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Swipe♥️⚡ Surprise awaits you at No. 1 Follow 👉 thecomicsaga 👈 for more🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡ - Repost and give credits! - 👥Like, Share & Tag your friends - - - Tags need to be ignored avengers avengersinfinitywar infinitywar robertdowneyjr ironman farfromhome loveyou3000 mcu blackpanther infintywar galactus marveluniverse endgamespoilers villain thanos endgame mostpowerful marvel edits chrishemsworth superheroes marveledits endgame avengersendgame odin marvelcomics superhero avengers4

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The cover of and some pages from a very old copy of Silver Surfer 1. I figured that this would be a great first post because not only is the Silver Surfer my favorite hero, but this is also the first comic book I ever owned. :) ———————————————————————— • Written by: Stan Lee • Plot and Pencils: John Byrne • Inking and Coloring: Tom Palmer • Lettering: Rick Parker • Chief: Jim Shooter ———————————————————————— silversurfer norrinradd thepowercosmic comicbook comicbooks firstpost marvel space heraldtogalactus galactus comicbookcovers comicbookart StanLee JohnByrne TomPalmer RickParker JimShooter

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Hopefully marvel will use the very kirbytech-like Carrie Furnaces in Pennsylvania as a basis for Galactus's eventual mcu arrival.

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Galactus with his Herald, Silver Surfer.

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My man Galan. Sad story for everybody really. Norrin stayed with him. The first two didn't. When his pledge was made he knew it would be for life. cbfc 🦇 moebius galactus silversurfer powercosmic

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Lo amo LO AMO Lo amo tanto que quiero llorar ⋙══════════ ⋆★⋆ ══════════ ⋘ Credits to: Gabriele Dell’Otto ⋙══════════ ⋆★⋆ ══════════ ⋘ drdoom victorvondoom fantasticfour galactus silversurfer adamwarlock guardiansofthegalaxy avengers marvel marvelcomics mcu youngavengers marveluniverselive comicbooks comics theamazingspiderman ironman thor captainamerica theincrediblehulk comicgeek avengersendgame avengersassemble captainmarvel jackkirby thanos stanlee

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NEW EPISODE ALERT! rayfung1027 joins us as we chat about the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame. We also talk about comics and the usual random tangents and shenanigans. Check it out here: See the link in our bio for more episodes! comics comicbooks comicspodcast comicbookpodcast podcast podcasts newepisode marvel marvelcomics dc dccomics marvelcinematicuniverse mcu avengers endgame avengersendgame thanos shangchi galactus ironman wandavision eternals jeromeopena jonathanhickman brandonpeterson warrenellis

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Bu sahnede Galactus'u görsek nasıl olurdu 😍 galactus endgame

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Joe Rubinstein will be a guest artist at the August 30 - September 1, 2019, Indiana Comic Convention at the Indianapolis Convention Center! Joe is one of the most prolific inkers of all-time, best known for his work on such titles as: Infinity Gauntlet, Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man, the Wolverine miniseries, DC Versus Marvel, and Superman. To pre-order tickets for the August 30 - September 1, 2019, Indiana Comic Convention, please visit: Sponsored in part by Geico. JoeRubinstein Comics ComicBooks ComicArt Art Artist ComicArtist Illustrator Illustration InfinityGauntlet Thanos Galactus SilverSurfer CaptainAmerica Avengers AvengersEndGame Wolverine Marvel MarvelComics Indianapolis Indiana IndianaComicConvention ICC2019

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This Week on the MajorIssuesPodcast we cover the absolutely bonkers 5 issue miniseries Cosmic Ghost Rider Vol. 1: Baby Thanos Must Die by Donny Cates! What happens when FrankCastle from an alternate universe becomes the spirit of vengeance AND the herald of Galactus? He finds himself face to face with fate as he tries to alter the timeline and get rid of Thanos!⠀ ⠀ CosmicGhostRIder Punisher GhostRider Mephisto SilverSurfer ThanosWins MadKingThanos DonnyCates ComicsReview Comicbookreview Comicbooknerd Cable GuardiansofTheGalaxy MarvelComics JohnnyBlaze BlackHandofTheMadKing SpiritofVengeance BabyThanos podcast podcaster podbean stitcher podcastaddict applePodcast Googlepodcast spotify

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Cuộc đời giống như một cuộc chơi, nhiều người nói như vậy, nhưng vốn dĩ chơi nhiều quá thì hóa ra cũng chẳng phải cuộc đời. Rốt cục, cuộc đời chẳng là cái gì cả, bởi nó khó định nghĩa quá, nó chỉ đơn giản là cái mà hàng ngày nếu còn sống người ta vẫn trải qua… cho đến khi chết thì người ta gọi là đã qua hết cuộc đời. CUỘC ĐỜI VUI QUÁ, BUỒN KHÔNG ĐƯỢC. 🖤🖤🖤 eternity galactus infinity oblivion

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“TONY SPARK” tee by WELÇOME©️: Hand Drawn Graphics Out Now on

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Inicia el rodaje de guardianes de la galaxia vl. 3 señores 🤗 y el actor que interpreta a rocketracoon se enteró que ésta será su última película 😂 ✔️¿Cree que Rocket reglamente muera en ésta tercera entrega? Sigue a beta_ray337 para más contenido thanos memes😂 marvelmemes memes avengersendgame capitanamarvel avengersmeme blackwidow capitanamerica antman ronin thor hulkavengersendgame hulk hawkeye stanlee therealstanlee galactus silversurfer avengersendgame thanos avengers avengersageofultron marvel avengersendgame drax spiderman deadpool marvel marvelmovies marvelstudios marveledit marvelmemes avengers avengersageofultron capitanamarvel captainmarvel capitanamerica

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Silver Surfer series Thanos figure. A little after my time, but discovered this series a few years ago.

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So is Reddit a source for all MCU rumors these days? How reliable have they been or just random people muddying the waters? Latest one I’m seeing is SilverSurfer being in or being the villain in CaptainMarvel 2 🤷🏼‍♂️ ✨ I have faith the MCU will make it work but my hope if he is to appear is just to plant the seeds of Galactus, the fear that derives from his Heralds being around, the galactic threat the presence of the SilverSurfer represents. A cameo, mention would be great, setting the stage for a proper intro later in a FantasticFour movie. But whatever, I have faith they’ll nail it. ✨ Pic taken from SilverSurferTheAnimatedSeriesCarolDanvers NorrinRadd MarvelCosmic

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Made this weird DrDoom / Galactus spin toy thing at my Tuesday school's Science Club today. It was a surprise thing, so I had to draw them from memory haha so they might be inaccurate. myart Marvel Comics markers

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Read Neil Gaiman's Eternals this weekend. Going into this book I knew little to nothing about the Eternals other than they were created by Jack Kirby and that they were Marvels answer to the New Gods. And as far as parallels go between the big two (and there is a lot as all of you know) DC rips Marvel to peices with almost every doppelganger. With that in mind, however, I must say that Gaiman took the Enternals far beyond the level of DC's New Gods to me. I've never read Kirby's original iterations of either so I can't for certain make an opinion about their original counterparts. Gaiman being the brilliant mind that he is though takes Kirbys original concept and rehashes it for a newer age audience without entirely rebooting them or butchering the work that Kirby put into these characters. (This is the 3rd sitting writing this) The idea that humanities origins are written in the stars, and either we arent native to earth and forgot that knowledge or extraterrestrials put us here as a petri dish experiment are ideas that seem like they are common among the general (nonsheep) populus, at least in the circles I run in. Idk man I'm finishing this up a little tired, and a little drunk, but the origins of the human race are a big mystery and I don't give a fuck how much you believe in anything; nothing is for certain except love and death, so keep an open mind.