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🐜I look in the mirror and see an ant 🐜 - Good enough won't ever been good enough for me - Everyone says don't compare yourself to others , that's great and all if your just trying to lose a few pounds, but if you want to be competitive you need to compare yourself to those you idolize and work your ass off until your idols become your competition - If your goals are realistic, they aren't big ENOUGH , set goals the scare you, fall down 50x get UP 51 times , fail fail fail until your succeed 🙌🙌 - 2020s version of me is going to dwarf this man. - - sesh 2. Done and dusted for the day, back for Numero 3 tonight for some abs and calves 🙌🙌 ➖➖➖➖➖➖ bodybuilding bodybuilder athlete workout weighttraining gymmotivation gym diet abs flex fitness fitnesslifestyle fitnesslife yyc calgary yycfitness yegfitness canada gains aesthetics instagood gainz shreded yvr weightloss weightlossjourney happy weightlifting cpa aestetic

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“A jumpy rhythm makes you feel so fine, it’ll shake all your troubles from your worried mind. Get rhythm! When you get the blues!” - Johnny Cash or if you have no rhythm, you can at least white girl shimmy🤷🏻‍♀️😂

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It’s been a fun ride so far on this journey. Remember, it’s a journey, marathon, process not a sprint. We aren’t getting to where we want to be overnight. This shit is you vs. you and that’s why I fucking love it. Stay the course, keep digging, stay true to your goals, and improvements will be made. ❤️

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Chest! Boom 💥 Really seeing growth and definition in my chest! Real talk it’s taken FOREVER to see my chest grow but consistency and proper form has helped it pop Don’t underestimate the power of 🔸Dumbbell Bench Press 🔸Dumbbell Flys 🔸Incline Dumbbell Press . Proper form is a lot more important than heavy weights! doyouevenlift chest chestday pecs motivationalquotes gymmotivation fitness fitnessmotivation fitfam fitnessjourney gymprogress gym workout lift lifting gymrat gaydaddy gayfitness gayfit homo gay fit fitgay muscle gayhunk gayselfie beard chestworkout flex sleevetattoo

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✨DO WHAT YOU CAN✨ Ever get that feeling where it’s all too much? That there’s so much to do that it’ll never happen?! That’s it’s all consuming and overwhelming? Yeah me too I’ve had a really hard week this week, mentally that is. I’m not afraid to say that I have days where I struggle, yesterday was a pretty bad one in the scheme of things. Most of the time I can control the arse hat voice in my head, but sometimes she gets the better of me and I feel physically and emotionally drained to the point where I have to take the day off work. I have been “hustling” so hard with my new little business and working my day job and trying to be social and also trying to be a decent & thoughtful human, that the fuse that was burning at both ends, came to meet in the middle and extinguished itself. Everything did seem impossible yesterday and there wasn’t enough baked bar fruit and seed loaf in the world that I could eat that could have brought me back from those sad, exhausted feelings. So I went to bed. I’m also only sleeping till 2am every night and waking up, then only getting that half awake sleep thing going on till I get up😣Today though I hauled my butt out of bed even though I didn’t feel like teaching, but was so glad I did. The sun and the ocean made me smile, my clients are so full of love, kindness and happiness and are always trying to help me. And when Yuna my 86 year old client told everyone at the end of the class they all needed to bring a friend next week to class I almost cried. It’s that sort of support that shows just how much she cares. So things can seem impossible, but it’s important to make sure you get help and to accept help. You don’t have to do everything on your own (and I’m totally going to try and listen to my own preaching) Hope you have a FAB FRIDAY PEEPS, as my week has definitely got better. BIG LOVE|PEACE OUT-KATIE 😁✌️❤️ pilates matpilates mums reformerpilates 80s triathlon instapilates pilateslovers reformer balance control strength core health motivation strong dream lifestyle bend flex wellbeing triathlon exercise fitness fitfam trilates anyfluorofoxcanflamingo movingforward aerobics happinessis

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DEADLIFTS rocking my Simba tshirt since im doing the king of lifts y not wear the king of the jungle haha 1st video im doing 185 for 10 reps i like this view alot to help focus and correct any form mistakes u might have! 2nd video again deadlifting this set i was using 225 for 8 reps! been moving up weight and trying 2 hit higher clean reps with it to build strength iv never really taken a pic of my back nor do i know how flex/pose correctly lol but oh well backday deadlifts 225 reps bodybuilding powerlifting weightlifting nerd nerdslift fit lionking simba 90s fitness gym gymmotiviation getfit lifting back hardworkpaysoff hardwork flex workout muscle pose gymlife gymrat

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My pancake muscles are excited for tomorrow’s refeed day after three low days. Coach mpolis320 started me on carb cycling for the first time in my life last week, and I love having the refeed days to look forward to (but also appreciate higher fats on low days because peanut butter is life 🥜).

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Today’s dinner is healthy, easy, and delicious 😋 After a long day, hubby welcomed me home with a healthy meal and I couldn’t be more grateful 💕💕Don’t complicate yourself! Sometimes the simple things are the best 💚🌿

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Man I can’t believe how fast this prep is going now Only 11 more weeks 😬😬😬😬 On a sentimental note: my first show the only people I had there for me were the other competitors I knew and my daughter and ex. So I am completely overwhelmed with all the people who have told me they are coming to support me, it honestly means the world to me. So thank you SO FREAKING MUCH to everyone who supports me whether you work out with me, talk to me via IG, go to my show, whatever it is I am so thankful for all of you 🖤🖤🖤🖤 • • • texasbodybuilding europa 11weeksout texas backpose npc npcbikini bikini bikiniprep workout diet exercise girlsthatlift girlswithmuscle gym physique bodybuilding bodybuilders fitness flex personaltrainer lift weightlifting tattoo girlswithtattoos

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Takes a lot just to get a little. That’s why when I’m finished at the topI’ll land in the middle 💯 TBT TeamRTN rtnsupplements

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