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21 minutes ago

Back attack baby I love starting back days with rack pulls for me it lets me feel all the muscles in my back working together. I like to feel the mind muscle connection right from the get go especially on back day so that when it’s time for the smaller more focused movements I can dial in on those specific areas even more😈😈😈 bodybuilding mensphysique classicphysique cliffordlenox striations gettingbigger backattack backday strength traininsaneorremainthesame vanscult gymrat gohard mindmuscleconnection growth grind

5 hours ago

Here is my “NSV” (non scale victoryditch the constant scale check-ins guys, for reals!). So I’ve always been an XS or 00, then last summer I upgraded to a 0. And now it is heating up, and officially AZ shorts season, and ALL of mine from last year were too small 😄 . So I did some shopping to upgrade my wardrobe, and I’m officially a size 2, woo And these shorts right here, are a size MEDIUM It for reals has been my dream, since I was , to be a medium (there’s always the most/best options for M! 😂🙌🏻). My hips, thighs, and booty, have all gained significant size since last year, and I couldn’t be more excited I finally feel like my legs have definition on their own, without flexing, and I love it This did NOT happen over night. This has been a long journey of eating right, tracking my correct macros, and putting in work at the gym. I have had my fair share of set backs, but I kept pushingand it’s happening 🙌🏻 . What are your recent NSVs !? nsv nonscalevictory barbellsandponytails squatbooty thighs leggains gettingbigger buildingmuscle momswithmuscle strengthtraining bodyprogress fitnessfreak💪 progress bodyprogress transformation iifymwomen trackyourmacros liftweights personaltrainer militarymuscle militaryspouse springtime🌸 gaintrain fitandinked momswithtattoos

6 hours ago

Leg and Shoulders • deads : warmup set 10 reps 3 sets of 6-8 heavy reps • seated shoulder press : warmup set 10 reps 3 sets of 10-12 heavy reps • barbell hip thrusts : 3 sets 10reps superset alt bodyweight hip thrust • leaning side raises : 4 sets 10 reps each arm • seated leg extensions : 4 sets 6-10 heavy reps superset alt leg extension 4 sets of 10-12 light reps • (didn't video) leg curls : 4 sets 6-10 heavy reps superset alt leg curl 4 sets 10-12 light reps • hoist lat pull downs : 4 sets 10 heavy reps yearofgains gymmotivation 500lbclub momof2 gettingbigger gaintrain allhoursfitness momswholift buffbunnycollection buffbunny hoist cuttingseason

7 hours ago

Flexed vs relaxed Update pic Summer is getting near but im still bulking (leanbulking) It means i have a ton of fat on my belly just to see my abs i have to flex em 😁 Personally i think abs are overrated What do you think? peoplefitnessclub fitness gym fit men gettingbigger modelingagency model fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel boy youth longhair hairmodelsneeded hairmodel hairmodel gymislife chestday bodybuildingmotivation likeforfollow goodmorning goodday bestoftheday today bodybuilder photography lights

15 hours ago

Massive happy 3rd birthday to my gorgeous niece/god daughter. Can’t wait to see you later with presents gettingbigger timeflys niece 🎁🎊🎈🎂

19 hours ago

Death by volume ☠️ gym murky af too so get to sweat pretty good I guess 🤷‍♂️ lol 4x7 w/ 305lbs (77.5% max). Shits brutal but did it and followed up with 4x7 RDL w/ 315lbs. Legs pretty friend 😅 PH3 W3 Day3 complete 🙌 Some iron maiden can I play with madness seemed appropriate 🤪 ph3 powerliftingmotivation powerliftingmeme powerlifter powerlifting powerbuilding musclebuilding squats squat squatspo uspa legday legworkout ironaddict irontherapy depthbeforedishonor squat2depth apemanstrong strongfitliving strengthtraining strengthcoach gettingbigger

19 hours ago

Alright We have officially made it to 36 weeks. I know I’m a couple days late but that’s life right? So Ben and I thought it would be fun for everyone to play along and guess when our sweet little girl is going to make her debut. She could come at anytime now so honestly we will just have to see but I want to see what everyone thinks. Ben and I have already banked on her coming March 28th. What do you guys feel?! 36weekspregnant finalcountdown secondpregnancy cantwaittomeether lettheoddsbeeverinyourfavor gettingbigger comingsoon‼️

21 hours ago

Hanging out being a couple of cuties lettiandhugo

23 hours ago

Little before and after physique update Gone through one whole bulk/shred cycle I’m never excessive on my cuts— there’s no point in shredding to 5% body fat or less if you aren’t intending on competing in a show soon, so I like to shred down enough to feel good about my body but not too much to where I feel too crappy to workout. Here you can see the first pic i was relatively muscular (only because of my body type) and I was weighing roughly 174 pounds. I bulked up to 187 and cut down to 178 (which is where I am at now). There is roughly a 3 month difference between the 2. I threw in a few extra pics just for a keepsake. Keep following because the results speak for themselves