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6 minutes ago

No me considero una persona mala, ni menos rencoroso, pero de verdad qué hay gente tan cínica e hipócrita (literalmente mierdas) que se merecen muchas cosas, y no precisamente buenas 🤭 bendito sea el KARMA, a veces demora, pero llega *Se tenía que decir y se dijo 🐥

17 minutes ago

Not only has working out helped me gain a little more confidence but it also has helped tame my anxiety and depression. I’ve always been an advocate for mental health and finding ways to improve on it, has become a passion of mine. Working out has become a great outlet for me. Trying to improve not just physically but also mentally and spiritually everyday! PS gotta show support for Planned Parenthood😎! workinprogress workout underconstruction selfie stud gaybear gayfitness plannedparenthood onwednesdayswewearpink 💕

2 hours ago

A picture of me thinking of what to post on Instagram since half my post get blocked 😤 hard to be body positive and show progress when you can't even take your shirt off now I guess.