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2 months ago

降り積もる雪にも負けず、サッカーの練習へ。 雪が溶ける→スパイク濡れる→ソックス濡れる→足先が冷たいを通り越して、じんじんと痛い… football snow footballinsnow iplayfootball

2 months ago

For the first time we witnessed a football match being played during snowfall in Kashmir! 😍❄️❄️❄️❄️ Despite of Heavy Snowfall, Heavy Rains and an earthquake last night, people turned up & realkashmir_fc made sure they did not disappoint the fans. Just when the clock ticked 90th Minutes the snow just poured in as if the Nature in the valley showering flowers as Real Kashmir won the game! With this win the snow leopards as they are called go top of the table in I-League 🔝 What a story 😍❤️ That's the beauty of this game! People keep on ignoring ileagueofficial & it keep on giving us such stories. More power to RealKashmirFC 🙏🙌 RKFCGKFC IndianFootball HeroILeague realkashmirfc Adidas India sport soccer squad goal ball match football game player competition people field stadium league championships snow footballinsnow jammukashmir kashmir snowfall ileague

2 months ago

• RIONERO IN VULTURE [Stadio Pasquale Corona], 🇮🇹Italia Vultur Rionero x AS Melfi

2 months ago

Almost exactly two years ago, fcdordrechtnl also played at home against jongpsv. At that time, Jong PSV won 2-3 during a snowstorm. Today there will be snow again and hopefully a better result against Jong PSV. ❄️ ••• 📆 10-02-2017 ⚽️ FC Dordrecht - Jong PSV 2-3 🏟 Riwal Hoogwerkers Stadion, “De Krommedijk” 👥 Capacity: 4,235 🏆 League: Eerste Divisie, Jupiler League 📍 Dordrecht, the Netherlands 🇳🇱 ••• dordrecht fcdordrecht jongpsv riwalhoogwerkersstadion krommedijk watchingfootball voetbalkijken footballinsnow footballinwinter footballmatch footballday footballdays footballfans jupilerleague eerstedivisie dutchfootball thenetherlands footballculture

3 months ago

❄️ When it’s SUPER cold outside but nothing will come between you and ⚽️ training! 📸 andrinestolsmo Together WePlayStrong

3 months ago

For all those players that were hoping training would be off due to the ❄️ TOUGH training is still going ahead as planned ⏰ 7:30 pm 📍Kings House, Chiswick 💰 £5 ⚽️ All welcome . 🥶❄️🌨 WRAP UP WARM 🌨❄️🥶 COYM footballinsnow amateurfootballcombination amateurfootball

3 months ago

⚠️ HERE IT IS! ⚠️ ——————— Custom Batman 🦇 and Superman 💪🏻 kits for PES 2019 🔥 ———————— Thanks to PESGalaxy and PESPatch contributors for this creation. 👍🏻 ———————— 🗣️ If anyone wants the kits as image files you can DM me. 📨 ———————— 💭 Any further suggestions on what custom kits should I use next? ❓❓ Comment below 👇🏻

3 months ago

Tough times 😅😅 ——————————— So what do you guys got today as presents?? 😁🎁 ———————————

5 months ago

Круто лежать на выходных дома и смотреть футбол, когда за окном снег ❄️ а еще круче гонять футбол под красивым снегопадом🌨 It's cool lying around on weekends and enjoying a football match while it's snowing outdoor. But it's even cooler kicking a ball in beautiful snowfall ⚽️ alexforward lovefootball ukrainianfotball soccer striker footballinsnow

1 year ago

Vähän erilaista treeniä tänään. Tossa pöperössä ei edes yritetty mitään taktisia hienouksia miettiä, vaan vedettiin (ainakin allekirjoittaneelta) jalat hapoille. Ja siinä sivussa saatiin hyvää jalkojen niveliä vahvistavaa jumppaa. Ja kaiketi jätkät tykkäs, kun eivät olis halunnu lopettaa. Ja melkoseksi ryhmäpainiksihan tuo välillä meni 😆 Slightly different training today. That soft and grainy snow was great way to get your legs done. And superb strenghtening workout for ankles and knees. And I guess guys liked it too, since they didn't want to end it at all. And of course it ended to some group wrestling every once in a while. sisu seinäjoensisu seinäjoensisu04 jalkapallo football u14 juniorfootball hankipallo footballinsnow seinäjoki junnufutis lumi snow suomi finland nofilter iphonephotography

1 year ago

. ❌❌Hier is 9000 meters height❌❌ Competition winners watch the game from a hot tub during the match between Hobro IK and FC Copenhagen at the DS Arena | February 28, 2018 | 📷: larsbaron1975 . 9000m 9000meter nature excitement adrenaline lake hereis9000metersheight passionpassport wonderful_place enjoythelittlethingsinlife amazingday lovelymountains landscapephotography outdoors loveoutdoors photography travel footballinsnow hotub football ارتفاع_9000 9000_متر کوه طبیعت صخره کوهنورد برف فوتبال عجایب ورزش

1 year ago

Stay warm by any means possible! _ Competition winners watch the game from a hot tub during the match between Hobro IK and FC Copenhagen at the DS Arena | February 28, 2018 | 📷: larsbaron1975 | GettySport gettyfc footballinsnow hotub

1 year ago

Who Doesn't Like Snow ?! It was an stormy snow ❄️ looks Beautiful gives a bit hard Hit! Be Hard to Look beautiful yet Don't desire always to be beautiful Go through the Taught Start that will never fade away like a storm of an snowy cold winter day! myday footballinsnow snow winter white start business millionaire class

1 year ago

All balls don’t freeze in the snow 😉 ⛄️❄️ Football in Kashmir, India, at the moment 😯 📷: tanju footballer ileagueofficial -2nd div Club realkashmir_fc

1 year ago

Sem condições de treinar 🤦🏾‍♂️⛄️😂⚽️ footballinsnow

1 year ago

Hot chocolate was a necessary after school snack when your recess looks like ours did. {and wow - how different their recess is then mine was as a kid} sledding snowballfights footballinsnow