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Tdot o dot one of a kind - TORONTO ❤️. THURSDAY To join FitBody Fusion submit an athlete or transformation application on 🌎 and mention JOURDANNE 🙌🏽. Questions? 📫info ———————————————————————— inspiration curls curlyhair evogen athlete fitbodyfusion FBF ifbb ifbbpro ifbbbikinipro bodybuilding naturalathlete naturalbodybuilding girlswholift girlswithabs igfitness fitness fitnessmotivation fitgirl fitsporation selfie inspo fitspo inspiration

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Trying this again so I'm not headless 🤦‍♀️ Day 2. EVERYTHING FELT HEAVY. Even though it wasn't supposed to be 🤷‍♀️ Snatch 5 x 2 75lb Snatch pull 3 x 3 95lb Front squat 3 x 3 115lb Back extensions 3 x 10 GHD sit ups 3 x 10 fitness xxfitness olympiclifting momentumcrossfit715 girlswholift

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Please excuse the gratuitous pic today! I got my LIIFT4 WEEK 6 Day 1 done right before this. 🚌 I’m straight up on the struggle bus and I needed to remind myself why I’m doing this thing. 🏋️‍♀️What thing? All of it. All the stuff that’s hard like getting up earlier than I wanna, working out when it’s HARD AS SHIT like it was this morning, and putting myself out there for you all to see all my faults EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 👉🏻Oh, and leadership. Dude. It’s hard. You’re not the “big ass on campus” as much as you’re the one who plots, plans, encourages, praises and generally gets stuff done. This applies to self leadership too. What have you done lately that was hard but your persevered? struggle victory personaldevelopment change makeithappen liift4 stickwithit gains girlswholift

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Superar é acreditar no seu querer e no seu poder. Não fique focado em suas fraquezas ou defeitos, pense nas forças e oportunidades que tem e saiba usá-las da melhor maneira possível. O seu pior adversário é você mesmo.Por isso, quando a vida desafiar você, não baixe a cabeça, não desista. Olhe para dentro de si e busque forças para lutar e superar! Não há nada melhor do que sentir que se é capaz de ultrapassar os seus próprios limites, e se sentir um vencedor, mesmo que a vida lhe dê poucas armas para enfrentar as batalhas. Hoje deu PR do Complex (1 clean + 1 Hang squat + 1 front squat) 51 kg👉🏻53kg👉🏻55kg. morrimaspassobem crossfit crossfitgilrs crossfitlovers enjoythejourney bestrong wod crossfitter girlspower strongirl girlswholift coachDiasThor CoachKilsonJr CoachLuanaMarinho b13streetcross b13team wod workout PR NewPr instagood picoftheday photooftheday

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I haven’t posted a progress picture to my page in a while so I figured it was time! Here’s a little throwbackthursday weight loss edition for you - officially 101lbs lost Hard to believe I’ve come this far but I’m happy I have stuck with it! Special shout out to rpstrength for helping me get these last 41lbs off. Getting to the end of cut 2 (46days left!) and hoping to hit goal 💪🏻🙌🏻. weightlosstransformation weightloss weightlossjourney fitness fitnessgirl fitnessjourney girlswholift rpdiet rpstrength renaissanceperiodization 101lbs keepgrinding excercise healthylifestyle healthyliving healthyeating weightlifting nofilter

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Thank you for chasing waterfalls with me, chibiusapinksugar. Remembering this moment in time. Centering ourselves in the midst of the chaos. I cherish each moment, each adventure, each hardship, each triumph that we share. Thank you for being the magical, wonderful being that you are.

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Yesterday 🥳🤤

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We willen alles 💪🏻🤑. Maar willen er vaak weinig tot niks voor doen. Helaas gaat die vlieger niet op, voor niemand niet. Hard werken lichamelijk en zakelijk gezien is nodig voor een groei 🙌🏻. Alleen als je het ECHT wilt voor jezelf zal het voelen als iets wat bij je past. Mensen coachen en begeleiden in voeding en sport is helemaal mijn ding. En voelt voor mij alsof ik geen dag meer hoef te werken 🌟👌🏻. Ik zit op mijn plek en dit is mijn passie ❤️

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just arrived and the hair already is a salty mess🧜🏽‍♀️ i've had only fruit and ice cream and i've done literally nothing except lie in the sun, not to confuse you with the gym outfit☀️ gonna go find the local gym tomorrow to see if they charge my soul for a month's pass🤩

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Billy was devastated when he was cut from his favorite team. He’s played ball as long as he could remember. It meant everything to him. Then Billy heard there were tryouts that just opened up for a different, better, harder team on a different league. He didn’t think he could make the cut at first. But realized what did he have to lose. So he gave it a shot. He makes the new team! He’s besides himself He’s overwhelmed with joy. If he hadn’t been cut from the other team where he felt comfortable he would of never thought of trying out for the better team. He would of been happy to stay in his comfort zone and play ball where he felt the most comfortable. But because he had an obstacle in his way he found a better team. A harder team. A team that was going to help him even get better. It became his solution. His obstacle became the way letsgetlean 2019goals healthymom health confidence healthy fit girlswholift fitmas healthybodyandmind healthyhabits healthyhabits4life fitmoms selflove selfcare mybiggerlife heartwork healthychoices needtoloseweight helpingothershelpthemselves healthylifestyle toughgetgoing healthygoals healthcanbesimple healthyhabits onehealthyhabitatatime itsnevertoolatetobehealthy itsnevertoolatetobehappy happyhealthyandwell

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💪🏼 arms today ❗️yes I’m tired 💤 I’m not stopping people don’t understand what it takes to compete • they judge my look cause I’m smaller now yes but they don’t understand what I do day in and day out to achieve the look I need to achieve • so don’t judge a book 📚 by its cover 💥 TEAM: seeyoulaterleaner 💚 npc npcbikini fitness fitpost bikiniprep fitnessmotivation eatclean iifym fitnessinspiration gym girlswholift ifbb roadtopro personaltrainer bodybuilding fitfam instafit igfit igfitness igfitfam fitspo anytimefitness anytimefitnessrockville onlineprograms littlebitfit 🧿

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Hay cielos que no se comparan 🙈🦋

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🏋🏻‍♀️ 🐾 morning workouttrying to win my competition 💪🏻 🤓

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Working out during pregnancy? - - - Due to popular demand (and cos some clients shared their good news with me the past few weeks) - - - If you're healthy, the risks of moderate-intensity activity during pregnancy are very low, and do not increase risk of low birth weight, pre-term delivery, or early pregnancy loss. Before you continue your old exercise routine or begin a new one, you should talk to your doctor about exercising while you're pregnant. - - - workoutduringpregnancy eatcleantrainmean personaltraining eatcleantraindirty personaltrainer training fitnessgoals fitfam pregnancyandfitness girlswithmuscles gym girlswholift gymlife fatloss fitness healthydiet fitnesscoach bodyimprovement pregnant instafitness bodybuildingmotivation gymmotivation fitnessmotivation weightlossjourney weightloss weightlossmotivation healthylifestyle

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_𝐣_𝐳𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐚 𝐢𝐬 𝐠𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐚𝐬𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐦𝐚 🐻 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ warhorsebarbell strongerthanall philadelphia fishtown_philly fishtown fittertogether northernliberties nolibs philly philadelphia phillyfitness fitnessmotivation fitness strength performbetter squats girlswholift powerlifting usapl bodybuilding coreworkout trainhard strengthandconditioning strength fittertogether

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The human body is the best work of art 💪🏻

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Another birthday in the books! 🥳💕 . Thankful for all the sweet messages and comments from everyone But most thankful for friends that have turned into family! 💕 Happy, Happy, Happy! 🥰

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Как бы ни была серьёзна жизнь, самый нужный человек - это тот, с которым можно подурачиться 🍦🍦🍦 С моей alina_solod_89 😘 travel traveling instatravel photooftheday travelinglady letsgoeverywhere backpacker backpackers travelgirl traveladdict girlswhotravel darlingescapes lovetotravel thetravelwomen ladiesgoneglobal sheisnotlost globelletravels girlslovetravel bucketlist jetsetter dreamcatcher fitfam fitgirl bodybuilding girlswithmuscle girlswholift fitnesslifestyle healthyх

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HAPPY THURSDAY! Back on the insta grind and it feels sooo good! 😁😁💪🏻&&🔥ITS AB DAY🔥 MY FAVEEE😍 Check my story for some killer exercises 😉 Today I want to just talk about how we are constantly forced to question the place that we are at in our lives!?! Because society has these “unwritten rules” on where you should or should not be during certain ages in your life WE ARE ALL MOVING AT OUR OWN PACE🙌🏻 And we’re all doing & experiencing different things How could you even COMPARE yourself to me when our circumstances are SO DIFFERENT!??? YOU CANT You. Can’t. Compare. Apples. And. Oranges. They taste different, look different, feel different and MOST IMPORTANTLY: You NEVER KNOW what’s on the inside until you bite into them You just CANT. And that IS OKAY. Be who YOU are, what YOU need to be, FOR YOURSELF at the RIGHT TIME💗 I’m 24 and I constantly hear how I’m “so ” for this, or “too old” for that. LAST TIME I CHECKED I am the ONLY person who gets to determine if I AM too old or , OR IF IM READY OR NOT! So A REMINDER: Age doesn’t define you! the fact that you still live at home IS OKAY, the fact that you’re not married yet IS OKAY, the fact that that you don’t have a IS DEFINITELY OK, or a fancy new car or the latest iPhone. ITS ALLLL OKAY. YOUR TIME IS COMING! Life has very funny timing, irony is a funny thing. Doors close, & new ones open. Sit tight, and stop looking for other people to compare yourself too, because YOU. Yes YOU. WHO YOU ARE, & WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW IS JUST FINE😍💗 Stay on your path and keep crushing it 💪🏻♥️

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Me trying to pretend this 25 minute workout didn’t just kick my butt! 😂💀 My training isn’t regimented lately. I wake up and do what I feel like doing and have time for. Sometimes that’s heavy legs, sometimes it’s hiit cardio, and sometimes it’s yoga and light stretching. I don’t have any physique goals that I’m dying to implement. I’m just trying to enjoy life and be fit.😊💪

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BACK &&& SHOULDAS🔥🔥 Some muuuuch needed gym time with my dude last night! 🤘🏻 We all have those days (or even weeks) where we can't/won't step into the gym for whatever reason. Mine happened to be my ANXIETY. YUP! Dealing with anxiety on a day to day basis is never ending battle If you struggle with your mental health, you know exactly what I am talking about. There are many psychological benefits from exercising, that help alleviate many of your symptoms! Your physical and mental health are so important. So get up, and get yourself back. You're worth it. Also, having that amazing support system behind you, makes it that much better!🙌🏻🙌🏻 • • • • • • • • • • • health happiness keepgoing fitness motivation fitlife healthylifestyle strength fitgirl lifestyle gymlife fitfam positivity tattooedgirls vegainz personaltrainer fitfam instafit inked fitcouple insta plantbased girlswholift workhard tattooed gains feelgood

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