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2 hours ago

Someone asked me what I do for fun. The first thing I said wasI wake up at 3:30am and lift. I run. I like to do running events. Hike. I can’t help it that all MY versions of fun is anything workout related. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤗💪🏼 Rise and shine. freckles freckledfaces freckledbeauty boymom

2 hours ago

Ancora fatico a comprendere le temperature, nel frattempo mi godo quei rari momenti in cui la temperatura non è nè polare nè infernale! (Gli stessi momenti in cui, però, la mia allergia si scatena e via di orticaria 🤙) allergia primavera2019

2 hours ago

Come along, darlings, the tea is still hot ☕️🥄

2 hours ago

Sun 🌞

3 hours ago

I FELL IN LOVE WITH THESE THREE PICTURES! Bentley looks so handsome. Peyton looks like her crazy happy self. Shy well if you know shy her freckles are the most gorgeous freckles I’ve ever seen. These 3 pictures along with so many more capture my in the light that I see them in. I know I said I wouldn’t share more of them for a few days but how could I not? paisleysunshinephoto mybabies paisleysunshinephoto myheart freckledfaces

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When it’s tongueouttuesday so you have to show everyone your talents 👅

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Im not fast. I don’t run often. I have more muscle so I struggle to run as I’ve always been just thin in the past. I use to be able to run at a 7-8ish minute mile and now I struggle to get it in the 9ish minute mile. It’s okay. Im not giving I’m. I’m going to continue to run. Learn how to breathe, learn to pace myself and with time be a runner again. Running was always my favorite and I’ll make it my favorite again. 🌨🌨 yaasmin freckles freckledfaces freckledbeauty boymom

21 hours ago

Life is a soup, I‘m a fork. always pick out what’s the best for you. _

21 hours ago

Can’t believe I used to hate my freckles and get a low self esteem because of people making stupid comments when I was wee. I used to feel so ashamed and always tried to cover them up. Even later on, sometimes when modeling, photographers used to photoshop them away How ironic that now freckles are ‘in’ and people even get them as tattoos 🌸 freckles glasgow edinburgh embraceyourself embraceyourflaws scottishmodel model freckle freckleface summervibe sommersprossen nomakeup natural freckledfaces aberdeen stirling falkirk selfie me girl girlswithfreckles ukmodels london

2 days ago

Be aware of the flames inside of you. wildfire