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Existem algumas formas de se compor música pra games. Uma delas é através de softwares como o Pixitracker, que é uma ferramenta que permite quem está começando ou mesmo quem não é músico, compor trilhas no estilo chiptune, de forma simples e divertida. Neste vídeo somente uma brincadeira pra mostrar a ferramenta. 🎮🎬🎺🕹🎼 gamemusic gameaudio gamedev indiedev indiegame music soundtrack chiptune gaming classicalmusic sounddesign composer soundtracks homestudio gamedevelopment gamedeveloper videogame videogames motiongraphics motion animacao homestudiolife gamedesign videogamemusic ❤️ 🎻 🎼 🎮 🎹

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本日午後は『ゲームセンターCX』コンサートのリハーサル初日でありました! 4/29(月祝)東京オペラシティにて本番です。 「アトランチスの謎」や「魔界村」「ソニック」に「高橋名人の冒険島」などなど、こちらの本番は懐かしくてウキウキするやつばっかりです(о´∀`о)ノ 張り切って参りますーっ!!! jagmo gccx ゲームセンターCX 有野課長 有野晋哉 よゐこ ゲーム音楽 gamemusic オーケストラ orchestra ドラム drums 宮本ブータン知聡

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名作ファミコンゲーム、北海道連鎖殺人 オホーツクに消ゆ、のコロポックリというお店で流れる演歌調の曲を記憶を頼りにアドリブで弾いてみました 名曲👍 80's Nintendo game soft music improvise play🎸 オホーツクに消ゆ ファミコン コロポックリ ゲンさん 弾いてみた guitar ギター 名作 名曲 アドリブ improvise 演歌 8bit gamemusic fender stratocaster FamilyComputer ENIX famicom guitarplay enka guitarsolo 北海道

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‪いよいよ今週末! VRAINがM3に初登場〜( ◞・౪・)◞‼️‬ ‪「LUNA 99」「Your Red Eyes」各最新版と、2006年のアルバムから蘇ったタイトルナンバー「EMERALD」を収録した3曲入りCD-R ¥500 を会場限定頒布!‬ ‪更に購入特典「EMERALD」MVを先行公開!‬ ‪お楽しみに〜🌟‬ ‪‬ ‪ VRAINの出展スペース番号は ⭐️Y-04⭐️です M3 M3春 VRAIN band rock metal metalband rockband japan yokosuka tokyo japaneseband hardrock heavymetal hrhm melodicmetal cyber cyberpunk digitalmusic synthesizer animemusic gamemusic femalevocals live itunes spotify followme instalike メロスピ アニソン

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Only 5 more weeks until the release of my upcoming OST album “Ghost Wire”

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昨日のリハ。リハ週間二日目。 ドンキーミュージックスクールの講師たちによる春の祭典vol.2 アミダクジグループ。 ゲーム音楽からクラシック、JPOPまでを幅広くカバーしております。今回も楽しんで貰えるような構成でございます! もちろん一般の方も見られますので是非4月29日はBLcafeにお越しを! ドンキーミュージックスクール guitar bass piano drum gamemusic classic JPOP BLcafe 春の祭典

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"Super Mario Land" & "Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins" original soundtracks on vinyl; composed by Kazumi Totaka; released in 2019 by selectstartrec. Limited to 120 copies; 70 are black, the rest are clear. Side A contains the full Super Mario Land soundtrack while side B contains the full soundtrack to its sequel. The cover art by cooooouk is sharp and nice in its simplicity. I love the soundtracks to both games quite a bit; though 6 Golden Coins has the stronger material. I've always thought of Totaka as Nintendo's "quirky" composer and the SML games were always a perfect fit for his style videogamevinyl vgmvinyl nowspinning vinyl vinylcollection musiccollection vinylcollector videogamecollection videogamesoundtrack soundtrack soundtrackcollection vgm videogamemusic nowlistening nowplaying gamemusic gaming supermario mario supermarioland supermarioland2 supermarioland26goldencoins gameboy nintendo nintendocollection selectstart kazumitotaka スーパーマリオランド スーパーマリオランド2 スーパーマリオ

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BLADES - Episode 2 - LO5TAR

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Today has been a good day so far. My order for datadiscs Thunder Force IV 3xLP set finally arrived today! After some serious confusion on USPS part, I was getting worried Haha. These vinyls sound amazing and it's one of my favorite game soundtracks out there. Some amazing metal influence in these tracks, everything from satriani and Judas priest and many in between. Managed to snag that limited color run too! retro retrogaming sega welcometothenextlevel metal vinyl vinylcollection gamemusic vgm thunderforce nerd videogames

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Were on TV 📺🎮🤘 Check out our band leader crosenmusic on Canadian national news on CTV talking about video game music and orchestration! Bring game music into mainstream media! Long live video game music • • • • • • • • • orchestra bigband orchestramemes gamemusic nintendo the8bitbigband 8bitbigband nycconcerts nycjazz livemusicnyc nycnightlife saxsolo guitarplayers trumpet trombone saxophone gamercommunity orchestramusic gamer nycmusic gamemusic jazz videogamemusic gaminglife classicgaming zelda jazzmusic vgm livejazz gamerforlife

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Had some great days in Monaco 🇲🇨 This short video was shot during the rehearsal for my concert in Monaco. Was trying out the live-spatialisation of my electroacoustic stereo-composition “Tensions” on an 8-channel soundsystem 🎚 monaco electroacoustic musiqueconcrete spatialisation dm1000 montecarlo electronicmusic rehearsal composer producer musicproducer audioengineer musician sounddesigner audioproduction mixingandmastering mixingengineer masteringengineer recordproducer livesound musictutor creativeguy dj bloodpeak filmmusic gamemusic beats beatmaker ghostproduction sound

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Calling all gamers! Check out our Classical Music for Gamers playlist, featuring inonzurofficial's latest single with Aubrey Ashburn from dragonagegame, as well as theme music from the games Zelda, halo, warcraft, and more! Press play and GameOn. Link in bio. 👾 🕹️ 🎮 🎶 🎵

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Have you checked out Titan by omenmusicproduction yet? If you're a fan of epic trailer music and you're not following their work, I'm sorry but you're missing out. - No I didn't write for this album, but some of the other composers that did are truly legendary in their own right. Be sure to give their social media handles a follow too epicmusic cinematic orchestral musiclibrary musiclicensing musicproducer musicproduction musicproductions musicproducers trailermusic filmscore audioengineer audiorecording audioproduction homestudio homerecording composer soundtrack gamedev studiorecording mixing gameaudio gamemusic epic

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Here is our fourth and final sneak peek of our Majora’s Mask Medley! This is Termina Field, one of my favorite musical pieces in this game! Check out the full video on my story (because Instagram is dumb). Please like and share this, I would love for it to become more popular! ———————— zelda music zeldamusic gaming gamemusic majorasmask thelegendofzelda games videogames

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Using Windshield wipers for gameaudio 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Em breve vou começar a produção, com muito entusiasmo, da trilha sonora do Newborn Legends - A Simple Barbarian Day. É uma aventura solo para D&D 5 edição, criada pela editora specusdraconis do grande dm_gambit . Este será o primeiro material com trilha sonora original para ser usada enquanto seu personagem se aventura pelas Dalelands em Faerûn. Confira o teaser da trilha com a fantástica ilustração interna que o fez para esta aventura. dragon roleplay rpg dungeonsanddragons fantasia ⚔️🎮🎬🎺🕹🎼 gamemusic gameaudio gamedev indiedev indiegame music soundtrack chiptune gaming classicalmusic sounddesign composer soundtracks homestudio gamedevelopment gamedeveloper videogame videogames motiongraphics motion animacao homestudiolife gamedesign videogamemusic

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Rugrats theme with Zoia 😂

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A few years ago I was composing music for video games and apps! 😉🕹️🎮📱 Not so long ago I found some projects I made back in 2016, so I decided to share it with you! 😊 Here's a taste of one of them! : "Emerald City" Emerald EmeraldCity dorothy yellowbrickroad VideoGames VideoGamesMusic GamesMusic Composers Composer Composition Compositions GameMusic VideoGameComposer Games VideoGame LogicPro IsraeliMusic IsraeliMusician CuteMusic KidsMusic gamesoundtrack BackgroundMusic Gamesconcept ConceptArt ConceptArtist conceptartists