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. Яркие цвета поднимают настроение, а тренировка в яркой одежде будет ещё приятнее ☺️. 🍭Мини-рашгард 2390₽ (р. 44) 🍭Лосины 2610₽ вместо 2900₽ (р.XS) ✓Ждём Вас по адресу: г. Салават, ул. Островского, д. 52. ✓Режим работы: ПН-ПТ с 10:00 до 19:00, СБ, ВС с 11:00 до 19:00. Без перерывов и выходных. ✓️Эл.адрес: ama-sport mail.ru ✓Закупаем напрямую у производителей. ✓Доставка по всей РФ. ✓Заказ можно оформить в любое время. ✓Работаем по предоплате, в размере стоимости доставки. Если заказ не забрали, то предоплата не возвращается. ✓Каталог можно посмотреть пройдя по активной ссылке в шапке профиля. ama_sport flexing leap love bars flexibledieting gymnastic training flexible instaflex motivation stunt fit gymnastics healthy flexin beam flexibility instagym lifestyle gymnasticslife vault health gym sport flip git gymnasticbodies fun flexfriday

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Yeh donuts are great butttt I’d much rather have a box full of: . 🥜macro friendly snacks (did I mention I love snacks😍) 💅new natural pampering products to try 🍫with no sugar coma or seeing red on MyFitnessPal 😂 🧁Plus is there anything better than my girls betterbeingsteph blends - making baking so easy 🎁 These make amazing gifts for those friends that won’t appreciate a box of 🍩😂 . Thank you motivatemewellnessbox for helping with Self Care Sunday’s - now get me in that bath - seriously needed after this week 🛁 😍 . Happy Sunday beauts 💕💕 . ryderwear selfcare selfcaresunday

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Todo por un sueño ❤️

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Rip a shot and rip the bar. Felt good to deadlift more weight than I have before. Hard work pays off. No, I haven’t been training, but I have been working hard. Yes, it sure did pay off with a deadlift PR Repost working_class_barbell with get_repost ・・・ In honor of the weekend upon us, heres a whiskey chug pre deadlift with brownthumbscapes gotta say thank you for the help spotting and loading for the squat and bench then stepping up and pulling a dl pr. 📸 mattadema from Matt Adem photography and video . 🇺🇸 Working-class Barbell STICKERS , apparel and more available at working-classbarbell.com or follow the link from Facebook or working_class_barbell . Free sticker with all purchases 💪 . ☠working-class barbell☠ . lifting fitness workout workoutmotivation workingclassbeast workingclassbarbell  powerlifting powerlifter bodybuilder bodybuilding powerbuilder fitnessmodel squat bench deadlift squatbenchdeadlift garagegym garagegymlife ultranutrition inked gymselfie  strong swole aesthetics gymmotivation  training GarageGymCompetition ggpl flexfriday

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🎶"These thots can't clock me nowadays You wish I was your pound cake Boy, you know I look good as fuck Wish I was your baby momma Want me to come around and give you good karma But no,"🎶 ~ Bey "Flawless" When you're 37, Fit, N Shit❣😍💪🏾😅💪🏾😏 mentalhealth fitness fitmom picoftheday fit mom naturalbodybuilding  body girlwholifts flexfriday legs bikinicompetitor me  instamood motivation holiday igers love instagood athlete workout winter tweegram smiles f4f follow igfitness instadaily followme fitspo

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My man skywalkerjones said we doing 200 pushups a day so we doing it • • If you nice enough to do 200 clips before you start your day bang that out otherwise we doing 8 sets of 25 Tag skywalkerjones and myself so we know you in • • I know a few names that should be in off top bknyblack hardknox_22 1scorpii al10r scoop914 let’s get it

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This is one of those rare moments that generally shouldn’t happen when staffing a truckkey word being shouldn’t! When the opportunity arises AND it lands on a Fridayit is truly a FLEX Friday (to those that work EMS or know it’s inner workings that term will be so much funnier to you 🤣🚑). Repost chippiefit with get_repost ・・・ This is what happens when you’ve got the most ripped ambulance in the province Friday night “Flex” truck some people will get the epic nature of this others can just appreciate it hehehe flexfriday flextruck doublemedic firefighter firemedic paramedic epic makinghistory albertaparamedic paramedics_on_facebook abparamedics firefighters_canada firefighterffit firefighterfunctionalfitness fire.n.iron.jaz firedepartmentchronicles firefighters_family firefightercalendar firefighterbrotherhood

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Late Dinner after a long drive home from End-of-Life Doula Training/certification. Having Cleaneatz Korean BBQ cleaneatzlife Was super good as usual and filling great way to end the night. Fueled up for tommorow. Therapist Life. Got Goals to Reach. Eat Clean.Gain Clean. To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. ~François de La Rochefoucauld Stay Strong. Stay Faithful.Agape * * 2 Timothy 4:7 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. * * Agape Simpletruth Godfirst GodStrongAlwaysStrong fitfam Bodybuildingnation gym fitness gymshark workout instagram picoftheday instagood mentalhealth getfit gymbibletime therapist4life focus faithfam health inspiration Lifestyle flexfriday WeChangeLivez EveryBODYFitz ItsALifeStyle CleanEatz CleanEatzknoxville motivation inspire

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Had an awesome week! Took home first place in the deadlift competition Swipe left to see a glimpse. Shout out to the bro calibratedleaf for taking home second place 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 limit <

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-With bad comes good, with sadness comes happiness, with pain comes relief. So whatever negative you may be facing, positive is not too far behind- trusttheprocess flexfriday fit discipline focused motivation Your elevation requires your isolation. Trust the process. Stay focus. Stay motivated. Stay solid. Stay disciplined. gym motivation fitnessmotivation motivationalquote gym training bodygoals weights weightlifting fitness fitnessmotivation weightloss weightlosstransformations workout bodybuilding love follow follow4follow instagood photooftheday picoftheday instagram instalike insparation lifestyle happy instamood

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Sometimes you just have to take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror and realize how much you’ve already overcame, how strong you know you are, and believe in how far you will go. When you believe in yourself and your dreams, no one can stop you! happyfriday believeinyourself reflect - - - - flexfriday fitness fit quads bodybuilding inspire fitchick girlsthatlift nike justdoit hardwork lifestyle weightlifting gymlife gains gymlife fitfam athlete legs consistency gym smile positivevibes

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Happy flexFriday everyone and how it feels like when it’s pay 💵 day but still on a daily grind to get ready to lift and work‬ ‪.‬ ‪.‬ ‪.‬ ‪.‬ ‪ Me 👉🏽😂✌🏽 MJTamondong aka 🐦 Sixp8ck - 📷📹 ShreddedBeyondABSolute PeopleWhoLifts ReGram MyOutlet JustEatSleepLiftThings Iminshape WhatsonMJsHead Focus ShotoniPhoneFridayMotivation Athlete MyLifestyle GymMotivation KeepOnPushingIt HomeGym LegsandBackDay IronAddict GymHumor GymMemes ThatGainzKindofLife BodybuildingisMyLifestyle FitnessisMyLifestyleMotivator JustDoIt Bodybuilding Fitness AthleticShoeFitSpecialist MichaelJamesTamondong ShreddedBeyondABSolute Instagram https:www.shreddedbeyondabsolute.com 👉🏽My official social media profile outlet pages please feel free to 'LIKE' ✔ 'FOLLOW' ✔ 'SHARE' ✔ 'TAG' ✔ 'COMMENT' ✔• Turn on post notifications to see photos and videos asap. Thank you and keep on pushing it - MichaelJamesTamondong

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Each time I get an obstcle, I find a million reasons to come back stonger than before. Your today’s sacrifices will determine your tommorrow. ✨🌟✨ adidas adidas.turkiye adidasrunning

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Easier said than done

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Killed biceps 🔑🔑🔑

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Week 2 of clean diet be doing me real good

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I won't just survive you will see me strive

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17 years old gym beast❤

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