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Greetings Dads and Moms! Today we present you an opportunity to take part in our first ever remix competition here at New Dawn. If you are interested in finally becoming a New Dawn dad and releasing your track on our upcoming remix EP alongside twoworldsapartmusic , ento_music , ry_exley and xan.griffin - this is your chance ;) More info on our web-site - link in bio. Thanks for the opportunity soundsurfermusic , itsversomusic and nilkamusic ❤️

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Thanks breakentersociety for adding “Patterns” to your gamingmusic Spotify playlist! It’s a pretty hype playlist go check it out!

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Maho G x CATO - Muhammad Ali (EMR3YGUL Remix) | Uchiha TV Music Visualization

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in our lives there are so many beautiful things the family friendship but what makes us feel good and not think about anything and certainly this applies to everyone and when we put headphones in our ears we start to hear our favorite song.  Tell me below with a comment What is your favorite song💯💯💯 prilaga eldiosdeltrap gamingsetup trapbeats dji mixtrap gaming djisparkdrone dj basstraps djindonesia trapani djlife🎧 afrotrap monkstrap traps gamingmusicvideo instagaming trapargentino prilaga trapbow gamingmemes mixtrapnation gaminglife trapbr basstrap djs gamingmusic trap cheeseinthetrap

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Alpha Bowzer - Twisted Fate Remix This is a remix of "XXXTENTACION's - Look At Me" mixed with the champion Twisted Fate from League of Legends. Just a fun project mixing one of my favorite music artist with one of my favorite games. For more music check out my EP album. Link is in the Bio. leagueoflegends leagueoflegendsmusic twistedfate gamingmusic gaming gaminglife gaminglifestyle newmusic newrapper hiphop remix soundcloudrapper newartist twistedfatemain videogames gaming4life gamingcommunity

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We want to take this opportunity to thank you guys with supporting our first contest here at New Dawn (but certainly not the last😏)! It was truly amazing to hear your submissions and be a part of the whole process. Now that Miro's "Spine" EP is finally released, we've decided to sit down with Monty and chat with him about his background as a classical pianist, and his thoughts on the contest submissions. Link to post on our web-site is in bio :) Do you guys like taking part in various music contests?

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2019 Release Follow KDrewMusic SoundCloud: YouTube: Facebook: Spotify: Instagram: Twitter: Follow iamDEELYLE Soundcloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out more awesome artwork from Vinz-el-Tabanas here: DISCLAIMER We don't own any of the music or images used. We just love this genre and want to share the best of the best with you guys! Join ProjectSuperVillain YouTube: Facebook: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Animation By ArcDrifter KDrew DEELYLE SpiderMan Venom Dubstep EDM ElectronicMusic DanceMusic Marvel Disney VideoGameMusic GamingMusic BestDrops2019 BestDrops

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I feel that we live in a world where the negatives of gaming are always being discussed, but I don't see the positives being discussed nearly as much 🤔 • • Anybody who knows me well, knows about my passion for gaming - I've adored it ever since I can remember, starting out on a Sega Megadrive with my Dad and needing help constantly 😁 • • The game in the video, RuneScape, has to be one of the most calming gaming experiences out there. Just listen to that music, enjoy the visuals and hopefully if you're having a hectic day, it might just help ease your mind for a minute 😁 It's free to play for anybody interested. • • I'm still in touch with friends whom I met on this game over 10 years ago, how awesome is that! Whilst I've struggled with spending too much time on games for many years, if you can learn to play them for enjoyment and not just out of habit, I truly believe they are a type of therapy 😌 • • Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend ✌❤ • • RuneScape RuneScape3 RS nostalgicgames nostalgia gamingmusic relaxingmusic relaxinggames mmorpg rpg rpggames gametherapy peaceful oldschoolgamies jagex peacefulgaming peacefulmusic positivity chillgames chillgaming 20daysoffocus 20daysoffocuschallenge dondifelice

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Raven & Kreyn - BullDog | Uchiha TV Music Visualization

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Repost chris_keya • • • • • • Are you ready for the sweetest nightmare you ever had? SWEET NIGHTMARE is the new Chris Keya single featuring krissymeetsworld on vocals. We mixed Cyberpunk gaming atmospheres & aesthetics with modern electronic sounds to get you inside an apocalyptic city where there is no way out. Are you ready to play? COMING UP JULY 26th! cyberpunk cyberpunk2077 synthwave dubstep chillstep edm gaming gamingmusic overwatch electro electronicmusic electronicdancemusic futuresynth electrosynth

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Check out this mash up! My song for speed runners mixed with footage of speed running at the "Awesome Games Done Quick" events this year. These are clips from the AGDQ and SGDQ 2019 Finale videos. This organization raises millions of dollars for charity every year and doing it all by destroying your favorite games in the fastest time possible. If you love video games and seeing them being played for a good cause, go check them out! speedrunning gamingmusic gaming gamernerd gamingcommunity gaming4life gamer gamingposts gamingart rapgaming soundcloudrapper videogames classicvideogames upcomingrapper upcomingartist newalbum newmusic spotify amarillomusic awesomegamesdonequick happypeople musicvideo soundcloudrapper motivationalmusic This video is not sponsored or endorsed by AGDQ.