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This is now one of my favorite shirts I own! I love that it can be used for dressing up, or even dressing down, looks great with jeans, leggings and shorts. The fabric is SUPER SOFT! It is a lose fitting shirt, which I love, makes it so comfortable The sizing is perfect, and the colors are vibrant and beautiful. Perfect for summer and would really pop a nice tan! fashion love style instagood follow liketime photooftheday beautiful cute photography happy pictureoftheday model me girl thick followme beauty fun instadaily summer fashionblogger smile selfie ringlight loveyourself tan summertime summeroutfit

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🔰package เดือนเมษายน 🔰อาทิตย์หรรษา🔥 🔰เปิดเมมเพียง 999 บาท 🔰ฟรีมิก 🔰ฟรีห้อง /1 ครั้ง 🔰RED /1ขวด 📌จองห้อง,สอบถามรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมได้ที่👇 📌booking for more information contact number ☎📲📞 🍃 Tel : ‭095-557-7765‬ 💃 Mai 🍃 Tel : ‭090-419-9451‬ 💃Mama' Noona 🍃 Tel : ‭062-740-1209‬ 💃Mama' Kob 🍃 Tel : ‭086-517-8622‬ 💃Mama' Nui 🍃 Tel : ‭095-448-2699‬ 💃Mama'Ya 🍃 Tel : 095-913-0731 💃Mama’ Preaw 🍃 Tel : 095-362-4636💃 Mama’Pat 🍃 ID LINE : Fuzzy65 👇 🍃 Facebook : Fuzzy Karaoke 👇 🍃 Instagram : fuzzykaraoke 👇 Instagram : ‭‬ 📌🚗🛣 Location Click👇 ‭‬ fuzzy bar fuzzykaraoke karaokenight karaoke beautiful lovely townintown Party lady girl Promotion drinking Sexy คาราโอเกะ เเอบมองเธออยู่นะจ๊ะ ู้ไหมว่าเธอน่ารักตอนเมา

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[Day 3] The worst day so far. Thought I'm not gonna cry in the morning, but I did. I even broke my promises not to bother you anymore. It turned out harder than what I expected. I forced you to say you miss me and I'm sorry for that. It's really nice when you said it, even tho I don't know whether that's sincere or not. I've never known what's on your head anyway. agirlonacouch storytelling beindependent myjourney withoutyou stories girl couch storytellingphotography

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Как вам такое? Моя слабая черта характера. Пожалуй, это - доверчивость, да, я доверяю людям. Я могу выслушать любую фантастическую историю и поверить, или сделать вид что поверил. В любом случае, каждый новый человек имеет у меня 100% кредит доверия. Этим можно воспользоваться, но не советую. А в стальном я - идеален.

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👁👄👁 (peep Dyl in the back lol)

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Il mondo è pieno di hater e già lo sai, sorridi in foto così li confonferai.

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Prohibenos algo y eso será lo que mas deseamos😏😍

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Oh Vietnam 🇻🇳 your colors are so beautiful ❤️ vacation ✈️ vietnam 🇻🇳

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Te haz encargado qué cada día sea más feliz que el anterior, que cada día qué pasa sea más y más inolvidable. Gracias por todos los días enséñarme lo que es el amor❤️

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Bunny 🐰

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between chaos

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Neon makeup inspo 💛🌙

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Neon makeup inspo 💛🌙

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Life is so beautiful 😍 & I’m happy to be here.

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