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New leaked changes to Bo4 -New signature weapons, earn more points like mk2 weapons in Infinite Warfare. -Cosmic Sliverback and Misty from BO2 zombies are returning to blackout -David Mason is releasing for Blackout as well. -Armor Tuning in Blackout -11 prestige icons for blackout -Supply Drops are coming back -Customizations for your trail, parachute, and wingsuit is set to release. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ —————————————————————- 💦Follow for even more News and Leaks💦 🤘🏼 Your best Cod news source 🤘🏼 📤 Dm Us for promotion or mail. 📤 —————————————————————- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ cod blackops4 apexlegends callofduty callofdutymemes blackout zombies muiltiplayer fps fortnite clan codclan clanrecruiting funny squad clips esports professionals lit apex bo4 montage memes team ps4 xbox streamer twitch cool fortnitenews

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Profile & Banner for my Facebook page. New new! BackInBiz

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Y’all think he did it? 🤔

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i stole this from tmgclips but this is one of my favorite that's cringe ever omgjskska