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Поучаствовали в wrongcarsowners митинге, где представили свои бренды dickies и etniesskateboarding живущие бок о бок с участниками мероприятия) Огромное спасибо организаторам и лично zotsk8 и bora.mk4 за доверие!) 🔥👌🏻🚗🔥👌🏻🚗🔥👌🏻🚗🔥👌🏻🚗 Каждый день с 11:00-20:00 без перерывов и выходных! Улица Белинского 38, ост. Студёная +7(831) 421-64-38 skvotNino skvotboardshop сквот

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오랜만에 친구들이랑 이태원 나들이😆 이태원 잘 몰라서 아무데나 들어왔는데 분위기 핵좋음😏 나란 놈 소주만 마시다 이런곳와서 티 좀 내보려고 사진 겁나 찍은건 안비밀🤫 주말에 여기서 자주 파티도 해서 핫하다던데 빵딩이 흔들러 또 와야징🕺 very nice mood bar at itaewon. There are often parties and festivals on weekends.🔥 let's go together yay~😎 itaewon 이태원 이태원바 iteawonbar 글로브라운지 Globe 이태원글로브 이태원펍 itaewonpub 글로브 이태원라운지 이태원술집 이태원데이트 이태원분위기좋은바

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平和堂スポーツ姫路店です。 グラブ投稿。 ミズノグローバルエリート硬式用のインフィニティを購入頂き型付けをさせていただきました。 こちらのグラブはグローバルエリートの人気商品のインフィニティになります。 普通のグローバルと大きく違うのはラベルがシリコンタイプではなく刺繍タイプになります。 ミズノプロの糸色は金色ですがグローバルの糸はシャンパンゴールドになります。 やっぱり刺繍ラベルはカッコいい👀 そして革質も最後にいい(╹◡╹) 高校生に特に人気ですね❤️ このモデル今めっちゃ出てますよー(^^) 型付けは横型の投手用の型にさせていただきました。 親指→人差し指の開閉イメージで捕るより投げやすいを意識した型付けをさせて頂きました(^ ^) インフィニティのグラブが人気なのがわかる😏 とりあえずかっこいい❤️ ミズノ mizuno グローバルエリート インフィニティ 高校野球 硬式 かっこいい 投手用 平和堂スポーツ 兵庫 姫路 みゆき通り hyogo himeji グローブ グラブ 글러브 野球 globe glove baseball 야구 型付け オイル加工 野球好きと繋がりたい 高校野球 sport

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20年前のカラオケのカセットテープを復元シリーズ!(^o^) からの~グローブシリーズ! 男性のパートになったとたんに自信無さそうに歌い始める(笑) globe グローブ フェイスプレイセス facesplaces 歌ってみた じゃなくて歌っていた 歌へた 歌うことが好き 歌好きな人と繋がりたい カラオケ好きと繋がりたい カラオケ好きな人と繋がりたい イヤホン推奨 カラオケ カラオケ動画 動画 動画編集

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9/9. Red-hot alert Mona Hatoum. Hot Spot III, 2009. Stainless steel and neon tube . The questions we ask today are instrumental in shaping tomorrow’s world. The exhibition "Tomorrow is the Question" focuses on our common future. ARoS’ first temporary exhibition in 2019 shows how it is possible, using art as a facilitator, to highlight the biggest and most complex issues facing our time. The exhibition takes as its point of departure the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and invites the audience to reflect on the world of tomorrow. (Source: website of the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum) . sdg climatechange monahatoum saveourplanet globalwarming globe tomorrowisthequestion arosart aarhus art exhibition neon modernart   aarhusstreets igersaarhus artmuseum peopleatthemuseum denmark igersDK thecuriouscameraclub street_avengers urbanstreetphotography   mitAarhus  streets_storytelling streetsincolor streetsineurope   igersaustriaontour igersviennaontour femalephotographersvienna womeninstreet

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Question:❓ How is it possible that earth from moon was way much smaller in 1969 pictures than in 2015 pictures from Discovery Missions? Shouldn’t it have been same size? Is one of the pictures wrong or is maybe all wrong regarding spacetravel and moonlandings? 🤔 spaceshuttlediscovery discoveryspaceshuttle discovery apollo11 apollo8 moon moonlight moon_of_the_day moonlandinghoax moonlanding moonrise moonphotography earthphotography earthfromspace spacex spacephotography spacetravel mond mondlandung globe globeearth earthisround earthisflat researchflatearth flatearth science sciencefiction criticalthinking physics astrophysics

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Have you ever wondered how monks become "Monks" ? Did you know there are schools for that ? I didn't ! 😅 I was so surprised to see all the monks with books in their hands walking around as if they were getting ready for some sort of exam ! I followed them around without disturbing them and discovered a lot of new things like where they stay , eat and watch TV and especially a little classroom . I was so amazed and I thought it's worth a share . It's literally right next to the famous WAT ARUN ( The Temple of Dawn ) but due to bad weather and traffic I couldn't get there on time . But accidentally I discovered this new temple not far away . Seeing some monks just hanging around caught my attention and I decided to walk inside . There was only a parking fee of 30 Baht . Walk straight from WAT Arun and look for a small soi under the bridge and go experience this yourself . 🙏🇹🇭 travel lowcosttravel budgettravel instatravel travelvlog chantaburi nature sky morning history buddism adventure traveller globe thailand amazingthailand unseenthailand instagood instalike youtuber beautiful landscape travelphotography vlogger bangkok thailand unseenthailand zen monks amazingthailand

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Quinta da Regaleira é um palácio do século XIX. Hoje aberto para visitações na cidade de Sintra em Portugal. Foto de ©A Barca Charm House DestinosAbandonados

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畑の花🌼で 床の間をかざってみた 随分、華やかになりました💞 百日草も千日紅も その名前の由来の通り 長く秋まで咲き続けます👍 今、畑では、 エンジン全開で咲いてます🌼 雑草も全開ではえてます😂 百日草 zinnia 千日紅 globe amaranth

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Polignano a Mare tem hoje cerca de 18 mil habitantes. O núcleo de seu centro histórico fica numa plataforma sustentada por rochedos e rodeada pelas águas muito azuis do Adriático. Essa minipenínsula é a parte mais interessante de Polignano a Mare. Descubra a Europa, descubra novos lugares. Foto de Evkasaj DescubraEuropa

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Need a hand here ♧

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3yrs ago when life was all about beach hair, salty skin and I smiled like this 99% of the time.

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Участники '2019 K-World Festa'! Фестиваль пройдет с 15 по 24 августа в Олимпийском парке Сонгпа-гу в Сеуле. 15 августа выступят: (Ведущий Ong Seongwu) Kim Jaehwan, THE BOYZ, Weki Meki, NewKidd, DIA, 1THE9, Kim Dong Han, A.C.E, Dream Catcher, D1CE, Jeong Sewoon, NATURE, Park Bom, Lim Jae Hyun 16 августа выступят: MONSTA X, Red Velvet, NCT DREAM, Lovelyz, Golden , Woohyun (INFINITE), CLC, JBJ95, NATURE, DJ DOC, Mad Clown, MINSEO, KARD, OH MY GIRL 24 августа выступят: (Ведущие Lee Sang Min, Shin A ) Super Junior, Stray , Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT), ITZY, (G)I-DLE, N.Flying, NATURE, Cherry Bullet, ATEEZ, APRIL, ONEUS planet celestialbody space globe earth world global astronomy universe stars light science fantasy sphere night moon digital star design galaxy art map videodisk sky futuristic technology outer glowing atmosphere shape

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g a i a • at the weekend, I spent time with this model of our beautiful home, rotating slowly to soft music woven with whalesong and natural sound, and it made me quite emotional. to see earth perfectly scaled down gave me such a renewed sense of awe and gratitude. there was a recording of david attenborough talking about the urgency of climate change and it felt so empowering. it was so special to see hundreds of other people seeing how precious the planet is, and hopefully feeling inspired to action. proud of my city, respectful of our planet. •

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A 5-hour long piece of two of my OCs. I was randomly listening to different songs when suddenly this idea of a sparkling snowball/globe, filled with differences and life popped up in my mind. While drawing, I came around to these two! They're literally each other's differences, being 'winter' and 'summer' in my eyes. I guess the flowers connecting also has a meaning of them two drifting apart but being forced together for the sake of the group. I'll perhaps add more abt their backstories soon! fantasy fantasyart ocs procreate snowball globe art digital flowers summer winter apart stars creatures

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Thank you to Aaron and the crew down at spiralsevenclothing for looking out. The dedication, sacrifices made for the club and for me personally will never go unnoticed. Wearing their new clothing range DISTRESS which is set to feature at this weekend game. So get yaself down to the Shay 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 nexttopmodel 😂😂🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵 - - - - - distressworldwide spiralsevenclothing streetwear streetfashion globe mensfashion clothingbrand distress mrworldwide spiralseven carhartt stussy skater

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A round helicopter (somewhere over Austria)

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. visual animasi rotasi bumi pada porosnya satu putaran penuh. 1 detik di video ini sama dengan 25 menit (waktu normal), karena video di atas adalah hasil timelapse dari satu kali bumi berotasi atau sehari (24 jam) menjadi video berdurasi 60 detik Earth planet earthrotating watchthis timelapse whereareyounow earthsrotation theearth iss outerspace howareyoutoday worldwide astronomy letmeknow астрономия hello universe planetearth globe savetheearth earthtoday theshapeoftheearth ourplanet fromspace horizon earthfromspace magnificent earthfullrotation whereareyoufrom absolutelyamazing earthfullrotation