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3 hours ago

Dollhouse tour! I picked up my new house tonight! Met the original owner. She said her mom had it custom made by Paul Bronder in 1978 when she was a small girl. It comes with the original tag, signature, and pieces. It's ELECTRIC WITH A DOORBELL! And it stands at about 4' tall. It's BIG. I absolutely love it. The owner said that all the wallpaper and details are original. It needs some clean up and repair on the electric unit, but it's do-able! Did I mention it came with a whole box if furniture?!?! See my photos with all of that as well. I am so happy $75 well spent! Follow us: DIY_tiny_beauty Via: my_mini_hobby Thank you ! 😍👧👨👧👧💝🎊 dollhousedecor handmademiniatures fimocreations fimo onesixthscale diorama dioramas poppenhuis inchscale rement_thailand cutecrafts rements tinyfood charmupdate polimerclay polymerclayjewelry polymerclayjewellery tinyart foodjewelry tomsenpainoticeme polymerclayart polymerclaycharms premo toythailand rementthailand minikitchen kawaiicharm minicooking

9 hours ago

こんにちは😃トモプロ厚木ショールームです。 今日は、ショールームに珍しいチョコレートの差し入れをいただきました😋💓 【BLISS BALL】というチョコレートで、 ・砂糖なし ・グルテンフリー ・添加物なし の 100%自然素材の 罪悪感0のスイーツです🌟 たくさん種類もあって 何個でも食べたくなっちゃいますね😍 トモプロ 厚木ショールーム 厚木コンロカフェ ショールーム キッチン 厚木 妻田 チョコレート blissballs foodjewelry フードジュエリー 砂糖なし グルテンフリー 添加物なし 罪悪感ゼロスイーツ お土産ありがとう 差し入れ 差し入れありがとう

11 hours ago

春スイーツ🌸 . いちご展からも作品が戻ってきましたので登録出来次第minneさんにて販売したいと思います✨ 販売日はまたお知らせいたしますのでどうぞよろしくお願いいたします😊 フェイクスイーツ スイーツデコ ハンドメイド 食品サンプル 樹脂粘土 ハンドメイド雑貨 crafts foodjewelry スイーツ ケーキ polymerclay handmade minne handcrafted fakesweets clay sweetsdeco photooftheday hinatabokko

12 hours ago

Time for the marchmeetthemaker Day 21: Throwback! 📆 🧝🏼‍♀️ 🎉 ⏰ Here is one of the first 10ish designs I made in my first year of hobby-level business and sculpture, 2014! The petit fours and Jordan almond charms came out on Etsy as my first-ever spring holiday specialty charms! 😊 🌸🌱🌷 Flash forward to almost 5 years later, and I’m working again on special spring-releases for this weekend in the sucresucrestudio today! 🎨💐 Do you have an old sucresucreorder item that’s no longer available? 🌟 bffjewelry bffpizza bfffood pizzaismybff pizza premo sculpey fimo polymerclay polymerclayfood polymerclaycharm marchmeetthemaker2019 polymerclayminiature miniaturefood tagsforlikes instafood instamini instafollow instagood foodie fakefood followme foodporn foodjewelry fakefoodjewelry etsy stitchmarkers

15 hours ago

New Easter bunny peep necklace going up on my shop tonight! This adorable charm is a pink bunny peep with chocolate eyes and nose, and pink sparkle ears. I hope you guys like it! You can find this necklace later on my shop. Just go to Etsy and search Bluebirdminiatures or click the link in my bio. 😊💕 I also have a giveaway going so head over a couple posts back to enter. Thank you so much for your support miniaturefood bluebird bluebirdminiatures claycreations handmade miniature miniatures miniaturefood handmademiniatures polymerclay sculpeyclay premoclay etsy smallbusines dollhouse dollhousefood polymerclaycharm handmadejewelry foodjewelry charms polymerclayfood dollhouse dollhouseminiatures collectibles food magicalclayreposts lovelylittleminiatures easter peeps easterbunny easter bunnypeep eastertreats

17 hours ago

Who knew this amethyst was so sparkly omg 💀💕💕💕 im SHOOK. 😂 I need to pay more attention to my own art 😻💎

17 hours ago

These Pear Earrings have been restocked 🍐All of our pieces our versatile! If you would like a specific design to be made into a pin, necklace, charm, keychain etc. just let me know ✉️ Prices may vary depending on item chosen 🌿 • • • • etsy etsyseller etsysellers etsysellersofinstagram etsyowner etsystore etsyshop shopetsy etsyshopping etsyfinds pear pears daintyjewelry daintyearrings pearstudearrings pearjewelry pearearrings foodjewelry foodearrings polymerclayjewelry clayjewelry boutiqueshopping boutique shopsmall businessowner customjewelry fruitearrings fruitjewelry

19 hours ago

A peek at a BB and B classic, the Signature Sparkling Gradient Strawberry Macaron Earring in Mint! A regal strawberry macaron ring decorated with Swarovski crystals and pearls! This handcrafted ring features a mint macaron topped with a ombre pastel pink strawberry on a bed of white fluffy whip. The macaron hangs from an 18k gold plated necklace chain and completes this elegant design! bbandb bbandbdeco statementearrings decoden decodendaily clayjewelry kawaiijewelry foodjewelry fakefoodjewelry lolitafashion sweetlolita jfashion japanesefashion himekaji larmekei thehandmadeparade handmadewithlove fakesweets fashionearrings macarons

20 hours ago

Anatomy of a caterpillar 🐛🌱😂 I didnt label everything but I thought itd be a cute idea to show 🐛💦💕- This little caterpillar looks so much like the one from aliceinwonderland 💫 He is listed in the shop+

21 hours ago

GIVEAWAY! To Win one handmade chocolate chip cookie keychain and a few extras! This is one of my favorites to make and super simple! Good luck guys! 💕😊 Giveaway ends March, 30 Winner will be randomly chosen 🌟To enter🌟 •Must be following my account •in the comments tag 3 friends and why you would love to win 🌟for a extra entry🌟 •repost on your account, be sure to tag me and use the hashtag Bluebirdminiatures as well Because of shipping, you must live in the US to enter. This giveaway is not internationalthis is just a repost, you can comment here or on the original post to enter. 💕😊 miniaturefood bluebird bluebirdminiatures claycreations handmade miniature miniatures miniaturefood handmademiniatures polymerclay sculpeyclay premoclay etsy smallbusines dollhouse dollhousefood polymerclaycharm handmadejewelry foodjewelry charms polymerclayfood dollhouse dollhouseminiatures collectibles food magicalclayreposts lovelylittleminiatures giveaway 500 giveawaycontest giveaways giveawaytime

23 hours ago

Happy Thursday babes We’ve almost made it! 🤪🤓Up close n personal with the Garlic Knots 🤩 These are super lightweight and special (and also some of my faves to create)! 🍃 available directly through DM or on my Depop! 😍😎 I hope you all have a beautiful beautiful day! As for me? I’m just trynna stay up through all this rain 😋 🌧 ☔️ xoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxo handmade handmadejewelry handmadeearrings statementearrings statementjewelry uniquegifts giftideas garlic foodjewelry smallbusiness shopsmall smallbiz supportsmallbusiness shopsmallbiz jewelrydesigner

23 hours ago

Cute Choco Dipped or not Miranda Cookie Pendant🍪🍫 DM FOR INFO ——————————————————————— FREE SHIPPING (✔️tracking number) on Domestic orders of 50€+ and on International orders of 100€+ ——————————————————————— SweetsnPearls cute kawaii polymerclay miniaturefood papadopoulou decoden polymerclayjewelry polymerclayfood jewelry jewelryset necklace decodendaily cookies fimo fimoclay sweettooth sweettoothfairy egst handmade miniaturefood etsyseller etsyshop etsystore fakefood kawaiiness cuteness etsy foodjewelry

23 hours ago

Good morning y'all 🌤 Currently making the hubby and I some blueberry pancakes 🥞 I have SO many blueberries to use up from a local sale 🍽 These Pancake Earring Studs are such a fun & unique addition to your wardrobe! Link in bio - - - - - etsy etsyshop shopetsy etsyseller etsysellers etsysellersofinstagram etsyshopping shopsmall smallbusiness goodmorning blueberries pancake pancakes food foodearrings foodjewelry breakfast polymerclayjewelry clayjewelry handmadejewelry shophandmade boutique breakfastjewelry etsyfinds

23 hours ago

foodjewelryオージーケーキ 】  No Suger( 砂糖なし )・No Gluten( グルテンフリー )・No Additives( 添加物なし )をコンセプトに作られた、ドライフルーツやナッツからできたケーキ✨  先日いただいたのだけど、嗜好品は、やめるのではなく質の良いものを選んで食べればOK!と思ってる私には、最高のスイーツ😍  でも、質が良くても、美味しくないのはNG。  こちらは、どれも美味しくて見た目もステキでした。  美沙都ちゃん( miisato0911 )、ありがとう💕  罪悪感ゼロのご褒美スイーツ 賞味期限が短いのは添加物が入ってない証 嗜好品は質が大事 美味しくないのはNG 普段は砂糖も摂るけれど 精製されすぎたものは摂らない 私たちは食べたものでできている  食べ方と出し方で人生が変わる  ファスティングコンシェルジュ

1 day ago

Throwback to the Eclipse 2017 cupcake charm! 🧁🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🧁 (these are back in the shoppe for presale for a limited time 🚀) For today’s marchmeetthemaker, Creative Process, I struggled a little bit to come up with my response! I have to be a little protective of a lot of my steps, so short of describing my entire design process how about the key ingredient to my creative recipe? 🎨 Passion. True passion. I genuinely love what I do, I get excited just thinking about getting up in the early morning, putting a smoothie on blitz and tapping on my desk light to warm up 🧝🏼‍♀️🌄💡☕️ Alisha of sprigs.and.stone and I just had a chat about this after yoga tonight! 🧘‍♀️ To me, prioritizing the monetization of your craft fractures your artistic self- forcing you to champion quick and cheap over detailed and tedious. By keeping my mind trained on being present in the moment as I work and reminding myself of how much I enjoy what I do, I put every feeling, every moment of the creative process into something tangible that ultimates ends its journey with you- the one ingredient that my little shop of horrors simply couldn’t do without 💕😊 premo sculpey fimo eclipse2017 marchmeetthemaker2019 miniature miniaturefood miniaturefoodjewelry ineedsomespace scalefood sculpture stitchmarker instafood instagood instafollow foodie fakefood followme foodcharm foodjewelry fakefoodjewelry handmade tiny creepycute creepheart

1 day ago

Hello there Here is a very special new item because I made it for a huge facebook contest event that I am part of for the first time ! The event is organized by vaguedeconcours and if you are Canadian you can participate to win this macaron necklace ! Check out my facebook page for all the details ! ( geeklightfulbijoux) newmerch handmade macaron macaronnecklace fakefood quirky foodjewelry laduree frenchmacarons sweets desserts sogood sasasmr contest giveaway yummy delicate springfashion homemade polymerclay polymerclayfood

1 day ago

Sent out this fun custom request recently. Someone wanted a Black bean instead of my usual Red bean. Custom request don't always have to be some entirely new design, keeping it simple is good too. That being said, I'm usually up for making anything. Do you like Black beans too? My husband is part Cuban, so on occasion he'll make a pot for us. I'm still the one who makes the New Orleans style red beans though. 😂 beannecklace polymerclaypendant foodiegifts foodiegiftidea foodiegift showmeyournola beanboozled nolalove itsyournola neworleansart beans custommade polymerclayartist neworleans polymerclaycharms blackbean neworleanslouisiana blackbeansandrice nolalife polymerclayjewelry polymerclayart polymerclay luckybeans neworleansstyle custommadejewelry nola bean foodjewelry blackbeans nolaeats

1 day ago

Thank you misspinkstazi for this super sweet selfie featuring our Winter 2018 design, the Winter's Heart Cookie Sandwich Necklace! A heart shaped cookie sandwich with white cream in between 2 vanilla pieces! Mint blue macarons, pastel pink strawberries,roses, and winter blueberries decorate the top. The whole cookie hangs from a 18kt gold plated chain with a elegant pearl faced locket. Shop Here: bbandb bbandbdeco decoden decodendaily fakefoodjewelry kawaiijewelry foodjewelry lolitafashion sweetlolita jfashion japanesefashion handmadewithlove fakesweets thehandmadeparade handmadebusiness statementnecklace clayjewelry thatsdarling shopsmall oneofakindjewelry

1 day ago

I had a request from klassykylie24 to post a pic with all my 7 dollhouses in it. I tried to fit them all into one pic but two of them stubbornly wouldn’t fit. I ended up taking a video instead Follow us: DIY_tiny_beauty Via: thescandidollhouse Thank you ! 👼👧👩👧👧💗🎊 rementcollection rement dollshousefurniture 꽃가게 fakefood poppenhuis miniaturedollhouse dollhousereno miniaturedoll myminimixieqs calicocritters cutefinds claycreation fimoartist miniatureartist minicooking polymerclayart tomsenpainoticeme foodjewelry polymerclayminiature tinyart polymerclayjewellery rementthai rements tokyootakumode claywork dollhousefood toysphoto