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Hey y'all, I will be sharing a few fun facts about myself on the feed throughout the week. FunFact 1: I have always been into food styling. Writing for Tchakayiti has made me love it even more. My goal this week is to improve both my food photography and food styling skills. I still have a long way to go. But slowly and surely, I will get there.

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Meatless Monday! The eggs may be ugly, but the taste of this asparagus salad was absolutely amazing! Anybody else who's having hard time with soft boiled eggs? If you have any tips please share it 😃 Lundi sans viande! Mes oeufs sont peut-être laids, mais cette salade d'asperges était tout simplement délicieuse! Est-ce qu'il y en a d'autres qui ont de la difficulté à bien écailler un œuf mollet? Avez-vous des trucs? feedfeed healthyfood asparagus wholefoods salad vegetarian foodphotography buzzfeedfood foodisfuel foodstagram dailyfoodfeed foodblogger tastingtable foodporn thekitchn eathealthy f52grams foodgawker foodshare huffpostetaste onthetable foodandwine instayum homecooking bonappetit foodstyling delicious

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Sides | Somerset Farm heritage tomato, stracciatella. Some of the nicest tomatoes I’ve had this season. The hand-pulled cheese was lightly creamy and chewy. Absolutely delicious, extremely beautiful plating. From Wikipedia: Many heritage tomatoes are sweeter and lack a genetic mutation that gives tomatoes a uniform red color at the cost of the fruit's taste. A heritage tomato (or heirloom tomato) is an open-pollinated (non-hybrid) heirloom cultivar of tomato. They usually have a shorter shelf life and less disease resistance than hybrids bred to resist against specific diseases. They are grown for a variety of reasons, such as for food, historical interest, access to wider varieties, and by people who wish to save seeds from year to year, as well as for their taste. agfg melbournefood melbournedining eatplaymelbourne foodie melbournefoodie melbournefoodblogger igmelbourne igersmelbourne vscofood foodphotography foodblogger foodpics foodblogfeed buzzfeast closeup artofplating goodfoodau melbournefoodscene wheretoeatmelbourne finedining hattedrestaurant instafood foodiesofinstagram foodstagram foodgram matilda159domain tomato stracciatella scottpickettchef matilda159domain

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Of all the meals, it’s no secret that brunch is my fave. Warm coffee, eggs, and the occasional mimosa all before 11am. Thankfully my daughter agrees that brunch is the most amazing meal, and we take any opportunity to share in a meal (helloooo Easter Monday)! I don’t know if I’m more proud that I have passed this love on to my daughter, or that she inhaled half my avocado toast. PS, this one was just divine - sourdough with avocado, sweet potatoes, hot peppers, halloumi cheese and almonds latergram nextdoorrestaurant food foodie brunch ladieswhobrunch avocado avocadotoast nextdoorrestaurant instafoodie foodporn foodphotography foodography foodlover foodblogger instafood brunch🍴 brunchto motherdaughter motherdaughterlove motherdaughterday tooprettytoeat delish nomnom nomnomnom leorakimjams

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Kwetiau Isi (24k ; sorry 🐽) Kwetiau yg 1 ini kudu, wajib, harus kamu cobain selain harganya yg murah, isiannya jg byk ga pelit 😍 Digoreng gurih pake telor bebek, ditamba isian hati 🐽, daging 🐽, lapciong, fish cake, dan udang. Ulala rasanya makan 1 porsi ga cukup di perut cece 🙈 Tersedia jg bihun, mie, nasi ada x yam hrsny ada sih 🕹 Kwetiau Amoy, Pasar Duta Mas, JakBar ️Pkl 06.30-12.00 kwetiaugoreng kwetiawgoreng sarapanpagi eeeeaats kulineran destinasimakan explorefood kulinerjkt kulinermedan foodpost foodporn foodphotography foodies jktfoodblogger jktfoodbang jktfooddestination like4follow

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How many could you eat? 😋Comment below! (📷: lafoodjunkie)

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I continue to experimental bake with cannabis products. No one has died, nor do I think I have genuinely cracked the code yet. I feel though that perhaps I should stop trying to associate everything I make with the colour green. Nonetheless, a little matcha sugar on this almond crusted CBD honey pie couldn’t possibly hurt anyone. 50 mg of “activating” honey c/o nectarandpollencbd is mixed into the custard here. A couple of their honey tube varieties are shown in the naked pic. I think the pie may have needed more, but as I have learned, I just need to continue trying things out in moderation. mentalhealthnesting cannabis marijuanabaking marijuana 420food 420 foodandwine cannabisculture foodphotography foodstyling buzzfeedfood torontomarijuana saveur eattheworld bonappetit thebakefeed beautifulcuisines eeeeeats instafood cannabiscommunity 420toronto cannabisdaily food52 gastropost huffposttaste f52grams homemade feedfeed fromscratch inmykitchen

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Every Tuesday night from 5:00-9:00 PM we have Tapas Tuesday! The entire “graze and nibble” section of our menu is buy three dishes and get your fourth free! Come enjoy our crowd favorites and try out some new flavors table301 tlg thelazygoat lazygoat yeahTHATgreenville greenvillesc foodie foodiefeature foodphotography foodstagram foodography foodpassion cuisine chefslife cheflife dailyfoodfeed foodiegram eatlocal foodandwine handmade bonappetit mediterranean mediterraneancuisine mediterraneanrestaurant

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winner winner pizza dinner!👏🏻🥳 a long Monday in the books finished off with this delicious bbq chicken pizza - smartflourfoods gf crust + earthfare bbq sauce + grilled chicken + onions + cilantro!👏🏻🍕

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My Kinda Breakfast!🤭💪🏻 Idli & Vada Dipped in Sambhar 😘 . What is your favourite breakfast? Mention delhikazaayka and use delhikazaayka to get featured !

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Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim, Maa shaa Allah Tabaarakallah, tema hari ini dari uploadkompakan tentang Alpukat dan Alhamdulillah memang sudah diniatkan membuat salad untuk sarapan, jadilah salad ala ala dengan homemade tartar dressing seadanya . Tentang Kandungan nutrisi buah alpukat Dalam satu sajian buah alpukat (sekitar 50 gram) terdapat mengandung 80 kalori, 8 gram lemak, 4 gram karbohidrat dan sekitar 1 gram protein. Selain itu terdapat juga berbagai macam vitamin seperti C, B6, E dan K. Juga mengandung mineral pentig seperti magnesium dan potassium (Google) . Resep Tartar Dressing: Bahan: 50gr Mayonnaise 1sdm Perasan air Lemon 1buah Tomat kecil dipotong dadu Cara membuat: Campurkan semua bahan dalam mangkuk kecil aduk sampai rata sajikan uploadkompakan ukpokat_aceh freshsalad avocadosalad tartardressing healthybreakfast foodstagrams foodstyling foodphotography

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Foto produk Bantal custom untuk sweetlittlefleurs 💕💕 Kami menerima jasa foto produk dan makanan untuk katalog, media sosial, buku menu, brosur, dll. Dan kamipu. Menerima jasa untuk styling dan design graphic. Atau mau instagramnya kami kelola juga bisa, karena kami mengerti Foto dan feed di media sosial yang menarik menjadi salah satu yang harus diperhatikan ketika kita berjualan secara online kalian lagi cari fotografer dan designer untuk fotoin produk dan bikin feed kalian supaya terlihat menarik? Yuk segera hubungi admin💕💕 flatlay flatlays flatlaystyle mufaphotowork mufaphotoproduct flatlaybymufa flatlayoftheday flatlaytoday fotoproduk jasafotoproduk flatlaylove flatlayapp flatlaysquad flatlayaddict fotoprodukmurah maniesphoto fotoprodukjakarta fotoprodukbandung jasafotoprodukmurah skincarephotography shoesphoto flatlayforever productphotography fotomakanan fotomakananjakarta fotomakananbandung foodphotography jasafotomakanan jasafeedinstagram

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I don’t have any salad jokes but lettuce know if you do! Posting some veggies for a change with the rating of 6.5/10 for being a salad

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YAMS SPAGHETTI SQUASH GRILLED TURKEY TENDERLOINS My name is Crissy I'd like to thank you for following me check out new video available now the link in my bio above Thankful 🤗💜💜💜💜 food cookingislove homecooking cooking mealprep baking dessert chocolatelover foodies cheflover foodpics foodlover foodstgram foodblog foodphotography recipeoftheday foodislove yummy tasty feedfeed samsung samsung9plus vanfood vanlife rvlife skoolie petlover skoolieconversion thankful humble

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Sadly, the last week of aprilisforarabfood is here and it's all about essential pantry items! I know you're probably looking at the meghli thinking "how's caraway esential?", well, this post isn't actually about the Caraway that happens to be the main ingredient in meghli! It's actually all about the assortment of nuts that goes on top of this decadent dessert. Nuts are extremely essential pantry items in Palestinian households. My mom will actually go nuts if we run out of nuts! 😂 (shes gonna kill me when she reads this). But really, nuts, especially pine, almond, walnut and pistachio are a must have in all her freezers/pantries. I say those words with an "s" because everywhere she goes to stay for longer than a month, she needs to have all 4 of those types available! We garnish all of our main dishes with fried almonds or pine nuts, we garnish most of our desserts with pistachios, and walnuts go into the fillings of many sweet and savoury dishes. Nuts play such an important role in Arab cuisine, and most times a dish is not complete without them dairy free authentic  dessert  comfortfood middleeastern  thefeedfeed  forkyeah  feedfeed  beautifulcuisines  toptags foodphotography   spoonfeed  pudding  dessertideas foodphotography foodblog foodblogger foodporn foodgasm foodie eeeeats dessert foodforfoodies arabicdesserts madefromscratch foodstyling madewithlove مغلي mughli

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Everyday is a great day for pizza. This cast iron skillet pizza creates a crisp and chewy pizza crust that pizza lovers go crazy over. Top it with some homemade pizza sauce and your favourite toppings like prosciutto, mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula and fresh Parmesan pedals and you will satisfy your cravings. A Great way to celebrate your week 😋 foodphotography foodstyling foodporn instagood pizza wellness triathlete celebration weekend foodstagram running yummy tasty loveyourself delicious foodblogger treat dinner pizzatime eeeeeats huffposttaste instagood foodie foodlife fitmom foodgawker carbs

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La maison du Berger 🍽 Retour sur notre dimanche avec un Mezze & Moussaka maison, un vrai délice ! Malgré l’apparence des plats, ça n’a pas été aussi gras comme je le craignais donc c’est un très bon point pour la cuisine 😇 Un service de très bonne qualité, des serveurs & un patron très agréables. Un verre de la maison en fin de repas qui fait toujours plaisir & un moment plus que sympathique passé avec la grand-mère de mon compagnon pour son anniversaire ✨ Elle y mange chaque année depuis tellement d’années On appartiendrait presque à la famille 😅 restaurant yummy delicious mezze moussaka homemade homemadefood instafood foodporn sunday sundayvibes blogger foodblogger foodphotography greekfood pictureoftheday foodstagram foodgallery foodgasm bonappetite foodie lamaisonduberger typicalfood

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Petite quiche réalisée par mes soins 🍃 Fondue de poireaux, oignons & emmental ! Rien de plus simple comme recette. Vous avez besoin d’une pâte feuilletée, d’une brique de crème liquide légère, de 4 œufs, des poireaux, du fromage râpé, des oignons revenus à la poêle & des épices. Vous appréciez les quiches ? quiche homemade homemadefood cooking healthyfood healthy healthyrecipes recette delicious yummy instafood foodporn foodphotography teamshape teamfitcats foodlover foodstagram foodgasm blogger foodblogger bloggerfood foodgallery picoftheday cuisinesimple recette

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Les petits muffins maisons de ce matin pour le goûter de Monsieur : Confiture homemade melon - abricots & pépites de chocolat 🌿 Recette trouvée sur internet mais modifiée au niveau des proportions pour que la préparation soit moins sucrée, grasse : 200g de farine de riz 120ml de lait d’amandes 100g de sucre 1 pincée de sel 80g de beurre sans lactose Arôme vanille 1 sachet de levure 2 œufs de la ferme 1 càc de confiture par muffin 100g de pépites de chocolat Résultat : Ils sont tellement savoureux & meilleurs que ceux du commerce. En plus de ça, ils sont moins caloriques & sont très consistants donc pas de gavage ! Pour accompagner ces gourmandises, un petit thé des Thélices de Sophie ✨ foodporn healthyfood healthyrecipes healthy fitfam teamfitcats homemade homemadefood pastry muffin gourmandise teatime foodstagram foodgalery foodgasm homemadepastry foodphotography photooftheday morning bonappetite chocolate patisserie cooking foodlover foodaddict delicious tasty dessert photooftheday cake

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Exemple d’un autre style de petit déjeuner ou goûter gourmand & healthy 🌱 Sans aucunes restrictions mais en n’exagérant pas avec les quantités, j’ai pu me faire plaisir 🤭 Pains gris aux céréales & sans gluten (2x), yaourt grec 2%, pâte à tartiner au spéculoos, beurre de cacahuètes, confiture fraises, myrtilles, fraises, graines de chia, baies de Goji & poudre de coco morning toast photooftheday photographer foodpornography foodstagram foodporn instafood foodphotography healthyfood fitfam teamshape teamfitcats homemade homemadefood goodmorning topping blogger foodblogger foodie healthybreakfast breakfast fitnessmotivation instamorning haveaniceday homemade homemadefood yummy eatclean delicious photographer gourmandise