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idk what to feel about this

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Regarding my last post, if u were a guy that transformed to an anime girl with big titties, it's not gay because ur lesbian right? Like no one is gonna say "Haha, ur gaaaayyyy" . Discord link in bio Join now to be apart of the the clean community Follow memebroom For offensive memes Follow memevacuum For great memes Hashtags: hilarious lmfao cancer gaming haha instagood minecraft music triggered fortnitememes filthyfrank autism gamer xbox shitpost savage rap explore aesthetic ps games youtube cat funnyvideos relatable roblox cool spicymemes

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why is this me ?🤣 | memesiary

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I've graduated yesterday at Ort university. Looking pretty even when smelling like a rotten egg 😎 (big fat lie). My friends make sure their cameras capture every moment: . When my BF kissed me, even though I looked like trash (if that's not love, then I don't know what it is) . When I cleaned up my head twice with the t-shirt of a total stranger When I made my victory pose with my friend