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I see you WEEKEND

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This came up on our Facebook memories page! 2 years ago we went to Moulin Rouge at Secret Cinema and it was AMAZING The memories part of Facebook is our favourite feature there, it's a great way to be reminded of the journey you have been on. 2 years ago we hadn't even launched SMASH and now we have awesome news coming next week 🙈 Stay tuned Another way to record memories is to keep a journal and write in it every day. We do this and we always include some gratitude 💙 smashlondon bodyandmind memories gratitude journal fun friendship besties journey sam_smashlondon ash_smashlondon secret_cinema

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In a world and a life that moves so fasthaving your photo taken makes you stop and smile 🤪💚☀️ friendship springday

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It’s crazy that a year ago, I didn’t even know these ladies but now, they’ve become a MAJOR part of my life! Always know how to cheer me up & make me laugh💜💜 friendship workcolleagues

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“One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention.” – Clifton Fadiman best funny friendsforlife smile bestfriend friendsoftheworld fun party goodtime myfriends instagramanet friendsgiving bestfriends goodtimes friends4life friendship myfriend forever goodfriends awesome friendsforever friends4ever friendships memories friendshipismagic lovethem instatag friends bestfriendsforever live

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Pizza, cocktails, blankets and Queen 🤵🏻🕺🏻 the outdoor cinema was a lot of fun with kympenfold

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💡;; Yo vivo por esto 💘👼 ┈ 「If you take it give me credit please」 ┈ ► [ Follow me for more jennielcve ✨ ] ◄

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💚 PROJECT PLANET LOVE 💚 →Swipe! Did you know that Amsterdam Open Air is one of the most sustainable festivals in Europe? At AOA, we made a pact with our planet: we are minimizing our footprint in EVERY area you can think of! Check out what we do to keep AOA green and clean! 🌿 Full view: sustainability planetlove keepitcleanandgrean AOA2019 amsterdamopenair

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⠀ ⠀ 나의 신혼여행을 더 아름답게 만들어준 친구들✨ 모든 순간순간들이 너무 행복했었다. 언제올지 모르는 몰디브를 떠나는게 슬픈게 아니라 새로 사귄 이 친구들을 살아가면서 다시 또 만날수있을까란 생각에 슬펐던 마지막날😢 같이 봤던 돌고래떼, 초면에 어색함 하나 없이 선셋보며 서로 사진 찍어주던 순간, 서로 타버린 몸을 보며 박장대소하던 순간, 같이 파티가서 술 마시며 쇼 보던 순간, 밤에 선베드에 누워서 별보며 서로의 하루를 묻던 순간, 밥 먹으러가다 GO 만나서 같이 밥 먹으며 수다 떨던 순간들, 걷다가도 우리가 좋아하는 GO들 만나면 반가워 죽으며 손 흔들던 그런 작은 순간들도 우리의 기억엔 둘만 했던 여행이 아닌 그 추억속엔 너희들이 함께였어서 더 아름다웠고 행복했고 눈물났던 여행이였어💓 ⠀ maldives clubmedkani honeymoon maldivestrip lovetheseguys fate friendship endlessmaldives 신혼여행 몰디브 클럽메드카니