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~Laguna Dudu~ Es excitante tirarse de una altura de 10 metros aproximadamente, siguiendo siempre las instrucciones del personal a cargo para que tú experiencia al momento de caer sea satisfactoria, me encantó! • • • • • • • diamondgirl turismo repdom lagunadudu model extreme extremo laguna cabrera viajes trips mar ocean maravillas sea guide badbunny instalikes likesforlike follow4followback instagramers gamer fit bodyfitness shontours samana worldwide indigo gaga tumblr

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these shoes 😍

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special post for the games 11th anniversary! so i came up with an idea while making this post that fits with my theme introducing "PIN THE HIDDEN PEACH"! yeah, couldn't think of a better title lmfao. basically, there's a hidden peach somewhere in this post, first person to comment where it is will get a shoutout! note: there will be 3-5 winners depending on my mood ladygaga gaga lady stefanigermanotta thefame pokerface justdance 2008 thefameturns11 littlemonsters mothermonster pawsup

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never gettin over them [cr: usuallysunny on utube]

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I want the same place😱👑

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11 years ago this master piece came out and still to this day it holds a special place in my heart! I knew the moment i first heard this album that this lady was going to be an icon! I remember running to pick this up after school and playing it for months lol! I love you so much ladygaga and I’m so proud of where you are in your career today! HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY THE FAME! 💕💕💕💕💕

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🖤Exactly 11 years ago Gaga's first album "The Fame" was released🤩 ⠀ A fun, danceable, and sometimes even a sad and dramatic album explores all the facets of fame that novice artists may encounter. In many songs, the singer talks about her life in her native New York and poses to the audience questions of popularity and relationships, blind fan love and work on camera, unbridled fun and awareness of her place in the world. ⠀ We know many dances from this era, check it out! What is your favorite one? ditd ladygaga dance aura danceschool original choreography finalvideo littlemonster mother monster mothermonster gaga dancers emotions monsterstyle pawsup boys girls new joanne fame artpop famemonster bornthisway joanneworldtour enigma astarisborn happyaniversary

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* into_gaga appreciation post * idk if you guys know her, but i’m lucky enough to do. she’s the best, kindest and most amazing person i’ve met during the time i’ve had this acc and i’m so so grateful to have her love u angel you are light, keep shining ❤️

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Double Vision. Creative direction for ladygaga FAME fragrance campaign. Global launch included an art installation guggenheim and billboards in Times Square. Thank you cotybeauty and victoriabrynner. Gaga photographed by stevenkleinstudio. Fame bottle photographed by anthonycotsifas. hauslabs ladygaga gaga perfume beauty advertising photoshoot fragrancehouse fragrance graphicdesign blackandwhite design mask creative 3Dlettering latex bolero graphicdesigner icon designer creativeagency statue statuesque scent eaudeparfum

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⚡️女神卡卡.魅力極限 / 超人氣《THE FAME》11歲了 🎉  11年前的今天,是 Lady Gaga 的首張錄音室專輯《THE FAME》正式發行的日子!這張專輯徹底改變了全球的流行音樂,並且取得商業上史無前例的成功,讓全世界的藝人與歌迷們紛紛的想模仿她那 前衛浮誇怪誕 的風格,美國告示牌有篇文章曾經說過:「每家音樂公司,都想創造屬於自己的 Lady Gaga。」最終女神卡卡一舉躍上「流行音樂天后 Queen Of POP」的寶座,成為名符其實的超級巨星。  《THE FAME》創下的 各種紀錄眾多 難以一一闡述,以下為簡略帶過:  美國告示牌電子舞曲專輯榜 TOP1 美國告示牌200大專輯榜 TOP2 美國告示牌百大單曲榜冠軍2首 多首歌曲進入告示牌百大單曲榜TOP10 英國專輯排行榜榜 TOP1 美國葛萊美音樂獎2座 Metacritic 71分高評 高達25億音樂串流數字 YouTube多首音樂錄影帶破億 獲得美國鑽石專輯認證 獲得美國鑽石單曲認證 熱銷全球2000萬張  專輯中的熱門舞曲〈Just Dance〉與〈Poker Face〉更是一舉拿下 Billboard 美國告示牌百大熱門榜冠軍,並且贏得全球無數的音樂獎項,包含提名了6項葛萊美獎並奪下了兩座「GRAMMYs葛萊美獎盃」,專輯在全球也狂賣2000萬張!  LadyGaga Gaga Fame TheFame PokerFace JustDance Grammys billboard AStarIsBorn Shallow BradleyCooper 一個巨星的誕生 女神卡卡 Enigma LasVegas HausLabs Beauty HausLaboratories HausBeauty queenofpop popmusic littlemonsters

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Today and The Fame monster birthday , a wonderful album ,I love it so much , i really admire mother monster for this album , congratulations Gaga , congratulations The fame ladygaga Thefame happybirthday Gaga ladygaga

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𝗔𝗿𝗮𝗯𝗡𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲190819 - ꨄ 🦋 -تحديث حساب ناتشر عبر التويتر والانستقرام: مرحبًا اعزائي جميع الليفز! حدث توقيع المعجبين بالأمس الإضافي هو نهاية نشاط ألبوم I'S SO PRETTY الخاص بناتشر! إنني أقدر هذا النشاط حقًا لأنكم وناتشر تعملان أكثر فأكثر. 😘😍 سنعود قريبًا حتى لا تتمكن من الذهاب إلى أي مكان ꨄ 🦋 nature LU aurora saebom loha haru gaga sunshine Uchae Chaebin ناتشر

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LadyGaga’s debut album “The Fame” is officially 11 years old today What is your favorite song off the album?

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Amour est arrivée aujourd hui chez nous ! 3 ème chat dans la famille ! Sur un coup de tête et d amour on a rapporté un chaton ! La tête à papounet ce soir lorsqu il va decouvrir la petite peluche ! foudeschats amourdechat lesenfants sontdanslajoie gaga

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I remember like it was today. It was my psychology graduation party. I was saturated with final course work and wanted to throw myself on the track. I remember hearing the riff and getting goose bumps. The party was starting and my friends got together at the same time and in the chorus everyone was jumping wildly. "Just dance". And she must have played more than three times at night and the other day wanted to know whose it was. My life has never been the same. Congratulations on 11 years of "The Fame" ladygaga. ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🇧🇷 thefame thefame11years ladygaga gaga mothermonster gagaqueen thefamemonstes thefame chictochic joanne enigma astarisborn burnthisway iconic legendary lenda fashion rocknroll hausofgaga lasvegas vegas applause legend nasceumaestrela

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Was nicht alles passiert wenn man mal eine Challenge packen will😂😂😂 180 Nummer 30💪💪💪 Musste lange darauf warten, aber war mal wieder ein schönes Gefühl und das nach 3 Tagen mit den neuen bullsdartsnl darts von justinvantergouw "Vorsicht Werbung" Danke nochmal an andy.k.187 für die geilen Geräte 👍👍👍 So 2 Posts am Tag reichen😄 Good Darts euch allen🎯 darts dartsturmisiert 111gründedarts dartswm barneyarmy nurderrwo pdc pdceurope blade5 dualcore winmau allezhopp gaga weitersagendassdartsgeilist elmarduzigeuner lünen brambauer legend bullsnl

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Happy 11 years anniversary to the unique and iconic« The Fame »This is one of the best selling albums of all time and the best selling debut album of the 00’ this album helped gaga to earn 4 top 10 and 2 1 this is the 9th longest running album of all time ok the billboard 200 this album will be soon certified diamond ladygaga ladygaga gaga thefame queenofpop pokerface justdance astarisborn