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7 hours ago

I can’t love no hoe but I love my bitch 🥴

15 hours ago

Know where you belong. 🌊🌴☀️ ~ Exaclty one year ago, today, I was starting the best adventure of my life. The adventure started in Australia and ended with a few months of solo traveling through all the countries I always wanted to visit: Fiji, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. During this adventure I discovered many places, many cultures and many surf spots, but specially I discovered myself, I discovered who I am and where I belong. I really encourage everyone to take some months off and travel alone. Step out of your comfortable zone and learn to be with yourself, learn to love and enjoy your own company! ~

15 hours ago

Tried hand plants(?) yesterday. Really excited to continue practicing these. Also, these s1pads are amazing it’s like falling on marshmallows.

19 hours ago

The battle to learn goes on at age 44/12. 😀👍 This time we are visiting the Skate 2019 exhibition as it has landed in Karlstad. Thanks to everyone involved for making it happen! ❤️ Leyah had sprained a finger and took it easy on the board. ❤️ Check out our father daughter skate channel on Youtube if you want to follow our skate journey. Link in bio or just search for "FD skate". 😉👍 skate_2019 karlstadskateboardklubb skate2019karlstad skate fdskate skateeveryday skateboardingisfun skateboarding skater skateordie skatergirl skateprogress sheshreds girlsskate skatelikeagirl skateboard kickflip heelflip frontshuv nollie

21 hours ago

A selection of clips down the Munno two stair from a YEAR AGO. Who wants another edit like this when my ankle is better? 🙌🏼

1 day ago

Ok ok, a goal to myself: get an Ollie down by the end of the month without holding onto anything. In fact, holding on is what’s fucking me up because I can’t keep balance when I’m leaning forward, but I also use the lid of the hot tub to try ‘popping more’ by pushing down on it when I pop up I might buy some of those ‘skate trainers’ to help me get over the fear of the board disappearing under me.

1 day ago

今日いよいよSLS参戦に向けて渡米✈️ 世界のトップスケーター達が各地から集結するこの大会。 その舞台に上がれるだけでも快挙とされる大会に参戦するソラ。 ソラにしか出来ないベストな滑りが出来るようにみんなで応援してるよ📣✨ みなさん応援よろしくお願い致します🙇‍♂️ ソラ〜😊 楽しんでねぇ〜🎶

1 day ago

Get the look with Expressionprojectx ⁠and Essence Bottles.⁠ -⁠ Check out our website in our bio then check our theirs 😁⁠ -⁠ EssenceBottles⁠ -⁠ girlsskate girlsskateboarding girlsskatenight skate streetwear huns hun brand streetstyle streetgirls streetgirlstyle streetweargirlsurbanrenewalsustainablecitiescityofbathbestunitedkingdomilovebrumprettycitybirminghamukwandertheworldigersenglandcityvibesig_englandcitygramprettylittlelondon

1 day ago

My ankle still hurts but I’m spending my time doing things like playing Minecraft and making flower crowns. 🌸 Thanks for the picture dylanhunter 💗

2 days ago

Skateboarding tween queen. Had to get some board shots with our photoshoot. Shout out to freedom_skate_shop who always goes above and beyond when setting up my family with boards and equipment.

2 days ago

I managed to skate for abt 15 mins today b4 almost dying of heat exhaustion on the side of the river, do not recommend skating hills in 100+ degree weather (I do recommend always wearing safety gear tho!)

2 days ago

Went to Phoenix this weekend and had to bring the board. Then while waiting for my Uber I ate shit outside of the airport💀🛹😂

2 days ago

Well I figured none of the videos have a picture of me in so thought I’d do a quick little intro! My names Scarlett, I’m 24, and I first bought a Plan B skateboard at 11, inspired by Ryan Sheckler, but never rode it as it was too embarrassed to ask a group of guys how to put the grip tape on or what trucks to buy etc and always regretted letting that get to me! So I picked up a board a few months ago and here I am failing miserably but persisting regardless 💁🏼🏳️‍🌈🛹. Need more friends to skate with too so hmu if you live within an hour of Ipswich!

2 days ago

Loving these warm winter mornings with my main man🌞🌞🙌🏼

3 days ago

Lincoln cityyy🤩💫

3 days ago

PART 2 of girlsrule_project- 40 local participants and international guests from South America, all over Europe as well as the US were given a slightly different Munich sightseeing tour, visiting not only the touristic hotspots but also skate spots within the city • The following weekend was all about Munichmash and the RedBullRollerCoaster. ride_further_tour had already organized a Girls Only Session on the track the previous year with an added highlight in 2019 as 3 of the participants of the girlsrule_project Project, Catherine Marquis from Stuttgart (GER), BlueTomato and Nikita team rider alisafessl (AUT) and alanasmithskate (USA) were given the opportunity to also take part in the PRO contest where Alana secured the win. Sunday then saw the Girls Only Session and despite the heat wave the girls enjoyed their own time on the Roller Coaster, followed by a brunch and a dip in the lake. • All female visitors of the MASH Fest were also given the opportunity to take part in our G.W.R., in partnership with bluetomato, led by alisafessl, to check out the new BeautyInChaos collection or to bid for one of the specially designed skateboard decks of the participants to support b4bc. ForGirlsWhoRide

5 days ago

Buen día mortales! 🖤 Quería contarles que estamos probando, trabajando y dedicándole mucho amor a cosas nuevas. Se viene "Toda" nuestro primer video de baile en patines. Un experimento hermoso que nació en soulsister.patinaje buscando trabajar nuestro autoestima, nuestra expresión y de pecho a lo nuevo. Pueden ir a seguirnos por allá y esperar con nosotras, nuestro vídeo. A cargo de la parte audiovisual 📷 dream_on_fotografia squats skategirlstyle skategirls skategram skategirlsclip girlsskate patinadorapop patinadoraslindas patinadoraartistica patinadorafavorita patinajeartístico patinajecallejero patinajefreestyle patinajeartísticosobreruedas