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“To let go of guilt felt over feeling badly.” so I was going to ramble in this caption and get real deep about negative emotions and avoidance vs acceptance but I’m listening to James Vincent mcmorrow and need to make a tea and I can’t put that thought into words so hopefully this makes enough sense for it to resonate in some way! 💫

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HAVE to get in that Saturday morning stretch! 🙌🏻⠀ .⠀ I'm a new yoga practicer but a seasoned yoga photographer!⠀ .⠀ Tell me about your favorite ATL yoga studios below! leahroth⠀ .⠀ The beautiful Yogi: daniellebrown05_ ⠀ Hair/MUA: bethcorbleyatlmua ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ leahrothphotography yogaphotography yoga yogi studiophotography atlantaphotography atlantaphotographer fridayfeelings eastatlantavillagephotographer locationphotographer yogamat atlantayogaphotography

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Having depression and anxiety, and also living with aspergers - many people assume because I'm so I should be working. I should at least be in a relationship, and perhaps have . I should have more friends, and I should go out more. I shouldn't be having aches and pains; I should be able to handle riding a bike, working out, or going for walks. I should have a degree. Basically, at almost 27 years old, the world thinks it knows what I should and shouldn't be doing. Well, "the world" is NOT living in my mind and body, and they have NOT walked my path of life! I, myself, struggle and go through all of these daily obstacles. I lived for 20 years not knowing I was autistic; childhood and school was so, so hard for me. At 16 years old when I was rapedI had to deal with that pain; nobody else knows what I felt, lived through, and STILL live throughit affects my life so much today. I don't owe anybody any explanation as to why I'm unable to work or go to school; however, I DO want people to know that that doesn't make me worthless - it just means I have a lot to work on within myself before I fully commit to something. Do I have goals for the future? Sure I do, and I hope someday I get to a place where I am able to work towards those goals. But, for now, the goal is to focus on what I need to do, and take care of myself. fridayfeelings

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This. Book. I first read it in college and my mind and heart were blown open ✨ A few years later, I bonded with a guy I was dating over a mutual appreciation of Dr. Brian Weiss’s story and work (and yes, that guy was a.j.draven and we eventually wound up getting married and having . 💕) And then TODAY, thisbook came up in conversation, during our group workout(?!) because our friend recently read it — and soon all of us were sharing similar reactions & stories. And I have to tell you— the timing gave me chills. ✨ A few months ago, I gifted myself the very healing, revelatory, and beautiful experience of having a past life regression with intuitive healer claritywithkaren I didn’t know much about her at the time, but it was local and affordable and something I’d always dreamt of doing (for 20 years since reading this book!) and I decided to just take the leap. It was so powerful, and my husband and I stayed up all night talking about it afterwards (and let’s be honest, we’re not in college anymore so that was a rare and wonderful treat that we paid for the next morning!🤣) And so with Father’s Day around the corner, I decided to gift him a session with this same healer and you guys He’s still there now and I’ve finished putting the to bed / cleaning the kitchen / doing the laundry and I’m literally tingling with excitement to hear about his experience! 🤗 I’m curious— anyone else out there love this book? Or gone to workshops and/or healers, and found it enlightening, inspiring, and helpful as well ?? Whether you ‘believe’ in reincarnation is actually separate — in fact, one of the things Karen shared was regardless of whether it’s your subconscious creating this story or you are truly having a memory of a past life, the point is what you experience during your guided mediation is there to help you— with your own personal growth, and healing And I just find the entire thing to be so incredibly fascinating and comforting 💖✨💕 FridayFeelings FathersDay Gifts Books Meditation ManyLivesManyMasters DrBrianWeiss Reincarnation PastLifeRegression Spirit Soulmates Reuniting Healing Love Learning OffTheCuffWithStephAndStuff

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Wish you could feel this fantastic every day? Check out our Outlier Cognition supplements: designed to help you get and stay sharp, our signature supplements are lodes with 500 mgs of Lions Mane to support mental clarity, memory and performance Research has found that lion’s mane mushroom extract has anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in mice. Available now on Amazon Prime-link in bio phihealthnutrition mentalclarity mentalfocus

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THANK YOU for your support on my Insta page these past few days and ALWAYS! 💐 To share my appreciation with you, I am going to pick 5 random supporters to send YOUR CHOICE of either a cute flower/plant mix or cute hand picked clothes right to your door step 📦 I still need help beating this insta algorithm, so please follow, comment, like, save & share this post and 5 of you will receive a sweet little gift on your doorstep from me 🌸 Comment something that makes you HAPPY 😊 (I will be choosing 5 ppl from the follows, comments, likes, shares and saves in 24 hours)-tagging friends is optional thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Very busy schedule but I always find time to take care of myself . Nothing better than work out at my own gym And you, how many excuses more? When will you finally put yourself as a priority? besttrainer amuge chicagotoptrainers backworkout boutiquegym chicagopersonaltrainer leblonfitnessclub bigarms bigandlean leblon riodejaneiro professordemusculação chitown rivernorthchicago rivernorth bodybuilding chicagofitness chitown downtownchicago biceps carioca fridayfeelings windycity

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Water is swimmable now. getsome

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End of the week feeling got me like 😅.⁣ -⁣ Happy Friday! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. 🙌🏽

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I am grateful to have had a couple opportunities for growth recently at work, including attending a LGBTQIA+ Conference and completing my certification in Mental Health First Aid. I’ve come to realize that learning more about other people, especially how to be an ally, is such an important part of being a human on this beautiful planet because in the end all we have is each other, and you could be the difference that changes someone’s life. ❤️🏳️‍🌈🌎✨ bethechange pride ally mentalhealthawareness fridayfeelings

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Happy Friday! Have you checked in with yourself today? This week may have been stressful, but you got through it. Commitment to self-care is critical to managing stress and getting us through the harder weeks. To refuel + reenergize this weekend, how are you prioritizing you?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to recently, pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read, take a nap, disconnect from your phone, do nothing—just try to be present with yourself. You’re right where you’re supposed to be. Have a wonderful weekend!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ fearlessfriday fridayfeelings tgif pridemonth2019 pride loveislove mentalhealthawareness mentalhealthsupport selfcare selflove liveinspired depression anxiety mentalhealthadvocate psychologist stopthestigma therapy therapistsofinstagram mytherapistthinks nycpsychologist psychologistsonig clinicalpsychologist therapynerds wellnessinfluencer datadriventherapy endthestigma nyctherapy nyc therapists therapygroupnyc

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. It’s friYAY so no better time for a ➰GIVEAWAY➰ . I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the love and support! I never imagined this community to bring so many new friends into my life, and I am beyond grateful for you all. So I put together a few of my favorite things for one lucky friend! - How to enter: • Must follow me bailey.and.the.basementboyz • Comment something on your summer bucket list! • Tag 3 friend 👯‍♀️ • For 2 bonus entries, share this to your STORY + TAG ME I’ll select the winner on Monday! • • • teamenjoythejourney freethings ilikefreestuff giveawaytime sogratefulforyou fridayfeelings fridayfeelin giveawayalert contestgiveaway favoritethings afewofmyfavoritethings favoritethingsfriday dreamchasing togetherisbetter newfriendships newfriendship fridaylove confidenceboost dontmissthis journals fitfam communitylove womensupportwomen strongmomma toddlermommy toddlermomlife enjoyyourjourney

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Peonies on the promenade 💕 With the first official day of summer just one week away, I’m becoming so excited for mornings hanging poolside during my swimming lessons, drive in movies, all the flowers! What are you most looking forward to this summer? fridayfeelings summertime artistsoninstagram artistinspo artistdates familyfun summerfun warmnights artiststudio roncesvalles torontostreets torontolife discovertoronto discoveron exploreto peonies peony peonyseason pink flowers createinspring distractionsandinspirations howdoesyourgardengrow flowerpower socialcuratorchallenge

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F R I D A Y C H E C K - I N ⁣ ⁣ feeling very grateful and happy after this week. ⁣ ⁣ Hope everyone is feeling well and looking forward to the weekend! Lmk below how you’re feeling.