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We’ve got a little somethin’ for everyone! Come stop by downtown_disney tonight until park close to get your grub on! 🤠

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Heineken Cake _ ° ° • • To order: • • . 📱 LINE: QuennieKitchen • 📧 quenniekitchen • 📱 WA: 089637831387 . • • ❗️ORDER MUST BE PLACE AT LEAST 1 WEEKS IN ADVANCE • • • 🚫PLEASE TAKE A NOTE THAT WE DON'T RESPOND QUESTIONS ON INSTAGRAM

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Not all hero’s wear capes, I present to you the dogburger bun. I couldn’t decide between hot dog or hamburger, just have both

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Twinkle Little Star Cake _ ° ° • • To order: • • . 📱 LINE: QuennieKitchen • 📧 quenniekitchen • 📱 WA: 089637831387 . • • ❗️ORDER MUST BE PLACE AT LEAST 1 WEEKS IN ADVANCE • • • 🚫PLEASE TAKE A NOTE THAT WE DON'T RESPOND QUESTIONS ON INSTAGRAM

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When you crave nachos Super delicious and crunchy socca (as simple as chickpea/fava bean flour, olive oil, Himalayan salt and water) topped with fresh veggies, spicy salsa, Greek yogurt and cheddar! meatlessmonday healthyfood satisfying socca healthyrecipes healthy healthyeating healthylifestyle wholesome wholefoods realfood homemade homechef healthydinner vegetarian vegetarianrecipes healthyme healthymeals foodporn foodgasm foodography foodstagram foodie foodlover foody foodgram foodaholic meatless foodpassion instafood

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It's Tuesday, you know what that means: PARMA DAY! Choose from one of our eight amazing Parma options with a side of housemade salad and beer battered chips from just $15.90! Add a schooner of Kraft tap beer between 11am-5pm for only $5! 🍻 pizza_industri food foody parmas pointcook pointcookeats

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TOO MUCH DRAMA . LOCATION: Shop 2, Siddhivinayak Building, Next to Nexa Showroom, Satra Plaza, Sector 19, Vashi, Navi Mumbai CUISINE: FAST FOOD, ROAST CHICKEN, BBQ AVERAGE COST: 350 for two people (approx.) WORKING HOURS: 5 PM – 11:30 PM DISABLED FRIENDLY: YES OUTDOOR SEATING: NO VALET PARKING: NO CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: YES TAKEAWAY: YES FREE WIFI: NO FRIENDLY: YES VEGETARIAN ONLY: NO . What we love here: Churros, Momos, Mojito, Hariyali Chicken, Salad, Chocolate Shake, Pita Bread Why Visit: Too Much Drama a unique place which had given deaf-mute people a job from taking orders to preparing food they do it all Location: 4 Taste: 4.5 Quantity: 4.5 Presentation: 4.5 Ambiance: 4.5 Hygiene: 5 Service: 5 Cost: 5 . Our Review: 4.5 / 5: Too Much Drama is located in Vashi. It is a small café started up by an IItian professor who had invested his savings to start up this place. This cafe houses deaf and dumb staff which provides its diner with a different experience to interact and place their orders with the staff. If you see the menu, everything has a different sign language to place the order. The huge graffitis on the wall makes it a good sight to the eyes. The overall ambience is cosy and comfortable with little seating area where you can hang out with friends or family. They also have interactive live kitchens. You must order a main with a side such as Wedges, Burgers, Pita with Hummus, Pita Wrap, Bun with Coleslaw and Salad. For non-veg lovers, Chick & Cheese Momo, BAE Bombs and Hariyali Chicken are most recommended. The vegetarians can go for the Paneer & Corn Tandoori Momos, Savita’s Chaap, Vegan Tikka and Paneer Tex Mex. Their ‘Fakt Chocolate’ and ‘Dark Chocolate Churros’ are to die for. Also do try their Cappuccino Shake foodreviewonline staunchtravelerofficial foodie foodlover foodaddict foodblogger food foods snacks foody foodgram foodislife foodlovers foodielife foodpic yum tasty foodblog foodshare foodaholic foodspotting goodfood healthyfood instafood foodcoma foodofmumbai mumbai instagood goodvibes share

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Kodiak protein cakes with a LITTLE bit of chocolate chips for dinner!

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Have you tried our Frito-Lay Roll? It is a delicious combo of Baked shrimp tempura, avocado and crab meat wrapped in soy paper and topped with potato chips, albacore, crispy onions and drizzled with eel sauce and spicy mayo.

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We would shre video of Tony Bourdain eating PHỞ in Vietnam. Try PHỞ now at Bun 24 Restaurant in Cockfosters. pease visit our facebook page for full video pho sundaydinner Motherday bun24 cockfosters vietnamesefood vietnam foodporn food foodie pho instafood vietnamese delicious vietnamesecuisine yummy foodstagram foodphotography asianfood foodlover foody vietnamfood vietfood healthyfood noodles vscovietnam dinner foodblogger lunch healthyfoodrecipes

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Korean BBQ on Monday. 😁 What a way to start a week. 😅

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You don’t make friends with salad, you make a masterpiece! Especially with these DIY Rosemary Thyme Croutons and the only Homemade Lemon Vinaigrette recipe you ever need! I swear you will be craving salad combos all week with these two game changers! RT Croutons: I always like to turn my stale bread into homage crouton. You can use any type of bread but of course artisan bread like baguettes and ciabatta work best. 1. Cut bread into cubes about an inch thick. 3. Add a couple of tablespoons of butter to a skillet (depending on how much bread you will adding). You want to be able to coat most all of them, but you can always add more as needed. 4. Once the butter has melted add a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme and let them soak in the butter. 5. Toss in the bread bites and coat them in the butter sauce and continue tossing them until they are the toasted to the desired crispy texture 6. If you make ahead, let them cool, and seal in a a plastic bag for a couple of days. The 🙌🏼 BEST Lemon Vinagrette recipe: I like to make my own dressing because I am really picky about most sauces and dressings and homemade means I can taste as I go and make it just the way I like it. Not to mention you can control the salt and sugar and make something a lot more health conscious! This recipe lasts for about a week in an air tight container. I just use a mason jar since I like to shake it up and seal it back up when I’m done 💁🏻‍♀️ Add and shake up: -2 tbsp Dijon mustard -1/4 red wine vinegar -Juice of 2 lemons (about 2tbsp) -1 tsp dried oregano -1 clove of garlic, minced -1/2 tsp salt -1/4 tsp black pepper -1/2 cup of olive oil recipes salad salads healthyrecipes healthyeating food foodie foodstyling foodphotography foodies foods foodstylist greenlife lemon dinner dinnerideas meatlessmonday dinnertime served tasty cookinglight cooking cookingram foody foodstagram foodstyle foodblogger foodoftheday

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Ayam kecap Udah lama pengen ayam kecap kaya gini. Awalnya bingung, biar rasanya seperti yang aku mau apa resepnya. Setelah searching2, akhirnya aku gabungin beberapa resep jadi satu, jadilah ayam kecap ini. Karena suka manis, pake kecapnya banyak 😁 tapi mungkin karena ayamnya gak digoreng dulu, jadi warnanya gak pekat meskipun dikasih banyak kecap. Ini campuran bahannya banyak, malah jadi lebih enak dan wangi. Daan, rasa ayam kecap ini mengingatkan aku sama masa2 aku sekolah, suka bawa bekal pakai ayam kecap kaya gini. 😊 Bahan : 350gr ayam fillet 1 bh wortel, potong serong 1/4 bh paprika hijau 1/4 bh bawang bombay 1 bh cabe merah besar, potong serong 2 batang daun bawang, potong serong 2 siung bawang putih, cincang halus 1 bh tomat merah 1 sdm saus tiram 3-4 sdm kecap manis (atau sesuai selera) secukupnya garam, lada dan gula Air secukupnya Cara memasak : 1. Tumis bawang putih sampai harum 2. Masukkan ayam dan wortel, tumis sampai ayam berubah warna 3. Tambahkan kecap manis dan saus tiram, aduk rata, tambahkan air 4. Tutup wajan, biarkan mendidih 5. Tambahkan lada dan gula, test rasa. Jika kurang asin bisa tambahkan garam, tutup kembali wajan sampai bumbu meresap 6. Masukkan bawang bombay, paprika, daun bawang, cabe merah dan tomat 7. Tutup wajan kurleb 1 menit 8. Sajikan resep masakan resepmasakan menuharian ayam kecap ayamkecap dailycook healthyfood foody todayfood mrswidya dailylife jurnalwidya dapurmrsw

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Berikut Kami Hadirkan Lovely Travel - Menikmati Moment Pergantian Tahun Di Kota Semarang Baca Cerita Perjalanan Kami : LovelyTravel Blogger TravelBlogger FoodBlogger FoodAndTravel FoodGram InstaGram InstaFood Foodie Foody Travelling InstaStory Culinary Kuliner LouisKiennePandanaran Traveloka KlentengSamPoKong LawangSewu PasarSemawis BandengJuwanaErlina TokoOenSemarang ParagonSemarang MallCiputraSemarang SimpangLima SkyScraperCity Semarang KotaSemarang Indonesia

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🍗🍗🍗 VARIOUS MENU by nasipedes_simbok . Here at the newly opened nasipedes_simbok I found not only delicious rice set menu, but much more than that. They also have a bunch of signature ala carte menu that are ready to please our tongue and belly. Besides the foods are great, the place is also very instagramable, especially the spot right after the entrance where we can take photo with Macau bird like if we're at a birdpark or safari. You can find it only at their Diponegoro street restaurant no 9 Let me tell you about some must order menu: 🍗 Ayam Goreng Si Mbok 🍗 Ayam Bakar Si Mbok 🐐 Sate Kambing Brebes (must must try!) 🍜 Mie Bakso Sapi 🍪 Tahu Isi & Bala-bala And here also some of their beverages menu: 🍓 Strawberry Mojito 🍊 Orange Squash ☕ Hot Cappuccino 🍮 Tiramisu Latte, etc I really really suggest you to try the nasipedes_simbok's satay, which was extremely delicious. See you there guys Taste: 💚💚💚💚 Price: 90k (chicken); 16k (light meals); start from 24k for drinks foods allaboutfood eat foodaddict foodholic foodart foodies foodgasm dailyfood foodaroundtheworld delicate yummy lovefood delicious localfood lovetoeat dailylife foodshare foody foodescape foodphotographer makan chicken spicy coffee desserts drinks mukbang familyrestaurant DKZxNasipedessimbok

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Come back home in Quebec City after a long trip overseas rhymes with "Poutine"! I add and extra fried cheese over it, just for fun and it’s taste! 👌🏻

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Comienza la semana compartiendo nuestro sampler con nuestras entradas estrella 🤩 Ideal para parejas todoschavacanos

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Que BUEN descubrimiento por Villa Crespo . somosfea es un nuevo bar, puesto con mucha dedicación y con participación de excelentes artistas, que abrió hace unos pocos días en una linda esquina de Villa Crespo❤️ . Tienen un innovador y conciso menú y unas de las MEJORES canillas jamás probadas🙌🏻🍻 Las birras salen a la temperatura perfecta y nos gustaron mucho🔥 . Para el morfi pedimos ➡️Cuadrados de coliflor con zanahoria, tomate y verdeo ($120) bañados en una buenísima mostaza😎 Son sin TACC, veggies🌱 y muy muy ricos ➡️Bastones de provoleta ($160) con dip de emulsión de chimi churri🤤 Los bastones estaban perfectos y súper crocantes, y la salsa era un 10🥰 . Después fuimos por los platos fuertes ➡️Hamburguesa Americana ($220) con un medallón de res, panceta ahumada, mucho cheddar y cebolla caramelizada💣🔥 Estaba muy buena! Tenía un sabor distinto y un medallón más grande de los usuales, bien logrado🤘🏻 El pan, la cebolla y el cheddar estaban perfectos y acompañaban muy bien✨ ➡️Sandwich BAO Veggie 🌱($180): nos enamoramos de esta opción vegetariana. El pan estaba hecho al vapor y era EL CIELO, y adentro tenía tomates asados, calabaza y pepinillos👌🏻 Lo comeríamos una y mil veces más🤤 . Nos fuimos muy contentos! Una propuesta con buena comida y excelente birra por la zona!💕

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Why is my stomach like this?? 😩😩😩 Follow some_bull_ish 👈 for more

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Maturidade vem com o tempo 🙏🏻. No meu caso ainda da tempo ? RANÁRIO DO BIO 😋

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A meal I shared with one of my best friends in the Lone star state. Malay food is underrated. We need more Malaysian food in New York and everywhere else . The name of the resturant was Banana Leaf ( doesn’t come up on insta) food malaysianfood malay resturants restaurant friendswhodine yummy veggie tofu tofurecipes asain asianfood asianfoodie houston houstonfood imisshouston houstonlife lonestarfoodie homechef marzanskitchen yummyeats eat eatingnewyork eatinghouston foodphotography foodgasm foody foodlover foodstagram

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Lettuce wraps with a little spin! Now called lettuce rolls in my book. This meal is cheap, quick and convenient for our health! I live for quick foods but of course ones that are nutritionally beneficial for our health. Let me know what you would add to your lettuce rolls 🤩🥬🍚🍗🌶 • • foodporn foodphotography foodie food52 foodstagram instagood eeeeeats healthyfood healthyrecipes foodblogger foody pictureoftheday foodgasm foodies lfl eatclean followme tasty eatingfortheinsta eatfamous followforfollowback cleaneating yum nutrition foodstyling feedfeed buzzfeedfood igers getinmybelly nomnom

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It's a fresh squeezed kinda day I have been having a hard time finding low carb/calorie juice that tastes good so I've just been making my own lemon/lime/ with a little bit of orange mixed with truvia. Sometimes I make it with soda water. Tastes really good literally just cutting back on sugary drinks makes such a difference freshsqueezed lemonade photooftheday picoftheday instagood lemon limes instafood instafoodgram blogger lifestyleblogger foodstagram instafood foodphotography yummy foodblogger foodpics delicious foodpic foodies tasty foods drink foodpassion foodblog healthyfood foody foodgram beachbody motivation

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I die for a perfectly ripe avocado! Little tip for keeping them fresh a little longer. Right when they are soft to the touch pop them in the fridge! They keep for at least 5 more days! I hate throwing out food and after many wasted avocados that could have been in ma belly this method works really well😁 EASIEST GUACAMOLE RECIPE. - 3 ripe medium Avocados - juice 1/2 lemon or 1 lime - diced 1/2 medium red onion -diced seeded small tomato -1 minced garlic clove - a handful of cilantro chopped Mash it all together in a large bowl salt and pepper to taste. Just waiting for maly_touch and theaouch to come over for some fish tacos food foodstagram instafood foodphotography foodlover yummy foodblogger foodpics delicious instagood foodpic foodies tasty foods yum eat foodblog healthyfood foody foodgram lunch lifestyleblogger ripeavocado guacamole recipe easyrecipe homelife picoftheday photooftheday

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9 more days till spring! How's everyone coping with losing an hour of sleep this morning? I actually got up earlier to make my lunch I guess the thought of spring has motivated me to start working on my bikini body, if I start now i should be ready for SUMMER ☺☺🐚🐚🐚🦋🌹🌺 food foodstagram instafood foodphotography foodlover yummy foodblogger foodpics delicious instagood foodpic foodies tasty foods yum eat foodpassion foodblog healthyfood foody foodgram lunch lifestyleblogger spring beachbody motivation