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I had a problem with my Chinese Android head unit the problem was that the screen suddenly mirrored upside down but the touch interface wasn't mirrored. I've contacted the supplier and hoped that a firmware update will fix my problem but it didn't. A google search suggested that it was a pretty common hardware fault on these Chinese Android head unit so I contacted the supplier again and he sent me a new LCD screen which fixed the problem. The fix wasn't that hard here are the steps: 1. Unscrew the 2 screws on each side of the unit 2. Gently pull the frame out 3. Unplug the LCD, digitizer and the buttons flex cables 4. Unscrew 2 silver screws holding the LCD circuit in place 5. Pull the volume knob out 6. Unscrew the black screw holding the buttons circuit in place 7. Gently pull the LCD out 8. Peel the tape that holding the digitizer and LCD together 9. Tape the digitizer with the new LCD, I used Kapton tape which is great for such applications 10. Put everything together in a reverse order 11. Enjoy :) fix repair android androidheadunit lcd electronics fixes diy hobby hobbytech 2din digitizer aliexpress hizpo maker makersgonnamake makersmovement makers doityourself

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So when you call Apple support you get prompted to install Mojave strap yourself in and wear stretchy clothes. The resets and installation requires skills. “Press command,option, p, r, at the same time hold down the start button.when you see the Apple let go “ I say to chat tech support “ This requires Coga” Chad says my wife is always getting me to do this” I say “drink a beer it’s just as relaxing😂” chad agrees. It’s a Cinderella story not . After two days of tech support it didn’t solve the problem and I now have an op system that isn’t working . Gah computerscience computers techsupport techsupportlife applecomputer yoga stretches fixes doodlesketch doodle sketchbook sketchdaily illustration illustrator humor cartoon computersetup computer painted.words

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Another quick fix diy (jugaad) An upcycled book shelf. These shelves were lying around in my father's working space, so when he decided to shift the business to another place, these came as extras. Now, they hold my books. They were pretty worn out too and didn't have sunmica or paint on them. Thanks to fevicolkajod , I didn't have to spend on paint or other options. Some pages from an old book and our very own fevicol was all it took for this beautiful texture and look. Such an apt covering - stories on the outside and also on the inside. savingmoneyskills sustainable fixes upcycle decor decoupage bookshelf stories jugaad diy interiordesign homedecor homedecorindia remake makeover paperart fevicol diymodpodge art quickfix schoolglue

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Przedstawiam Wam kolejny kosmetyk z rodziny reverscosmetics Niestety na ten moment nie mogę powiedzieć o nim wiele dobrego. 😔 Podkład FixMat All in One nr. 30 Natural Beige czyli Matt Cover Fixes. I co W porównaniu z poprzednimi podkładami ten bardzo ciemnieje 🕵️‍♀️ Krycie? Krycie ma średnie i byłoby idealnie gdyby nie to że ciemnieje 🙄 Co dalej? Skórki. No niestety. Jeśli mamy gorszy dzień, nasza skóra jest wysuszona albo nie zrobiliśmy peelingu wieczorem radzę nie sięgać po ten podkład. Ale jest przecież jeszcze puder prasowany z tej samej serii FixMat ja mam w kolorze 01. I co? I jest bardzo fajny! Ma fajne naturalne wykończenie. Ładnie matowi bez efektu ściągnięcia tworzy. Trwałość mogłaby być nieco lepsza. 😁 Na ten moment tyle. Nie skreślam tego podkładu bo chce do niego wrócić jak będzie lato. 🌞 reverscosmetics fixmat allinone matt cover fixes podkład puder kosmetyk polskiekosmetyki polskadziewczyna makijaż uroda dziewczyna polskiemarki kosmetyki foundation skincare pielegnacja blogerkakosmetyczna blog nowypost

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Chaos Environmental, physical, emotional, mental, it surrounds us all, at times more than others and we think the way to move forward is to shut it out, however it doesn’t work that way. I believe we need to work around it, see what we can do to move forward, means to overcome Whenever i feel uneven, imbalanced, tangled, I ve found it comforting to move on my mat, mindfully Or speak to a wise person close to my heart, knowing they ll give me guidance and advice See what it is that makes the best definition of a fix for you and pursue that Less shutting out and more overcoming♥️ Chaos Fixes Yoga MindBodySoul Practice MoveFreely Everyday Humans Love Energy Souls Emotions Namaste Saturdays

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Tip 1: When you are performing pushing motions (bench press, shoulder press). Make sure your wrists are straight. This is BENEFICIAL for a PLETHORA of reasons. 1. When you keep your wrists straight you “stack” your joints. When your joints are in line you can produce the most mechanical force due to a singular force vector vs the magnitude of potential force generated being dissipated through vectors in multiple planes (x, y, z). 2. When you keep your wrist straight you reduce the stress placed on your median nerve. With repetitive stretching comes an increase in stress you place in the nerve, which then leads to resultant strain. If there is one thing you should know about nerves it’s that they don’t like being stretched excessively and they don’t like any sort of pressure being placed on them. So if you are one of those people that by the end of your push workout notices some numbness in your middle 3 fingers this might be why. There are more reasons as to why you should keep your wrists straight, but I think this is a good start for right now! If you have any questions just let me know! futureproofyourbody DPT fitness exercise healthy benchpress shoulderpress errors fixes

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Today I had the privilege of breathing with my “battle buddy” Faith on the way to and from a really uncomfortable appointment. • • I’ve been off the map training since 2/1 so I’ve missed breathing with Faith as she manages her blinding discomfort without the use of opioid pain medication.• • This girl is a champion and the world is about to see the power of two people who agree and breathe around the same thing at the same time.• • The power of breath to transform the mind and then the body is scientifically proven but the strong spirit it creates is harder to measure. You can measure it however in the actions of the people who claim it and this girl is truly world class. I’m lucky to have the privilege of breathing with one of the all-time greats!• • friends lifeline justbreathe breathe biohack biohacker biohacking winchesterva biohack breathwork heal lifestyle wellness greatness mindset healthybrain love fixes everything celebrate chronicpainwarrior champion danbruleofficial primalbreathwork lalunawellnessstudio inhaleexhalecoaching larsleknesauran yogatrainer

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