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I went to an amazing show/play the day before yesterday. It was put on by babaisrael and his group called soulinscribed one of the singers in the group is featured here. He's the homie duvmusic Baba is holding my book which he purchased super cool of him to do so and he seemed to really dig it as well. Be sure if you are of the canibis canibiscommunity norml check the play which is about the history of the plant! Go to the IG names and keep posted on when they do it next. It was really good! freestyle cypher weedporn cbd hiphopheads jazz saxophonist soulsinger theatre performance theater heretheater

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ジェシカさんWS 🖤🔥 すごく刺激のある1時間30分であっという間でした (;▽;) とても素敵な時間をアリガトウゴザイマシタ!😭🙏🏼🔥 ピックアップも嬉しかったです! 🙏🏼🌈 これを今後生かせる様に沢山練習して頑張ります 🔥🔥 Jessica's WS It was a very exciting hour and a half (;▽;) Thank you very much for the wonderful time!😭🙏🏼🔥 The pickup was also happy! 🙏🏼🌈 I will do my best to practice this many times in the future. 🔥🔥 . Thank You ❤️ . danae okinawa 沖縄 北谷 hiphop freestyle

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•✧|| •Sponsored MuSiC• ||✧• 🎶 NEWFREESTYLE 🎶 🗣|| ALIOWJ 🎼|| FREESTYLE •✧|| •Sponsored MuSiC• ||✧• 🗣||: علی اوج 🎼|: فری استایل اجرای علی اوج از ترک “فیروز”از سروش هیچکس

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Last night Semantic sent me a beat So I penned a little suttin 🖊 Let me know if you can relate. A N T I S O C I A L Out Sunday 🔊 Prod. bennyzenn

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GIVE AWAY time🔥💯coba kaLian kasih pertanyaan seperti contoh di video ini☝🏻🥶pertanyaan paLing Lucu/unik/ngeseLin dapet hadiah dari gue & tag teman" futsaL kaLian🥅 Periode 1buLan dari sekarang📲 giveaway bayusimerah futsal freestyle

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UMB 2018 FINAL DVD [2DVD] TrailerをYouTubeにアップいたしました! 【】 3月29日(金)発売 ※初回生産限定特典付き(UMBニューテーマソング) Amazonでも予約販売を開始しています。 過去タイトルも絶賛発売中‼︎ 【 】 Libra ONLINE STOREにて予約受付ております。 【】 2018年12月30日(日) 新木場 STUDIO COAST 【MASTER OF CEREMONY】 DO BOY 【BATLE BEAT DJ’S】 dj honda / DJ PMX / DJ KENSEI / MR.BEATS a.k.a DJ CELORY / YOKE a.k.a DJ REDBLOOD / DJ RINA / DJ TIGU 【BATTLE MC’S】 KaRaAGe / むら / BAMBLE / RYU / しぇん / Atmoshiphere / Lyrical / だーひー / MUD ASH / Mac Ass Tiger / B_ZERO / Jony the sonata / EVOL / BALA a.k.a SBKN / 輪入道 / MC松島 / 小池 潔宗 / AUTHORITY / 富博 / 椿 / 梵頭 / KZ / ふーわ / IZ / BARBER / GOTIT / まーしゃる / BASE / SAM / JACKTER / USTR / Disry / T-STONE / O.G.K / APACHE / DAISEI / Pein Mirra / SKRYU / Folgoregia / TORA / ALCI / MC☆ニガリ a.k.a 赤い稲妻 / kNaxx / KAKKY / 紅桜 / Bluek / 裸武 / MU-TON 【INTERVIEWER】 HIDADDY / 晋平太 昨年の決勝大会ではあっという間にチケットが売り切れ DVDのセールスは一万本を超すモンスターイベントUMB 例年通り年末12月30日には新木場STUDIO COASTにて全国大会決勝戦となるUMB GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPが行われる。 全国の地方予選を制したMC達のラップバトルは必見。 UMB UMB決勝 grandchampionship dvd studiocoast 12月30日 mcbattle freestyle djhonda djpmx djkensei mrbeatsakadjcelory djrina yokeakadjredblood djtigu_b_day hidaddy 晋平太 muton 紅桜

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Ya’ll know I gotta lay down one last freestyle before leaving this exotic and beautiful country. India, you’ve been nothing but amazing! 👊🏾🇮🇳 jzone dapperentertainment

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Whenever you're sad Whenever you're crying I'll be the one who wipes away your tears Whenever you call Whenever you need me I'll be the one who runs to you Giving my love Well you know how much I love you So you better not not let me down I'm not aaking for too much baby Just stick around 🎧🎶🎶 calligraphy artoflettering thedailytype calligrabasics moderncalligraphy handmadefont 50words brushcalligraphy handmade handlettered typography freestyle finetec gold blackandgold finetec watercolor colirocolors flourishing dohamazing calligrafriendsqa calligrafriendsph calligraphyqatar handmadedoha craftstreetqatar qatar qatarart qatarinstagram workinprogress createdtocreate allforhisglory