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The perfect day for some outside Easter events. 😊💕

1 hour ago

Yeah I think they're comfortable with eachother. They have TWO of these water bottle things and not only has Voldemort chewed off the nubby thing that controls flow but apparently they can't be bothered to use seperate ones. Voldemort is on TOP of Sherlock here! Silly bun. (Sidenote I know this has been pretty V&S heavy. I'll try to get some Shiba pics this weekend! Nimbus is a mess atm as I had to shave him down and Tribble Well) rabbitbonding rabbitmom rabbitsofinstagram rabbits rabbitroomates rabbitbondingtime bunnybuddies bunnyfriends bunniesofinstagram bunnies bunnymom bunnyrabbit bunny houserabbit housebunny petbunny petbunnyrabbit petrabbit flemishgiantrabbit flemishgiant californianrabbit velveteenlop lopbunny lopearedbunny

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What an incredible start to the day we had! Branch Hill Farm’s sweet little bunny trio (Cookie, BunBun & Georgie) we’re spreading all the love of Easter today to the residents of Meadowbrook Senior Center and the who were there celebrating Easter! 🐰❤️ They were such good bunnies and loved by and old alike! I think the three of them really loved all GE attention even more than I anticipated. After 2.5hrs of all that attention, they are going to sleep well tonight meadowbrookcarecenter bunnies easter eastercelebration rabbits rescuersbbits branchhillfarm communityoutreach celebrateeaster flemishgiant lionheadbunny minilop miniloprabbit lionheadrabbit flemishgiantrabbit

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🌧 Rain or Shine, we build Fence! 😆 Remember last fall, when I seeded this little Pasture? +I did that!+ igettolife ☺️ 🙌🏻 The new Grass is almost 2 feet tall! 🙌🏻 So the fence on this Pasture will finish off the front acreage, and serve as ‘The Nursery’ for Momma Sheep & Lambs. Windsly is Due May 20th! Who’s excited for baby lambs! 🙋🏻‍♀️ blessedlife windysagefarms jeepfarm sheepfarm sheep highlandcow highlandcattle cow spring easternoregon thisisoregon oregon springinoregon sunshine sunnydays farmher farmlife farmhouse countrylife countryliving thatview bunnies babyfarmanimals hollandlop flemishgiant babychicks GreatPyrenees

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Had to have our little buddy Chino the boston terrier put to sleep this morning. Still pretty upset about it all but I had no other choice there was nothing more anyone could do to ease his pain. We will miss him terribly he was a beloved member of our family who had been through thick and thin with me over the years. Today ironically was his 14th birthday, ‘til we meet again in a better place bostonterrier flemishgiant spoiledrotten spoiledpets housebunny rip chinotheboston tilwemeetagain

6 hours ago

Just chillin. Heyyyyy insta! Miss you.

8 hours ago

Sometimes you don't have to stand up to eat, just ask your hoomin to move the food next to you 😂

9 hours ago

Today I became the new sister of Talisker, I’m Tanqueray and am 8 weeks old. Full flemish giant! Talisker doesn’t like me too much yet but hopefully it will change soon, as I’m missing my brothers and sisters already! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ flemishgiant bunsofinstagram bunsofinsta giantrabbit giantrabbits flemishgiantrabbit cute love dailyfluff rabbitsofinsta rabbitsofinstagram rabbitstagram instabunny instabunnylover instabunnies bunnies bunniesofinsta bunniesoftheworld flanders flemish kaninchen bunnylover bunny🐇 bunny🐰 bunnyoftheday lapin lapingeant frenchlop frenchlops

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Hoppy Easter ! Ft. my own little Easter bun 🐰💕 dixiedoodlestheflemish Hope everyone is spending time with friends & family this weekend ! 🐇🌷 . Also, remind me to never flow without a hair tie. Hair everywhere and I can’t see shit 🙈Already pumped for my post wedding chop! 💇🏽 . 🎶🖤 landonaustin 🎶🖤 saturdayvibes happyeaster easterflow yoga homeyoga homepractice stretchitout movement flemishgiant petsofinsta bunniesofinsta househippo findwhatfeelsgood aeriereal myhappyplace weekendvibes ootd longweekends stressrelief

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Bunnies aren't for everyone! It's that time of year again where parents buy their living creatures only to find out their kid(s) become bored within a month. Rabbits are adorable and great pets however they can be destructive and have hormonal issues. It's recommended to have them spayed or neutered. They are not hard to care for but also not easy if that makes sense. I absolutely adore my crew even if my FG destroys our lives. 😂😂 Please be responsible and know what YOU are getting into. <3 rabbitsofinstagram rabbit petrabbitsofinstagram bunny easter velveteenlop. hollandlops hollandlopsofinstagram flemishgiant flemishgiantsofinstagram rabbitsofinstagram

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Mom, you’re being lazybut don’t stop what you’re doing.

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Söthögen 😍🥰💗 Ofattbart hur mycket de växer varje dag! Men de lurar mig med färgerna. Har hela tiden varit säker på att en av de enfärgade har varit viltfärgad, men idag såg båda svarta ut 🤔😅 Det var ju lite extra spännande med färgerna eftersom Ofelia är vitrödögd och därför döljer en annan färg. Hennes mamma är sobel brun och pappa blå vitörad, men antagligen är hon varken blå eller vitörad, för då hade ungarna blivit förstärkt vitörade och så hade det blivit fler blå. Jag gissar att hon kanske är svart? 🤔 Rätta mig om jag tänker knasigt, är ju ny på det här 😅 kaninungar kaninuppfödning babybunnies belgiskjätte flemishgiant continentalgiant belgiskkjempe belgiskkæmpe jättekaniner giantrabbits kaninbebisar cuteness cutenessoverload sötchock 😍 🐰