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23 hours ago

What a PLEASANT SURPRISE. Just got home and was greeted with two dozens of roses from my amazing business client whom I've been chatting with throughout the day [you get that type of access when you're in my mastermind] and never said a thing. Not a piece of a hint. 😆 This kind gesture of appreciation and gratitude just pricked my heart in a major way. I serve my clients the way I want to be served never expecting anything in return other than their EXECUTION and she does that consistently even when she's uncomfortable. Grateful Thankful FullofJOY BusinessUnusual datashaM BusinessAndPersonalDevelopmentCoach HelicopterHoovering DisruptingTradition AssasinatingLimits ShiftingPerspectives

1 day ago

I am full of joy and hope you are too!

1 day ago

Joy from within comes from knowing Him. God is good. It’s who He is (intrinsic attribute). The very best is what He always gives. He gives us what is always good. What is the good He gives? Himself! Godisgood fullofjoy

1 day ago

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