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This is another one of those hard calls to make, clients A/C was not heating nor cooling. First look was refrigerant pressures and the unit was pumping itself into a Vac when operated. These geckos all over the board raised suspicion as it may have damaged an outdoor PCB, affecting a refrigerant controlling device (RCD), the metering device is a magnetic coil that slips over the TX valve to adjust refrigerant flow. Upon turning on the A/C from the isolator it was easy to tell that it was not opening nor closing. After the coil was removed and replaced with a new coil the system operated back up to specifications with no issues what so ever. It is important to check not only the equipment in the A/C and its functions but to know how the A/C system operates. One Happy Client and A Happy Tech for an easy diagnosis! heatingandcooling airconditioning condenser hvac fridgey chillybearac gecko refrigerant hvactechnician servicetech

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Eate. I thought he escaped today because I could not find him, I had a panic attack. But here he is in all his glory Follow echo_a_gecko follow echo_a_gecko Tag 2 people for a shoutout, great way to grow your page echo_a_gecko 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎 - - - - - - - - leopardgecko gecko lizard herp reptile echothegecko pet animal creastedgecko gargoylegecko leaftailgecko whitetreefrog frog amphibian treefrog gargoylegecko gargoyle crestedgecko arboreal animal geckos geckosofinstagram reptilesofinstagram ιf уσυ мα∂є ιт тнιѕ fαя, fσℓℓσω!

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- 집근처 서점을 갔다왔는데 한시간 전과 후가 달라진것 없이그대로 있길래 자지도 않고 왜저러고 있나 싶어서 가만히 쳐다보다가 아! 하면서 귀뚜라미를 줬는데 바로 반응을 한다. 기다렸구나 귀뚜라미 를 3마리를 다 먹고선 볼일 없다는 듯이 뒤돈다 고양이같은녀석 ———————————————————————————- 많이먹어라 그래야크지 크레스티드게코 게코 크레 크레맘 도마뱀 파충류 붙이류 일상 데일리 크레데일리 크레일상 crestedgeckos crestedgecko geckostagram gecko geckolove geckocute socute lovelymypet pet everyday daily lovely love

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Who wants to come see this amazing frog room in person? The FrogDaddy Semi-Annual meeting will take place Saturday June 8th from 11AM - 9 PM at Bill Newell's new digs. We will have food and drinks. Frogs, plants and other related items will be available for sale. Bill will be giving a demonstration on how to build amazing PVC enclosures. If you're even mildly interested in dart frogs or related hobbies and you're within driving distance of Charlotte, NC you don't want to miss it! Details can be found here, please let us know if you're planning on coming: frog dendrobates dartfrog poisondartfrog vivarium terrarium tropicalplants anole lizard gecko frogroom meetup charlotte oophaga oophagapumilio charlottenc treefrog

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New Caledonian gecko, it is an arboreal gecko found natively on the southern portion of the island of New Caledonia and on the outlying islands of Île des Pins (pine island).*available in store* reptilesofinstagram reptiles snakes snakesofinstagram tortoise gecko dragon jawsandclaws lakeworth boytonbeach loxahatchee jupiterflorida palmsprings palmbeach southflorida miami okeechobee portstlucie fortlauderdale delraybeach westpalmbeach southflorida soflo reptilesofinstagram petsofinstagram pets jupiterflorida royalpalm palmbeach pineisland chahoua newcaledonia

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RA3 is leaving to his new owner tomorrow! 🦎 A big boy with a big appetite 🦖

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Gecko on the window. Gecko eats flies, mosquitos and other flying insects. But he is afraid of human. We can see this kind of gecko everywhere in Taiwan. gecko animal window insects taiwan