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Throwbackthursday to 725x1 in a light wrap . Different angle video . Before prep even started for that matter. I got some good news this week about my adductor (apparently it wasn’t a hamstring issue afterall) and now I’m optimistic. Can’t wait to blow past this soon although I’m glad I was smart and decided to rest The comeback is imminent 😈 Turned out to be a fun time to focus on bench for a bit anyways 😉 SandersStrength determination goals powerlifting success motivation drive power strength training lift strongman bodybuilding crossfit squat bench deadlift train recover gains progress

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Testosteron has an important role in gaining muscle and strenght 💪🏼 Training bigger musclegroups like your legs and lats can result in a big benefit for hypertrophy. The bigger the muscle the higher the testosterone production. Next to that keep these helpfull tips in mind and keep digging deep! 🏆 the_fitness_arena_ fitness gym bbg body bodybuilding muscle gains bestmod gymlife fitfam fitnessmotivation workout suppliment nuttration shredded fit bodybuilder crossfit goals change transformation motivation health life look lean strength protiens happy life goals dreams

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Staying still doing nothing is not the strategy, never giving up is the strategy. Stop wishing and start making it happen.  DM me for updates on how to trade wisely,am a binary trade expert and I help individual trade for a fixed amount. Trade with me and make huge profits after trading. millionaire  question  future  stocks trading  money  makingmoney  opportunity trading  stocks  success  motivational  luxury power  ambition  motivation  life  dedication perseverance  grind  hustle  entrepreneurlife perseverance  goals  action  hardwork inspiration  committed  focus  dedicated

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Real People, Real Results 🙌🏿 Who else wants to change their credit scores like this? Let me help you get closer to being approved with the Credit Scores You NeedGo follow: nic_creditispower Text “Credit Repair” to 917-231-5619 to get started. www.fesconnect.net/NBlanchard creditscore creditmatters budget cleancredit creditqueen powerofcredit carloan personalloan NewYork loanofficers wealth creditqueen buyingpowers mortgagebrokers creditbuilding homeowner fixmycredit motivation church goals preach

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One small positive thought can change your whole day. Sometimes we wake up on the wrong side of the bed or wake up still thinking about the thing that was bothering us last night. We can't help it, we're all human. But that doesn't mean we need to let these negative thoughts control the rest of our day! Choose something to be happy about or grateful for, and decide right now that you'll have a great day today practicelab potd businesstips healthcare physiotherapy physicaltherapy osteopathy podiatry hustle chiropractic musictherapy exercisephysiology remedialmassage therapy psychology Friday TGIF FridayFun dentistry businessconsulting entrepeneur melbourne instagood goals quote qotd motivation business

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pop of red❤️

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It’s hard to ignore the amount of times that we achieve things that were formally thought of as impossible. Every time someone says that it can’t be done, be the person that questions it and if you have the skills to give it a shot, then prove them wrong. Be the opinion changer. First change your pwn mind and others will follow. Enzo coachenzomucci - entrepreneur happiness hustle startup yolo motivation motivational motivationalquotes go work inspirational dream fitness quotes success successquotes lifecoaching money motorsport quoteoftheday business positive goals grind lifestyle follow teamwork mentalhealth racing

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The new Bugatti Type 35 car. This has official become my dream car! A newly made invention at its finest! goals http:www.classicdriver.com/en/car/bugatti/type-35/377310

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What happens after you lose the weight? Did you finish a challenge? A cleanse? A cut? Do you know how to healthfully bring yourself out of a calorie deficit? Many people think the hardest part is losing the weight. I definitely disagree. Yes, it requires a TON of sacrifice and commitment for many people. It requires you to look at your lifestyle and recognize that it isn’t in line with the vision you have for yourself. Yet no one spends enough time understanding how to go from a calorie deficit to maintenance without going “off the wagon.” YOU are the wagon. There is nothing to get back on. Manipulating calories for maintenance can be tricky (especially for many who spend too much time in a calorie deficit). What good is it to work “so hard” only to watch it all go down the drain? As a coach, I really encourage that nutrition is simple, but mindset is complicated. Educating my clients and listening to their concerns and feedback is most important to me. I want them to be successful forever! Not just for a snap shot. I want to teach them what they need to sustain their results. I’m an essence, I try and lead them to water and teach them how to drink. It takes commitment and trust on both sides. There is no “timeline” when making lasting changes. It all comes down to the individual. If you are confused about what you should be eating for your goals, DM me! I would love to hear! transformation results success coach nutritioncoach healthy life performance sustainability weightloss muscle assaultbike goals hwpo bike food mindset commitment dedication change bodygoals performancegoals nutritioncoaching

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„You don’t need to wait for someone else to take you on an adventure, for you already have an explorer within you. So grab yourself by the hand, take a breath, and get ready for the amazing journey that lies ahead.”

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✅DID YOU KNOW✅ The first step to an excellent credit score is KNOWING about your credit and being AWARE. The most important factor of your credit score is payment history taking up a 35% chunk of your score. With knowing this, it’s easy to spot errors and items that are able to be disputed to get your credit score back on top! DM or email us for more information on rebuilding your credit for your better future✅📩 credit creditrepair money creditscore creditrestoration finance financialfreedom business love realestate entrepreneur debt debtfree success creditcard badcredit mortgage realtor goodcredit studentloans motivation wealth tradelines welove bankruptcy goals fixmycredit creditreport businessowner bhfyp

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Who else has their summer body loading? Shop with Femme Fit to get your favorite workout accessories that’ll have you snatched for the summer ☀️

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Čo si urobil aby sa tvoje sny stali skutočnosťou ???? “ Zbavila som sa všetkých zlých ľudí okolo seba . Vždy som sa snažila vyhovieť všetkým, obetovala som všetko a nič sa mi nevrátilo . Zistila som , že samota mi vyhovuje viac. Nikto mi neublíži . Začala som pracovať na sebe a plniť si sny . Začala som myslieť iba na seba a svoje šťastie a je mi jedno a je mi jedno čo si o tom myslia ostatní . Život je len jeden a ja som si povedala , že chcem skusit a zažiť všetko , čo môžem. Lebo raz , keď sa obzriem spat , poviem si , že som svoj život prežila naplno . Či už to bude s priateľmi alebo bez . Nechcem pri sebe nikoho kto má bude ťahať dole . Povedala som si dosť ! A začínam novú kapitolu svojho života . life lovelife dreambig doeverything travel livelife loveyourself dream friendshipgoals goals dreams cometrue follow followme

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Let’s get real here, being your most authentic self is not always an easy thing do. And sometimes we need to showcase different versions of ourselves to get by. But let’s challenge the idea of needing to fit into some box to level up . We can be more than the limitations society and even our own inner critic has placed on us. Life’s honestly too short to waste time being someone else😉

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Just got to PKRA for some practice finally! Was able to get my second race win trophy from the Feb 10th race. Haven’t been out here since 🎉

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Even on a lazy day there’s always time for makeup! 😉 • Click the link in my bio to RSVP for the launch event and subscribe to the email list. Once you do you will receive a discount code to use day 1 of launch 💜

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Glaub an dich Oft sind wir nur deshalb nicht so mutig, so gross und so schön, wie wir eigentlich sein könnten, weil wir denken, wir wären nicht so mutig, so gross und so schön, wie wir in Wahrheit sind.

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Take every chance you get in life cause some things only happen once 😌🙌🏼

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New FounderSeries is up We interviewed Sundara Clark, the CEO & Founder of Vixenkitchen about the inspiration and challenges of starting a vegan gelato company! Read the full article here: https:link.medium.com/BANvEZneaV