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Today’s inspiration ✨: when life gives you lemons 🍋 Still life by ohjosephine 💛.

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Relaxing in the Garden⁣ 🌸 _⁣ P.S. Krøyer painted this portrait of his wife when the pair rented a cottage in Skagen. The garden is in full bloom and hides the house.⁣ _⁣ This beautiful painting is exhibited at the Art Museums of Skagen ( skagensmuseum) where you can use Vizgu as your personal art guide. Download the app and point your phone to instantly learn more about the amazing art at the museum.⁣ _⁣ Vizgu is available in App Store and Google play - or follow the link in our bio.⁣ _ Roses. Marie Krøyer seated in the garden by Mrs Bendersen’s house, 1893. P.S. Krøyer (1851 - 1909). Exhibited at the Art Museums of Skagen⁣ _⁣ skagen vizgu

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P R A C T I S I N G ~ • ~ • • • • just having a play with colours, different watercolour brushes, and floral shapes. Some nights I get home from work and I just don’t want to have to think anymore. So I sit and watch rubbish on tv and just paint. No thinking, no trying, no worrying, just painting x • • • watercolour practising art myart floralart prettyart yorkshireart yorkshireartist modern_watercolor watercolourchallenge colourexperiment artjournal watercolourjournal myarttherapy justpaint emaartandillustration

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・『祝 御改装』 ・ 老舗ヘアモードサロンのリニューアルオープンにと、 ご依頼いただいたお祝いのアレンジメント。 ・ 大きな鏡の前の限られたスペースに置かれるため、 縦横に比べて奥行きが少なめながら、 背面の鏡に映り込んでも美しくご覧いただけるように360°展開。 表裏の区別がつかないほどに仕上げています。 ・ 大人の雰囲気と確かな技術が自慢のサロンのリニューアルなので、 個性的なデザインに、益々のご繁盛を祈る心を込めました。 ・ ・ ****************** 花材/レナンセラ、土佐水木、桜、ブルレウルム、勿忘草、オキザリス 雅、 シルバーレース ・ ************ ・ 桃の花 花仕事ころあい 暮らしを楽しむ花 花のある暮らし 花のある生活 花のある幸せ 火曜日のアレンジメント floralart floraldesign flowerarrangement flowerstagram flowers floralartist flowerlovers

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A great shot captured by fleur_creatif at the 2019 FTD World Cup in Philadelphia.

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Celebration of Spring and Happy Color🧡💛💜🌻🌷These two colorful 36X36 field of flowers (left)Sun Dance 😎. & (right)🦋Summer Lovin’ are now available jcos.arthaus and the veryveryrareaffordableartfair 🌻 🌻 Original art, prints and accessories can be ARTFULLY YOURS if you would like to take a peek at my website. Link in profile. 🌼 While you’re on the website, don’t forget to sign up for the Artjoybyjeannie Email list for art, color and inspiration!Thanks!👏 🌻 🌻 🌻 jeanniedouglasart artjoybyjeannie abstractflowers abstractart interiordecor floralart flowerartist colorfulflowers floralart acrylicpainting colorcrushcreative passioncolorjoy sodomino artsrow experiencetruecolors artsnewss artforbreakfast colorfulart todaysartreport artcollector wallart entrepeneur housebeautiful abstractexpressionism abstractlandscape fieldofflowers instaart happyart artcollector

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『アイネクライネ』 ・ ・ 小ぶりのお花が大きく感じる、小さな春のお花たち。 ・ ・ ****************** 毎週火曜日、ある会社のお玄関に飾っていただいているアレンジメントを、 『火曜日のアレンジメント』としてUPしています。 高さ50㎝、幅80㎝、奥行き30㎝という限定されたサイズで、 季節のお花を使ったフラワーアレンジメントを制作しています。 ****************** ・ ・ 花材/ミモザ、トルコキキョウ、スプレーカーネーション、ピットスポラム ジャイアント、  ターニップトップ(チーマ ディ ラーパ)、紅菜苔。 ・ ・ 花仕事ころあい 暮らしを楽しむ花 花のある暮らし 花のある生活 花のある幸せ 火曜日のアレンジメント floralart floraldesign flowerarrangement flowerstagram flowers floralartist flowerlovers

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When part of the artist's soul is transferred onto the canvas, the artwork created can not be anything else but pretty. Discover "A Bouquet of Colours" by Bernadetta Dziubinski bernadetta_dziubinski 🎨 . Link: https:www.art2arts.co.uk/artwork/a-bouquet-of-colours . abstract flowers abstractflowers abstractflower flower floralart abstractartwork abstractartist colourful colourfulart illustration abmlifeiscolourful creativityeveryday supportingartists wallart gallerywall loveyourwalls artforyourhome art_spotlight abstractexpressionism artistsoninstagram artoftheday colourfulvibes brightcolours colouryourwalls splashofcolour interiorinspo instaflowers instaart instagood

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3月12日の【火曜日のアレンジメント】 『桜の花が咲いたら』 ・ ・ 心遊ばせ あなたにとどけ ・ ・ ***************** 毎週火曜日、ある会社のお玄関に飾っていただいているアレンジメントを、 『火曜日のアレンジメント』としてUPしています。 高さ50㎝、幅80㎝、奥行き30㎝という限定されたサイズで、 季節のお花を使ったフラワーアレンジメントを制作しています。 ***************** ・ ・ 花材/桜、木苺、スイトピー、ピンクレースフラワー、ブルレウルム ・ ・ 花仕事ころあい 暮らしを楽しむ花 花のある暮らし 花のある生活 花のある幸せ 火曜日のアレンジメント floralart floraldesign flowerarrangement flowerstagram flowers floralartist flowerlovers

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☆Day 19-Dream collaboration☆ . I have always loved looking at the artwork on cds and band t shirts, it was the main thing I wanted to design when I was younger So I would love to design an album cover or a tour poster one day! ☆ ☆ ☆ MarchMeetTheMaker HeyThereMaker joannehawker HeyThereMaker art illustration artwork design penandink artinspiredbynature floralart originalart botanical madetocreate allthingsbotanical monochromedesign music artist northerndesign makersgonnamake

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Don't know what to sketch, look in your garden ☺️ I love my little spring trees, a forsythia and a flowering currant. I think their flowers match well together 🌸 Watercolors winsorandnewton in my watercolormoleskine . 🌼🌼🌼 . Vous ne savez pas quoi dessiner, regardez dans votre jardin 🌸 J'adore mes petits arbres de printemps, un forsythia et un groseillier à fleurs. Je trouve que leurs fleurs vont bien ensemble 🌼 Aquarelles winsorandnewton dans mon moleskine aquarelle 🌻🌻🌻 . carnetdecroquis carnettiste sketchbookartists croquis sketchingdaily aquarelle watercolorsketch floralart

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⭐️ Another image of a wintery bridesmaids bouquet (the same as yesterday’s) as it seems fitting with this on and off wintertime weather we’ve been experiencing here in Bristol ⭐️⠀ •⠀ 🌱 The brief; red roses with a light wintery feel. So with a creamy pink with a deeper pink and blues I wanted to create a flowing bouquet that would last beautifully for the whole day (and beyond). I love using foliage such as eucalyptus to bring all the flowers together in harmony. 🌱⠀ •⠀ bristolflorist florist floristlife flowersbristol ecoflorist floristsofinstagram flowerpower driedflowers bristolbride flowercrown moodforfloral floralstudio slowfloralstyle floralworkshop workshopsbristol creativebristol smallbusiness bristolbusiness underthefloralspell inspiredbyflowers igersbristol floralart inbristolstudio bristolevents bristolweddings⠀ ⠀

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Today is my birthday and that means YOU get some 🎁from me! 15 % OFF of all orders in my Etsy shop (click link in profile, I have added some new pieces today 🤗) PLUS free shipping worldwide! Use code BDAY19 (valid for 24 hours only!) and have a wonderful Tuesday 😘 illustration fashionillustration floralart pinkpeonies celebration itsmyparty happybirthday freeshipping specialoffer birthdaypresents champagnetime birthdaygirl prettyinpink editorialillustration bookcoverart macarons birthdaysurprise chanelperfume moetchampagne

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FLOWER CROWN season is just around the corner so make sure you visit our website for bookings 👊🏻🌺🌿🌸 { link in bio } Still one of my favourite flower crowns I’ve made 🙌🏻 Photo credit: jarvdesign

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Seriously talented jardinebotanic has an interesting foam free approach to florals. These colours are calling to us.

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Fabulous Baking theme Bat Mitzvah for Mara! We loved creating these centerpieces with whisks, spatulas, wood spoons and measuring cups! 👩🏽‍🍳💖 mazeltov Linens bettylinens.events Planning lydia.krasner

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Going to try to recreate this kind of vibe on an old unloved painting today . The mark making is all in place - just need to try to infuse some magic . Do you tart up old paintings that seem a bit jaded sometimes? intuitivepainting intuitiveart intuitiveartist colourfulpainting happyart abstractflowers flowerpainting flowerpower floralart abstractpainting colourpop creativelife contemporaryart artforbreakfast passioncolourjoy myartsyweek ihavethisthingwithcolour emergingartist artistslife expressiveart doitfortheprocess abundantcreative dscolor abmlifeiscolourful bohoart flaming_abstracts marypriceart ukartist bristolartist

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Wahoo I’ve got a stall at the spring Craft Fair on Saturday 4 May at the Allendale Centre, Wimborne 😊😊 So, if you want to get your hands (or bottom!) on a super-soft Dorset Wildflower or Coastal Cushion, I will have the whole selection there on the day! Also, notebooks, tins of greeting cards, single cards and mini framed wildflower originals too! Hope to see you there 😊🌸 A😊x DorsetTeam

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A recent artwork in a very special collector’s home! Looks great - thanks so much for the photo Xx

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🌺 Blooms of Love 🌺⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ I finished this one a while ago and have kept hold of her because she holds special meaning as she is inspired by my own wedding bouquet 💐 ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Just recently though, my husband and father in law built this beautiful frame so I could send her to an art show.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ I thought I'd share a couple of pics in different lighting so you could see her all dressed up in her new frame 😀 ⁣ (P.S. She also features in one of my posts from a couple of days ago) ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ flowers botanical botanicalart pursuepretty dsfloral dsart artwatchers fineartflowers artforthehome flowersoftheday botanicalpainting flowerart flowerpainting floralart floral wallart bouquet weddingart weddingkeepsake bouquetpainting artforinteriors interiorart flashofdelight artdecor flowergram originalartwork art painting melbourneartist melbourneart

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More pretty Australian flower patterns I'm a bit addicted to this colour combination! (Link in bio if you like what you see 😁)

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Repost melbflowershow ( get_repost) ・・・ 2 WEEKS TO GO! 😍 The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show presented by Lawn Solutions Australia is almost here. Get ready to 'Immerse your senses' at the most beautiful event in Australia. 🌹🌷💐🌺🌸 Book tickets now