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Start of recovery weeks swim 🏊‍♂️ - Currently, 1 in 3 seniors die with Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia. - This year I have decided to take on three arduous challenges and have pledged to raise 👉$4000 (£3250) by October 2019👈 for the 'Alzheimer’s Association'. These endurance events consist of, 100mi. Cotswold sportive, Ironman Wales 2.4mi. swim – 112mi. bike – 26.2mi. run, concluding with the NYC marathon 26.2mi. run in November. - To donate click the link in my bio👉👉👉 alzheimers dementia mentalhealth getfit cardio swim bike run fitfam fitlife fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict gethealthy healthylifestyle cirencester

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mhuncho_1 yeh yeh I’m train wrecking, it’s a WARNING, all these other people boring! You know I go hard for myself. I used to chase the 💰 but now it’s all about the feeling! Nothing beats the feeling of giving absolutely 110% having nothing left yet feeling so content. I represent my family, my people & my community, my North African roots and my city LDN. I should have been a rapper I know 🤷🏽‍♂️😈🤣 NothingBeatsALondoner • ——————————————— ——————————————— • Boxing Muaythai Mma Fight Health Kickboxing Motivation FitnessGoals FitFam FitLife Fitness London winning fitspo BeastMode Champion HealthyLife Nutrition FitnessMotivation Kick TrainHard workout Training GetHealthy Fightlife Knockout Win

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Today we're in Witney! 🤗⠀ .⠀ We'll be at Witney Community Hospital from 12-2pm to hold our pop-up stand to staff, visitors and patients who are interested in learning more about healthy eating, physical activity and healthy weight loss.⠀ .⠀ For information on the programmes we offer to support people to achieve healthy weight loss, click on the link in our bio!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ achieveoxfordshire britishheartfoundation bhf bda britishdieteticassociation change4life goactive gethealthy manvfatfootball healthylifestyle healthychoices nutrition physicalactivity recipes food healthyliving lifestyleadvice eatwell movemore bekind healthyeating healthyhabits wellbeingjourney healthymindset healthyrecipes oxford oxfordshirewitney nhs westoxfordshire

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Pre-workout snacks: Making sure you’ve properly fuelled your body with water and food before a workout is extremely important. Here are some easy simple snacks to have beforehand to give you energy during your workout! Some people tend to just have a coffee, smoothie, juice or drink of some sort and that works well for them which is also fine. Find what works for you and your own body and stick to it!

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Sudah dia fix kan, weekend (Minggu) itu harus olah raga💃💪💪 Jadi saya harus change schedule untuk off😘😂 . ain_pasaribu_hikaru dia sudah improve nambah beban💪😜 bouzee ponakan lilniece shelovesit shefit olahraga olahragabareng indomuscle88 fit indofitness indogym indomuscle workout fitbaby babygirl 4yearsold instaworkout fitness fitfamily videoworkout exercise fitfam gethealthy shestrong borupasaribu healthylifestyle igfitgirls pertemanansehat fitgirls fitnessgirl

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Okay the sweet, woody aroma of these two is just NOM 🤤 but also together these two are a beautiful duo when it comes to anxiety. Yep, anxiety. Like the anxiety you hey when things are literally out of your control or things don’t work out (at ALL) the way you planned. 😣 OR the anxiety you experience when you think of the extremely crazy busy week you have ahead? Can I get a ‘holler’?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ ⁣ ⁣ Truth is, it happens! So do yourself a solid & be prepared for those moments that you do NOT have control over. ⁣ ⁣ These two I have been using for this anxiety but also for emotional support to restore & reconnect. Life is busy and sometimes we have to remind ourselves to stop. Stop & be present. Reconnect & restore you when it’s gotten buried with piles of laundry & crazy ‘to-do lists’. Shut it off & just be. 😌🙏🏼⁣ ⁣ 🌿 M A G N O L I A consists of 71% linnalool making it all things soothing & calming. Bringing the nerves from anxious feelings down & allowing you to find some tranquil.⁣ ⁣ 🌿 C O P A I B A has a high amount of beta-caryophyllenes. Like 2-3 times the amount then CBD. That said, it’s extremely beneficial for stress, worry and anxiety. ⁣ ⁣ I love to put a drop of Copaiba under my tongue and/or take a softgel. Then roll my Magnolia touch up & down my forearms and apply on my temples. It just makes everything melt! 😴 ⁣ ⁣ youressentialhealth doterraessentialoils naturalsolutions holistichealing poweredbyplants theresanoilforthat toxinfreeliving toxinfreehome healthylifestyle naturalremedies doterra doterrawellnessadvocate doterralifestyle gethealthy naturalmom livingnaturally cleanlivinganxiety doterramagnolia copaibaessentialoil

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Tip: Als het snel moet gaan maar ook overheerlijk moet zijn dan kan je zeker en vast eens deze maïssoep proberen🥥🌽. Wat heb je nodig voor 2 personen? 1 grote witte ui, 1 teentje look, 3 theelepels rode curry pasta, 330 ml kokosmelk, een snuifje zout, kurkuma, curry poeder en 2 grote blikken maïs. Voor de afwerking: 2 of 4 eitjes, chilivlokken en peterselie. Bak de ui, de look en de pasta aan in olijfolie. Voeg de maïs toe wanneer de ui glazig is en bak eventjes mee. Voeg de kokosmelk toe en laat eventjes koken. Mix de soep en voeg kruiden toe naar smaak (zout, kurkuma, curry poeder). Werk af met peterselie en een heerlijk halfzacht gekookt eitje. Opgepast voor mensen die kcal tellen of suikers proberen te vermijden. Maïs bevat namelijk heel erg veel suiker. Ik kwam dit recept tegen bij sjaakiekookt . Bedankt voor de inspiratie! Do you want to cook something fast but still delicious? Try this corn soup! What do you need? 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic, red currypaste, 330ml coconutmilk, some salt, turmeric and curry powder and ofcourse 2 big cans of corn. This dish contains lots of kilocalories and is high in sugars. It’s healthy but it can trigger your blood sugar level. Enjoy. fitfood healthyliving nutritious foodporn cleaneats cleaneating healthyfood health weightloss vegetarianfood getfittoday soup corn coconut belgianfoodblogger foodblogfeed foodblogger yummy yum healthyeating healthydinner healthyrecipes recipes diet bodylove gethealthy foodie

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Make sure you're working out SMART enough to get the results you want! 😉💪🏻 FREE Fun Fat Loss & Health + Fitness Lessons, Videos, Posts for You 🙂 Follow ANBL on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram! Links below: M: 99003909 W: E: anewbetterlifemalta FB: IG: TW: YouTube: anewbetterlife anewbetterlifemalta fatloss fatlossmalta stayfit gethealthy healthandwellness healthandfitness training personaltraining personaltrainer grouppersonaltraining personaltrainermalta grouppersonaltrainingmalta grouptrainingmalta gymmalta ohmymalta malta Naxxar weightloss weightlossmalta health fitness wellness fitnessgoals bodygoals FitnessMotivation FitnessJourney loseweightmalta eurosportmalta

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懒了几天,终于回来运动了。 Obviously my abs is fading away after cheating on my diet also my cardio routine 😭 but is okay, gonna get it back🤣 Lesson learned : you can love life and food, just don't addicted to it😋❤️ I had too much of boba milk tea in past few weeks and created too many reason to skip carfio🤥🤭 neverskipcardio lifenfitness ekocheras getfit gethealthy fitbody progress fitness fitgirl abs

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Make sure you're working out SMART enough to get the results you want! 😉💪🏻 FREE Fun Fat Loss & Health + Fitness Lessons, Videos, Posts for You 🙂 Follow ANBL on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram! Links below: M: 99003909 W: E: anewbetterlifemalta FB: IG: TW: YouTube: anewbetterlife anewbetterlifemalta fatloss fatlossmalta stayfit gethealthy healthandwellness healthandfitness training personaltraining personaltrainer grouppersonaltraining personaltrainermalta grouppersonaltrainingmalta grouptrainingmalta gymmalta ohmymalta malta Naxxar weightloss weightlossmalta health fitness wellness fitnessgoals bodygoals FitnessMotivation FitnessJourney loseweightmalta eurosportmalta

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Great weekend for Nanna’s 97th birthday! ❤️

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If the things you were doing before are not working for your alopecia long term, it’s time to try something new The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (Hello meds, creams, shampoos, cortisone shots) Change it up! The process, the food, the knowledge, who helps you and guides you and much more I offer free consultations! Book yours today and learn more how I can help you ! Get growing your best hair yet! It’s possible- check out the success stories on my website ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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1semana Dp volto à minha rotina, as minhas comidas,aos meus treinos Dp de 1semana maravilhosa, a comer coisas boas, em sítios maravilhosos, c pessoas incríveis e zero treinos, volto em força , energias renevodas e pronta pa começar💪🏽😍🤸🏻‍♀️🙏🏼bommmm diaaa🤩 healthylifestyle healthyfood healthygirl fitfam fitgirl fitspo foco foconadieta foodismypassion eatofit eatwell eathealthy gethealthy getstrong goodmorning grateful befit breakfast eusouwh womanshealthportugal exercise instafood vidativa clubfitness prozisportugal prozisfood realfoodoverprocessedfood

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It’s Monday ✨✨✨✨ Get Up and Create Something Amazing this week 💛💚🧡

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Dinner 🍽 Saffron Risotto with grilled petrale sole, cherry tomatoes, arugula, & ground pepper.

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Day 13 was a variation of the Day 2 breakfast : Mixed fruit and Oatmeal Smoothie (2servings) Ingredients: 1 cup oatmeal 3 cups organic coconut milk or soya milk (for women) and almond milk (for men) 1 cup frozen/fresh mixed fruits (strawberries, peaches, grapes, mango, kiwi) 1 bananas 2 tablespoons 100% date syrup or 4,5 dates. 2 tablespoons peanut/almond butter 2 tablespoons All Plant Protein Powder 1 teaspoon XS Muscle Multiplier 3 cm ginger slice Instructions: Add oatmeal to blender and blend until it becomes a fine powder. Add remaining ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth. Served delicious, sprinkled with your choice of seeds 😋 ramadan fasting mma health vegan positive strong iftar breakfast sehar recipe gethealthy strength workout health

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Experts continue to provide research that the air inside our homes can be more polluted that the outside air (especially during the colder months due to poor ventilation) ✨ Diffusing essential oils on a daily basis is a practical & enjoyable way to cleanse the air and make the home smell so nice 💛 . Add to it creating a relaxing & uplifting atmosphere + support our overall wellness ✨ winwin

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✨DAY 41✨ ຮອດໂມງເຂົ້າສວາຍແລ້ວ 😋 ໄຂ່ຕຸນເອິກໄກ່ເພີ່ມເຕົາຮູ້ໄຂ່ ແລະ ແຄລັອດ ອັດອົບມັນຝຣັ່ງຕື່ມອີກແໜ້ນກັບບາດ keepburning cleanfood getfit gethealthy eatgreen letkillmyfat challengemyself

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New read 📚 Lifestyle diets / diets in general are not easy to follow. They require a certain level of discipline & patience. When it’s not a “choice” - because of a disease or another reason you cannot control, it’s life or loss, it’s a lifestyle I have to accept & I’m willing to accept. •• When I was younger, pre-Celiac, I could barely follow diets & resist temptations. I loved 🥖 & carbs This disease is teaching me discipline & patience & mindfulness & compromise. I’m learning to see it as a blessing in disguise. ♥️🖤

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I like to spend some time on a Monday reflecting on the previous week and making plans for the coming week. Reflecting on last week certainly took some doing this morning. For those who don’t know my hubby had a heart attack on Thursday. Luckily, due to the quick actions of his work colleagues and the paramedics, he was in the hospital having a stent fitted within 30 minutes, saving his life and ensuring no damage to his heart. He’s not even 50 years old. It was a shock for sure but we are lucky he’s still with us, and we brought him home yesterday😁 I’ve said before, I love the fresh start Monday mornings can give you. There will certainly be some changes in our household over the next few weeks, Paul is determined he will NOT find himself in the scary position he found himself in last Thursday. I’m determined he won’t either. There is a spot in my group starting after half term with his name on. What really makes me happy is Dillon is joining him😁 It really is time for our whole family to get serious about our health. Not to look good, not to drop a dress size, but to try and have a healthy future. It’s not guaranteed but if we can do anything to make it more likely we’d be stupid not to right? Weight loss is wonderful, inch loss is wonderful, looking in the mirror and loving what you see is wonderful, but you know what’s more important? Having a future where you can live a full and happy life with the people you love. That’s the real reason to make that change. choices healthyliving gethealthy feelbetter makeachange starttoday

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YOU GOTTA TURN IT UP🏋🏾‍♀️On this Fitness Monday 🏋🏾‍♀️Turn Up that workout by challenging yourself. They doing this combination of Jump Squat Tap Downs and Crossover DB Tap Overs for a great total body workout designed to build muscle, burn calories and sweat that body. 🏋🏾‍♀️Definitely a great challenge set to jump-start your Monday and week - Let's Get It ❤Try doing 5 sets of this combination 🏋🏾‍♀️SPECIAL NOTE: 1. If you have knee issues, then just do Squat Down Taps instead of jumping - Make No Excuses. Happy Fitness Monday Challenge Up1 Ludafitness1 Workout Fitspo Cardio Fit Strong Gym MotivationMonday Exercise GetFit Gethealthy Muscle Goals Weightloss TrainHard ChallengeUp1 Fitmom HIIT FitnessAddict Crossfit Entrepreneur Corporate WorkoutMotivation Motivation Coach Instafitness BeStrongFit bodybuilding Ludafitness1 🍏Coaching opportunities with me will be available soon - CHALLENGE UP1 2019 TBA 🍏🏋🏾‍♀️👩🏿‍🍳

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CHICKPEA VEGGIE PATTIES 😍😍😍I was so happy these came out real good Posting the recipe tonight! 🤩🤤

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Calorie Fixes | Air Batu Campur vs Lai Chi Kang . 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Waktu tengahari panas atau ketika dehidrasi pasti kte teringin minum air sejuk kan? Air batu campur (ABC) atau lai chi kang kedua-duanya pasti menyelerakan 🥎Kalau anda nak jaga pengambilan kalori, saya sarankan anda pilih lai chi kang. Perbezaan dari segi kalori yang sangat ketara. Amalkan pengambilan makanan dan minuman kalori yang rendah untuk membantu anda menjaga berat badan. Ingat ya P/S: Informasi kalori ABC di atas tidak termasuk kalori topping ais krim . INTAKE WEIGHT LOSD MBOP JUN D BUKA WASSAP MIA . mbop gethealthy herbalifenutrition coachingdiet eatcleanmalaysia menu resepisihat mealplanning kurusonline kurusituawesome turunberat intermittentfasting atkins askmehow

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Touché 🥰

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Spartan Family! Thank you all for your orders this week. We hope you all have an amazing start to your week, we’re excited and proud to be apart of your journeys. Remember, if you missed Sunday’s orders we are taking orders for Wednesday. $10.00 off your entire purchase until June 1st 🔥 order online link in bio 👉🏽 spartanmeals ♠️Spartan Meals 🌵Arizona’s 1 for meal prep MendezFitness SpartanMeals SpartaElite Nutrition StayWoke ItStartsWithNutrition NotExercise NutritionSpecialist GetHealthy  HealthyLife HealthTalk MealPrep fitspo fitnessmotivation fitness fitsporation nutritionist proudsponsor fuelingachampion

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This pudding is one of the only things that keeps me sane on keto. weightlossjourney fitnessmotivation gethealthy ketosnacks 1 box of sugar free pudding 1 can of coconut milk + 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 2 tbsp chia seeds 2 tbsp protein powder or egg whites Blend with a hand mixer and refrigerate, in a few hours you have the most decadent, creamy, fudgy keto desserts you've ever tasted! I'm not gonna lie, I eat this every single day. Sometimes twice lol

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I'm so excited to start my beachbody program that was introduced to me by my cousin. There are meal plans I can follow just like my daily intake guide ,so I know what my body needs on top of my daily shakeo. Can't wait to see how this program going to help me to improve my lifestyle and transform my body into a stronger one. I have been taking bootcamp & cardio circuit training classes and it's been great so far, but I would like to give myself a try in this new program and see the results. For me is no longer just wanting to stay in shape, more importantly is to prep my body to have a healthy pregnancy next time.( yeah, I know this day will come ) I was told if too skinny , low chances to be able to do natural birth . And natural birth is exactly what I want🤗💕 so that being said, is time to start this new fitness journey😀 newfitnessjourney beachbodyprogram musclebuilding gainbodystrength bodydailyintake shakeology newlifestyle selfdiscipline boothcamp&cardiocircuittraining excitedtostartthisprogram fitness gym fitlife muscle workout training getfit gethealthy fitnessmotivation lovehealth

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Don’t be too hard on yourself if over the weekend you deviated from your plan. Today’s a new day, time to re focus and set goals for the week. What are your goals for the week? My goal is to stop mindlessly snacking, especially when I’m not hungry but just bored or when I’m sitting at the desk.

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And never give up - Don't forget to my and journey in and keep fit

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🍛 รีวิวเมนู ั่วกลิ้ง by Eโอเอง ใช้พริกแกงเผ็ดใต้ของตัวเองนี่แหละค่า🌶 prik_gaeng_e_o 😘💕 เมื่อวานลูกค้าส่งรีวิวมายั่ว วันนี้เลยจัดซะหน่อยค่า😂😋🌶 จานนี้หมู3ขีด+ผัดใส่พริกแกงเผ็ดใต้ 1ช้อนน้าคร้า สีสันก้อจาออกมาประมานนี้ค่า(โอชอบความแซ่บรัวๆๆๆจร้าาา) 😂😋🌶🌶🌶 พูดแล้วจาหาว่าคุย มันอร่อยมากกก แซ่บ **📸รูปไม่ได้แต่งแสงน้าคร้า ถ่ายแดดบ้าง ในร่มบ้าง** ปล.ใครชอบทานรสไหน ก้อปรุงรสตามชอบได้เลยจร้า ▪▪▪ ⚠️🌶 พริกแกงใต้ By ~พริกแกงEโอ~ อร่อยเหมือนโครกตำเองที่บ้านเล้ยย 👉 สายคลีน / สายไม่คลีน / ินเจ / ังสวิรัต / ีโตเจนิค / ิสลาม /สายรักสุขภาพ / สายลดน้ำหนัก ฯลฯ ทานได้หมดค่ะ! (อร่อยไม่รู้สึกผิด อร่อยแบบมีคุณภาพ) เพราะเราใช้สมุนไพรไทยล้วนๆ100% | ไขมัน0% | หอมเครื่องเทศมว๊ากกก ❌ไม่ใส่กะปิ ❌ไม่ใส่ผงชูรส ❌ไม่ใส่น้ำตาล ❌ไม่ใส่สารกันบูด ❌ไม่มีสารใดเจือปน ❌ไม่ผสมสีผสมอาหารเหมือนพริกแกงทั่วไป ⚠️ ใครทำกับข้าวไม่เป็นเชิญทางนี้ค่ะรีวิวเพียบ👉📸 พริกแกงEโอ ีวิวพริกแกงEโอ PrikGaengEO ReviewPrikGaengEO . ✔การันตี 👉 "แซ่บ"ตั้งแต่ครั้งแรกที่ชิม "อร่อย"ตั้งแต่ครั้งแรกที่ใช้ ❤😘🌶🍜🍛 . 😘 สูตรเด็ดเครื่องจัดเต็ม เผ็ดแซ่บ รับรองถึงความหอม เข้มข้นกว่าที่ขายตามตลาดทั่วไป ใส่นิดเดียวก้อเอาอยู่ จัดจ้านถึงเครื่องแน่นอนค่ะ 🚫คำเตือน!🚫 ลองเถอะค่ะแล้วจาติดใจเอง 🌶พริกแกงEโอ (พริกแกงปักษ์ใต้ที่แท้ทรู (สูตรนครศรีฯ)) . ↘รับผลิตพริกแกงเพื่อนำไปสร้างแบรนด์เอง/ อยากรับไปขาย สั่งได้เลยจ้า ↘ขายทั้ง(ปลีก)และ(ส่ง) . มีจำหน่าย 2 อย่างดังนี้ ✔ พริกแกงส้มใต้ ใช้ทำ 🍲แกงส้มต่างๆ 🍲ขนมจีนน้ำเงี๊ยว 🍲แกงเหลือง 🍲 น้ำพริกอ่อง ฯลฯ ✔ พริกแกงเผ็ดใต้ (เอาไปทำอาหารได้หลายเมนูมากๆ) เช่น👇 🍛คั่วกลิ้ง🍛แกงกะทิ 🍛ผัดพริกแกง 🍛ทอดมัน 🍛แกงเผ็ดหอยขม 🍛แกงป่า 🍛น้ำยาป่า 🍛น้ำยากะทิ 🍛น้ำยาปู 🍛แกงไตปลา 🍛แกงพริกกระดูกหมู 🍛ห่อหมก 🍛แกงฉู่ฉี่ปลาทู และอีกมากมาย ลองถามพี่กรูได้เลยค่า (Google)😂 💥รับ(ฟรี)บัตรสะสมแต้มได้แล้ววันนี้ ((เมื่อซื้อสะสมครบ 10กิโล + แถมฟรี 1กิโล)) แอท Line มาที่นี่โล้ด👇 . 📲Line ID : eozap (ใส่ ด้วยค่ะ) หรือ คลิกแอทไลน์ที่ลิ้งนี้ได้เลยค่ะ 👇ช่องทางติดต่อ ↘Tel : 061-330 6005 (โอ) ↘Inbox มาได้ทุกช่องทางเลยค่ะ . 🚗สถานที่นัดรับ(ฟรี)ได้ตามนี้ 📌สมุทรปราการ 📌เชียงใหม่ 📌นนทบุรี (*สอบถามพิกัดจุดนัดรับเพิ่มเติมได้ค่ะ)

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It’s Celiac Awareness Month😮🥳 I literally just found out and I’m super happy about it!👏 As some of you may know by now, I’m passionate about educating people on celiacdisease - it truly worries me how many people don’t know they are affected by it, and are shortening their life span by FOUR TIMES That stat is unforgettable to me. You could die before you experience all that your life has to offer, all because of the food you eat! It was a massive wake up call for me, and really drove home the fact I need to take care of myself and the people around me! Do yourself a favour and ask your doctor to run some tests! What do you have to lose? A couple hours and a few vials of blood?🤪 If you want to learn more about Celiac Disease, and the signs and symptoms, check out the linkinmybio 🤩 • • celiacdiseaseawarenessmonth autoimmunedisease glutenfreelife celiacawarenessmonth fitnessjourney fitmomlife nutritionfirst gethealthy fitnessfam fitnation holistichealth naturopathic eatclean glutenfreelifestyle