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QUER PRODUTO TOP?! É AQUI! CHEGOU O ASSAULT BLACK DA musclepharm no empóriociadanutrição 💪👊 . 👊Treinos intensos por mais tempo; 👊Rápida recuperação; 👊Mais energia e concentração; . Além de auxiliar a otimizar ao máximo o desempenho do seu treino, o assault fornece energia inigualável e é um dos suplementos mais estudados e cientificamente comprovados para ganhos de força, reduzindo a fadiga, favorecendo o ganho de massa muscular e prolongando treinamentos intensos🏋️‍♂️ . empóriociadanutrição centrohistoricopoa prétreino assaultfitness musclepharm ganhodeforça ganhodemassamuscular fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl fitnessaddict trainhard gettingfit gettingbigger muscleman suplementos suplementosbaratos

54 minutes ago

Today was my pride and joy graduation! It's one many milestone of his life may not be a high school graduation but today kinda remember me that he getting bigger each day I wanted him to stay small but can't Te amo mucho mi nino! I'm proud of you you can accomplish any thing u want my big boy graduation prideandjoy gettingbigger minino instagood

55 minutes ago

Time for my one-week check up at the vet. 14.2 lbs as of today!

1 hour ago

BIG SHOUTOUT TO MY NEPHEW BUBBAH Not only did he get 13 Awards, but also most outstanding student! I’m sitting here balling my eyes out because I missed his graduation from Kindergarten. Uncle loves you so much and damn proud of you. I’ll see you soon Bubbah nephew oneofmyprideandjoy oneoftwo gettingbigger missingmyboys

2 hours ago

Another proud pop moment with my little entertainer doing her dance thing at the city wide ballroom dance where she ended up the finalist for her school. My lil mama was stunning and I made sure she knew that. I tell her she can do and be whatever she wants and sets her mind to. She has been picking up on everything and applying it to life over the years. Dope bond I wouldnt change for the world Sanaya ballroomdancechamp fma cps 5thgrader mylilmama gettingbigger entertainment youthactress arts theatre dance proudpop mylildreamstar

4 hours ago

28 weeks today! 🤗❤👶🥰 Lux is showing off by being close to the front 😂 I did have to break down and take out two piercings so I'm sad, but I'm learning to accept the changes and stretch marks happening. It's an everyday adventure to love yourself through momma hood changes but I'm getting there😌 12 weeks to go! I cant wait to meet you Luxovious ❤👶😘 28weeks 12weekstogo bellypicture preggolife momofboys LuxoviousBjörn gettingbigger blessed humble selflove twopiercingsdown 13piercings nolonger15 snapchatfilter feelingpretty stretchmarksandall

5 hours ago

Since he was all done getting checked and adjusted and Mom and baby brother were getting checked, he decided to do this puzzle TWICE! 🙂 Might have a puzzle pro on our hands! Get your family checked! 563-556-6921 JustGetCHECKED familyfirstchiro chirokids healthykids gettingbigger growingupsofast play ffcwc puzzle welladjustedbabies optimalfunction lovewhatwedo subluxationfree sitting toys play funny family healthier healthyfamiliesarehappyfamilies vitality sweetboy batman batmanandrobin playtime batmanandrobinpuzzle kidszone

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After 4 sets of theses my shoulders were burning but it was a good burn. That burn that let's you know that you have done something here today 😁. Steering Wheel Front Raises as an exercise works your: 1️⃣ Shoulders 2️⃣ Chest 3️⃣ Ribs CantStopWontStop Gainsville 🎧 acehood blackfitness ebonyfitness ebonymen blackguidefitness fitnessaddict gymaddict mannydoesgym AfroFitness lookgoodnaked melanin melaninfitness fitfortheculture muscles musclebuilding gains shoulders bouldershoulders bodygoals puregym fitnessjourney summerbody gettingbigger.

10 hours ago

Happy 5th birthday to my amazing little boy! He's such a gorgeous and clever little human, I love him so so much 🥰 Born so early, but growing and discovering life with his eyes wide open, so much curiosity and great imagination. We were lucky enough to be able to welcome a great birthday present and new addition to our family: this beautiful four legged friend, a labrador x staffy 😊 We decide to get to know this baby before naming him but he's already part of our family Life happens only once, so do yourself a favour and live your dreams ;) There's nothing to lose lifematters birthdayboy newfriend puppy labradorcross gettingbigger timeflies mama newbaby sleepdeprived 😆 lifeisgood weonlyliveonce livingtothefullest liveyourdreams nevertoolate

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I always say there are two paths to your end goal. Walk them together and you'll get there quicker. Take one and eventually you will take the other. One path is exercise. Exercise in any shape or form will stimulate the muscles and always aim to get better and better at what you do. The other path is food. Take in what your body needs and you will achieve the weight you desire. Take in a little more if you're walking the other path too as you will need more resources for recovery and improvements. I've been walking both paths but occasionally straying off in a different direction. But for the next few months I will be staying on the paths. Never been serious about adding mass but at 43 years , I might be going through a mid life crisis 😂 Current stats Weight 160 pounds Caliper 10 Goals by end August (Holiday spoiler in August 😝) Weight 168 Caliper less than 7 Follow for progress. Support appreciated. Just follow and like And why not join me?? Tag goals progress food gettingbigger midlifecrisis underconstruction weightgain fatloss

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Weighed in at 190 today! Heaviest I've ever been! Feeling good, and seeing my progress just continues to motivate me to keep going! Keep growing out of more and more clothes, which to me is a great indicator of how I'm doing! Eating and diet is just as important as slamming the weights hard When people tell me that 220 is a crazy goal, I used to think that was unreachable But 1 year ago I was only 154lbs, so although it's hard work, my desire is stronger than ever Up 36lbs and feeling AWESOME! Gotta keep chasing the GAINS! mensfitness menshealth gainz gains gainz💪 muscletransformation musclegrowth musclemotivation gymspiration beefcake beef getbig gettingthick gettingbigger getbigordietrying massgain bulk alpha jock instafit instagay bulklife weightgain shirtsgettingtight