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Recette du pain brioché - Khobz mbesses Ingrédients: 300 grammes de farine 200 grammes de semoule 1 sachet de levure boulangère 1 œuf + un jaune 3 cuillères à soupe de beurre 3 cuillères à soupe d'huile 2 cuillères à soupe de sucre 1 cuillère à soupe de graines de nigelles 1 cuillère à soupe de graines de fenouil 1 cuillère à soupe de graines de sésames 1 demi cuillère à café de curcuma 1 demi cuillère à café de sel 25 cl d'eau tiède Préparation mettre tout les ingrédients dans la cuve de la machine et mélanger en versant l'eau au fure et à mesure jusqu’à obtention d'une patte lisse et un peu molle mettre en boule et laisser doubler de volume ,après cela dégazer la patte et déposer ou dans un plat rond huiler ou sur la plaque du four ,faire des quadrillages avec la pointe d'un couteau bien aiguiser badigeonner de jaune d’œuf et parsemer d'un peu de nigelle et laisser monter 20 à 30 mn et enfourner dans un four chaud 25 à 30 mn , et voila c'est pour cela q'on le nome (mbesses) parce q'il est y a de l'huile ,que si vous voulez ,remplacer par du beurre fondu! ou tout les deux comme dans cette recette goodeats igfood foodstagram foodbloggers nomnom instayum eatfamous foodblog hungry eats foodgasm cleaneating foodphotography foodpics homecooking foodlove foodporn instaphoto foodcoma foodgram chefmode hungry nom recettetunisienne tunisianfood cuisine المطبخ_التونسي

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Wondering if we should add curry goat to our main menu🤔

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Let me take the heat and be your cook for the day👩🏾‍🍳 Beef stir fry with broccoli and mushroom for foodmoodcuracao with rice and delicious fresh salad. ✌🏽😁🌴🌵 lifes2short foodies foody foodielife foodie food52 foodporn oraporpor oratintin mihodenmibodykudeneboter foodnetwork foodandwine foodbcn food foodys feedfeed foodphotography foodtrip foodstagram foodnation breakfast foodiegram foodlover foodporn foodgasm foodlife foodlover foods healthyfood foodforlife denmikushina

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お食事処 かいがん 境港に着く頃には 雨も上がって青空も出てきました 後はお腹を満たせば完璧 腹の虫を鳴らしながら 安くて旨いと人気のコチラヘ 平日にも関わらず結構な行列でしたが 20分くらいで案内されました ワクワク 猛者海老があるじゃありませんか 食べたかったので勿論order 新鮮な風味でプリプリウマウマ 素揚げした頭も旨味たっぷり 更に¥200の蟹味噌、旨い、悶絶 そして、安過ぎる メインはお手頃セット ぷち雲丹丼、ぷちいくら丼、ぷち海鮮丼 御新香とガリと味噌汁も付いてます これで¥900は安い シャリは酢飯と普通の御飯から選べます 食が細くなったので丁度良いポーション 全部旨かったぁ 御馳走様でした かいがん お食事処かいがん 海鮮料理 海の幸 刺身 猛者海老 雲丹 いくら 和食 日本料理 境港 kaigan seafood sashimi japanesefood instafood foodstagram sakaiminato tottori japan sony 陰陽行脚201903

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Hi guys ☺️ True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen ☺️ Add a shot of green colour to your meal 💚 packed with antioxidant and fibre,nutritious and delicious tenderstem broccoli 🥦 😋 food foodporn foodstagram instafood instagood yummy instayum delicious healthy feedfeed healthyfood realfood healthyeating foodpics instagram veggies foodloverl fitnessfood fitfood instafoodie healthyireland fish broccoli eatclean eathealthy foodgasm dinner healthylifestyle nutrition cod

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The one that I can’t resist😍💥🍫 📷: thebigmansworld

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southern california’s way of celebrating the first days of spring: clouds + rain 🤷🏻‍♀️ but, I don’t mind - that means getting in pj’s + snuggling w my little girl + husband 🤗♥️ I made this bright salad bowl for dinner, ending the day w a little more color 🌿 👉🏼 what meal/snack makes you the happiest?! 👈🏼 salad deets ➝ fosterfarms boneless skinless chicken breast cooked in chosenfoods avocado oil + sunflower seeds served over my FAVORITE salad kit: dolesunshine sunflower salad 🌻 · · · healthyeating getinmybelly foodie buzzfeed eeeeeats livehealthy spoonfeed wholefoods wholesome eatwell healthyfood fitfood fooddiary cleaneating cleaneats dairyfree breaky protein eatingright foodstagram recipes fitfoodie instafood allergyfriendly motherhood momlife balance health

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Repost lavadust ・・・ 🚨New Release🚨A salute to the classics. The very building blocks that make up our flagship seasoning. Black Lava Sea Salt 🖤 Boasting a range of trace minerals and a punch of bright salty flavor, this flake finishing salt is the icing on the proverbial cake. Top off your steaks for an umami journey and a delicate crunch you will never forget. Explore something beyond the ordinary and add some Lava Salt to your next dish. Link in bio for more info 🔥 bbq salt newrelease productrelease lavasalt fresh epic grilling food yum food foodie foodporn grillseeker grillinfools feels fire steak flakesalt allnatural lavadust foodstagram salt life forkyeah seasoning instagood bbq eeeeeats feedfeed

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What a view 😍

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Dúo Estrella de canros_taverna1908. Fideuá con sepia, trompetas y cigalas (16’50€)+ arroz de cap-i-pota y langostinos (16’50€). Una relación calidad-precio brutal en plena Barceloneta. •••••••• •••••••• barcelona yum yummy instafood canros delicioso delicious paella foodie foodgasm foodpics foodporn foodphoto foodlovers foodstagram bcn gastronomía foodshare restaurante lovefoods fideua barceloneta foodblogger photooftheday instafood arroz instagood instagram eating bcnfoodies

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The pasta and mussels combo is always a fan favorite, a true Italian dream, and this one didn’t disappoint 📍Malatesta Trattoria

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We are here at Bixby Knolls FM today 3-7 pm. Come by, taste our freshly baked oatmeal goodies!

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트루로맨스 말차샤레 후우우우 약 16개월 만에 방문한 트루로맨스. 그땐 밤늦게 가서 말초샤레 밖에 못 건졌는데ㅠㅠ 이번엔 나지막한 평일 낮에 가서 말차를 구해왔다 진짜 엄청 꾸덕하고 밀도 높은 찐함을 느낄수있다 얘도 다른말이 필요없다 너무 내스타일 녹차덕후 말차덕후 shotoniphonexs

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Its been warm for 4 whole days, obviously I had to make ice cream. Blueberry-honey to be exact. 🍦🤤

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i think i gained like, an extra 10 pounds from this trip but that's a-ok 🌞🌻

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A little look at today’s canapé order for an event this evening. Cheese & onion scones, tomato pesto tartlets, chicken skewers and bruschetta. Perfect with a glass of fizz while networking!

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PastryChef, Ryan Scruggs working on spring concepts. 🌷🥥 Coconut Sponge Cake, Praline Mousse, Rhubarb Gel, Apricot Glaze, Hazelnut Croquant 🥥🌷

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📌 Sneaky Snacky, K Road Lim's Food Court • • Walking along K Road you'll find many hidden gems and Sneaky Snacky is definitely one of them 💎 On this visit I tried the Original Glazed Donut Burger ($13) and the Chinese Cucumber Salad ($6.5). I took one bite of the Donut Burger and it nearly brought me to tears. The flavour combination is so insane. A juicy Wagyu patty, crunchy kimchi fritter, cheddar cheese and sriracha sauce 😋 I'm not going to lie, before visiting I was very skeptical about a burger with donuts instead of buns?! DAMN the boys at sneaky_snacky_nz put me in my place, no one told them to make food that slaps this hard but they did it anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️🔥🔥🔥 The cucumber salad is AMAZING, you gotta balance your meal with veges. The dressing in the salad cuts through any greasiness and I appreciate the addition of the tofu and the crunch from the pumpkin seeds 😍 I am in love with the retro design and these guys are total underdogs. I highly recommend visiting Sneaky Snacky, the owners are lovely and deserve all the support in the world ❤️ The donuts are made fresh every day 🔥 What a time to be alive when Donut Burgers exist in Auckland and are super delicious! 🍩 Rating: 12/10 would lose all my gym gains for Sneaky Snacky 😍🔥

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This refreshing and protein-packed strawberry almond protein smoothie can make a delicious and balanced meal replacement on-the-go or a perfect post-workout snack👌🏻💪🏻 . Ingredients: · 1 small banana, sliced · 2 cups fresh strawberries · 1/2 cup fresh pineapple, chopped · 1 scoop LA Nutrition's Vanilla Whey Isolate · 1 tablespoon almond butter · 10 ounces Greek yogurt · 1 cup almond milk, unsweetened · 1/2 cup ice . Add all the ingredients to a high power blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!😋 . proteinshake nutrition fitfood eatclean postworkout postworkoutmeal foodie cleaneating diet weightloss detox foodstagram foodporn instagood instafit bodybuilding gym healthyfood healthy foodlover training muscle gains breakfast instagram

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Russian salad OLIVIER ala spanish versión 😋☀️ • • • ad/Markierung

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Il COLESTEROLO è una sostanza molto importante per il buon funzionamento del nostro organismo: contribuisce al metabolismo dei grassi, alla formazione degli ormoni steroidei e favorisce la produzione della vitamina D, essenziale per l’assorbimento del calcio. Generalmente l’ipercolesterolemia è dovuta ad una alimentazione troppo ricca di cibi grassi e condimenti, alimenti cioè particolarmente ricchi di colesterolo, a condizioni fisiologiche particolari come gravidanza e menopausa, infine alla presenza di patologie epatiche, insufficienza renale cronica, ipotiroidismo. Anche obesità, diabete, vita sedentaria sono fattori di rischio che possono favorire l’insorgenza dell’ ipercolesterolemia. Esiste infine una importante componente genetica ed ereditaria. È possibile prevenire l’ipercolesterolemia? Le persone affette da ipercolesterolemia ne sono quasi sempre inconsapevoli, dal momento che questa alterazione non provoca sintomi diretti. Proprio per questa ragione il colesterolo deve essere tenuto costantemente sotto controllo, attraverso un semplice esame del sangue. La prevenzione è la strategia principale per mantenere il colesterolo entro la norma, in primo luogo facendo attenzione alle abitudini alimentari. È bene quindi adottare una dieta che limiti l’introduzione di grassi di origine animale, come carni grasse, derivati del latte, uova preferendo alimenti di origine vegetali, olio di oliva. Altre misure che caratterizzano uno stile di vita corretto sono una attività fisica regolare, che aumenta i livelli di HDL, l’astensione dal fumo, che abbassa i livelli di LDL e un limitato consumo di alcol.

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. Chees Cake . Zutaten: 3 Eier 120 g weiße Schokolade 120 g Frischkäse . Zubereitung: Die Eier trennen. Das Eiweiß steif schlagen. Die Schokolade über dem Wasserbad schmelzen. Etwas abkühlen lassen und dann mit dem Frischkäse cremig verrühren. Zuerst das Eigelb, dann nach und nach das steif geschlagene Eiweiß unter die Käsecreme heben. Alles in eine gut gefettete Springform füllen. Die Springform kommt auf ein tiefes Backblech, das mit Wasser gefüllt wird. Bei 170 °C Umluft im vorgeheizten Backofen 15 Minuten backen. Die Temperatur auf 160 °C senken und weitere 15 Minuten backen. Dann den Ofen ausschalten, den Kuchen aber für weitere 15 Minuten im geschlossenen Ofen nachbacken lassen. Vor dem Servieren vollständig auskühlen lassen foodporn food foodblogger foodie foods cheesecake cake cakes smile smiles foodoftheday foody foodgasm foodstagram foodies foodphotography foodlover sweet sweets cooking cook bake baking bakery yummy yummymummies yummyfood pic picture pictures

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En Estocolmo, explora la innovadora cocina nórdica de los chefs Jacob Holmström y Anton Bjuhr en Gastrologik⭐⭐ y disfruta de un menú sorpresa, basado sólo en ingredientes suecos de temporada, junto a una excepcional carta de vinos 🐟🌻🍄🐖🐝 In Stockholm, explore the innovative Nordic cuisine by chefs Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr at Gastrologik⭐⭐ and enjoy a surprise menu, based on seasonal Swedish ingredients only, along with an exceptional wine list. 📷: ©Erik Olsson. gastrologik stockholm nordiccuisine nordic_chefs 2michelinstars dosestrellasmichelin michelinguide worlds50best finefood foodexperience gourmetfood tastingmenu finedining winepairing foodart theartofplating cockandcleaver cookniche gourmand foodie chefstable chefsplateform foodporn foodstarz foodstagram truecooks topcitybites bonnesadresses passportready gourmettraveller

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En La Coruña, disfruta de Arallo Taberna y descubre más restaurantes recomendados en nuestro premiado eBook "DISCVR - Especial Galicia", disponible en Apple Books y Amazon Kindle (link en bio) 🦀🐚🐮🍖 In A Coruña, enjoy Arallo Taberna and discover more recommended restaurants in our award-winning eBook "DISCVR - Galicia Special", available on Apple Books and Amazon Kindle (link in bio). arallo arallocoruña visitgalicia spain militanciaatlantica seafooddiet fruitsdemer gourmand cuisine gastronomía gastronomia gastroart culinaryexperience foodstarz chefstyle citytrip foodlove foodpassion foodstagram foodtravel travelguide chefstable mercipourladresse tasteintravel ttbon gourmettraveller galiciamola forumcoruna19 forumgastronomic turismodegalicia