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Other people (special occasions): yay, I get to DRESS UP! Me (every day): yay, I get to get dressed! Well I'll give you a reason to dress up: at caferoux1 this Thursday, 21 Feb. Ticket link in bio. The music's never sounded so polished. We've never sounded so tight. We've never been so ready to play for y'all. 🎤  got.the.clap 🎸  tambeezni 🥁  rayofmorgan 🎸(bass)  bass_man_alex 📷  LaurenBrits 💄  Megan_Wylie_ 👗 Chelsea Jane

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Been smiling a lot lately 😋

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This B*tch Loves Her Faux Fur 😂

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Love yo imperfections EVERY angle 📸👼🏽

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Ty momenty, když potřebuješ po cestě čůrat, a za benzínkou je krásně zmrzlé pole zalité vycházejícím slunkem. OK, pak se vlastně zapomeneš vyčůrat a tak vznikají, ty nejhezčí fotky, protože tyhlety mám fakt rád ❤️Mějte se P. FOTIL lukan_tukan 📸

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Throwbacks aren't just for Thursdays anymore.  80s

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Do you know that Hiking actually burns considerably more calories than walking? Hikes for two hours can actually burn as much as 1,100 calories. This makes hiking a powerful cardio workout. Now, imagine getting paid when you hike, sweatcoin launched an app that actually gets you paid simply by getting more fit by walking. Check out my bio to download the app.

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-Not Avaible

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