monib alexp.dx Workout fueled by Redcon1! Click or use code T20KatrinaR to save money on your next order trainwithtrina calisthenics wco puahups girlsthatlift strong girlsthatdopushups balance fit fitness fitfam fitspiration fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation fitnessinspiration fitnessgirl redcon1 totalwar fitnessvideos ninja ninjatraining anw embracethechallenge tpm theplaygroundmovement jerseystrong plank challenge pushupchallenge

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PLANCH! I have been training for three years now to one day hopefully achieve a full Planch. I Remember the day I decided I was going to achieve this move back in 2016 It's been a long painful and slow process But each progression Drives me to want the next one. I've had a shit load of Injuries and problems along the way wanting to achieve this skill, but I also put unrealistic timeframes for when I wanted the next progression, which was straddle planchSo no more timeframes for the next progression let’s just go with it’s gonna take time 😉 barstarzz bodyweight bodyweighttraining coreworkout calisthenics calisthenicsworkout fitnessfreaks fitnesslife fitnessmotivation fitness fitnessaddict fitness fitnessvideos follow goals gym lafitness motivationmonday motivation personaltrainer trainer strength strengthstreetworkout strengthtraining strengthandconditioning shredz truestrength train training trainingday traininsane

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HITT Cardio Workout for Fat Loss 🏃🏽‍♂️💦 Swipe ↪️⁣ -⁣ Like and Save this for later!⁣ -⁣ Heart rate was up the whole time, left dripping in sweat, and all completed in less than 20 mins. ⁣ -⁣ Perform 5 Rounds of each set ⁣ 1. 60 seconds on, 30 seconds off ⁣ 2. 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off ⁣ 3. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off ⁣ -⁣ Pick any piece of cardio equipment and give this a try! ☑️⁣

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“Train insane or remain the same.”

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22 Worth isn’t something you can build or achieve, it is a sacred place of worship to God. Because whatever the goal is or how high the mountain is or how strong the current is, your faith is rooted not in your own capabilities but in His love for you. Your worth is built on an understanding of His love for you. May your life be a testament to how much God loves you! Here’s to you being 22 Xx Love you boeta 22 brother liveoutdoors makingthemostoflife hisloveneverfails dreambig motionpicture fitnessmotivation fitnessvideos shortfilm brentononsea warrior soldier dronestagram

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Be a Goal Getter, When You Are About to Give Up, Tie a Knot and Hang On👊

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🍽 Is it just me or is tonight a good night for hassle backs ? This honey garlic chipotle salmon, asparagus, and hassle back potato 😍😍 great go to for a cold rainy night in Philly . It’s during the cold evenings that we have to stay focused. Instead of eating that chicken wing special, take the time to consume whole food for REAL nutrients. Credit sara.haven Would do you guys think of this dish? irisfit

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🍽 Is it just me or is tonight a good night for hassle backs ? This honey garlic chipotle salmon, asparagus, and hassle back potato 😍😍 great go to for a cold rainy night in Philly . It’s during the cold evenings that we have to stay focused. Instead of eating that chicken wing special, take the time to consume whole food for REAL nutrients. Credit sara.haven Would do you guys think of this dish? irisfit

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Sorry about the weird angle but this exercise didn't disappoint the burn I got this from realfitness_pt2 Check out his page. You're supposed to go down for 3 and back up for 2 but this was as good as I could get it. It's not an easy exercise. I used 9kg DBs. The burn afterwards was well worth it. I will definitely work on my form. Thanx realifefitness_pt2 keep those exercises coming 💕🤙💪💪 weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weighttraining fitness fitnesstips gym gymmotivation fitnessmotivation challengeyourself changeitup fit getfit fullyfitness fullyfitnesswomen fitnessinspo fitnessgirl fitnessgoals fitnesslifestyle fitnessfreaks gymrat fitnesscoach strengthtraining gymtime functionalstrength weightlosswithkylsa workhardtrainhard proudfitfam fitnessvideos fitnessbody bicepcurls

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Damn ! So beautiful and fit ❤❤❤😏

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•• Be the Hardest Worker in The Room •• . My workout routine from yesterday. It can be done without weights as well - just saying 💪🏻 And today therock project collection is globally available underarmourca underarmour ! Yesterday I couldn’t handle myself - so I opened the box and went straight to to the gym wearing the Bull with me 💪🏻 underarmourca projectrock bendboundaries uahovrphantom

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Laugh 😆 Just 😆 Laughing at yourself can take practice: one requiring self-acceptance this I sometimes do struggle with, but I’m getting better.😂 Laughter is the first step towards making that mindset shift towards confidence, it’s changing your attitude towards a situation you can no longer control, that horrible feeling you get in your tummy and start to turn red, sweating from your arms pits yeah you know what I’m talking about, So let’s get practicing We can all try to laugh when we do something our self defines as “stupid,” and with enough practice, we can laugh even when we feel like crying 😉. 😩Still NOT ready to laugh at yourself well Laughter also decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, which leaves your body feeling relaxed . 😊 ℹ️Like my post, follow my journey of fitness & wellbeing, why NOT join me, DM for more info or CLICK MY LINK IN MY BIO. 💋

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★ THURSDAY THOTS 💭 ★ Put on “All Me” by drake, 2 chainz, and big Sean, and break yo MF’n legs GIVE IT A GO: 🌿 BB SQUATS: 4x10 🌿 SMITH ELEVATED REVERSE LUNGE: 4x8/8 ⚡️DRIVE through your heel and ACCELERATE UP⚡️ 🌿 GLUTE DRIVE: 4x12 ⚡️GO HEAVY AF ⚡️ ⚡️use a band for some added glute med action⚡️ 🌿 LEG EXTENSION 4x12 ⚡️turn your toes slightly in to build that outer quad sweep⚡️ 🌿 HAMSTRING CURL 4x12 🌿 CALVES 4x10 ⚡️PAUSE AT THE BOTTOM FOR A THREE MISSISSIPPI COUNT ⚡️ You don’t need some fancy or expensive workout to get results. You need a plan, and you need to track your progress (load, sets, reps, fatigue) WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TRAINING TODAY? Interested in optimizing your nutrition and training? DM ME 🌿⚡️💪🏼

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In 2017 I made my decision to change my direction. I starting a journey, a journey of self discovery. My focus was getting my mind & body in balance. This is where I saw an insane American guy shouting at me on the 📺 TV, telling me, and yes he was clearly talking to ME right ! “DONT 🛑 STOP, YOU CAN DO IT” It was from that day that I signed up 💜following a daily nutrition plan, providing my body with only the best nutritional needs while combining this with an online fitness regime to help keep my stress levels at bay. Yet none of this would be possible if I didn’t have my coach by my side 24/7 this helped me stay accountable daily, pushing me forward to achieve my goals, which is why I am NOW a coach trainer myself and to help others find clarity. So Are you ready? Pm me for information ℹ️ or CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO.

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LEGS. Quad focus. Sculpted pretty thighs 💅. Pistol Squat Progressions try sans shoes! 🤘🏼Fully assisted or Unassisted, they are an excellent leg workout! (taught by robinlhouston ) pistolsquat Dumbbell Split Squats Dumbbell Front Squats Pistol Squat- Fully assisted Pistol Squat-Single hand assist Pistol Squat- No assist 👊🏼