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Me and Harper yucking it up. My nieces and nephews have such vibrant personalities. are dope! They inpire me to step-up my game in all areas of life. Being able to work with them is a sacred service. SacredService GodBlessTheChild

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Happy Birthday Divine Purpose FTGW on this day we celebrate another year of helping to change the lives of so many youth in various communities. By helping them to find their gift within through the artistry of Performing Art's & Mentorship. Providing a platform for them to operate in their Divine Purpose. We all have a Purpose. We are now officially a 5013C Non For Profit Youth Organization. Our mission and vision is the same. We are a family ran organization. I thank you all who have supported us through over 10 years in the community. All the parents and . We are Rebranding, Rebuilding, and Refocusing. God did it! It's been a journey and experience. This video are some of the founding members most all are adults and adults now. A few 😁 THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! Carmela Parker Leslie Camille Melanie Lynne Swims you all are so dear to this organization. Your work and sacrifice will always be appreciated. Thankful for the seeds sown. Now the Harvest! GodBlessTheChild ThatHasHisOwn DP4L DivinePurposeFTGW HappyAnniversary Foundersday

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Current mood: Lady Day

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Кое-кто мне подсказал, что Кажется близится постепенная смена поколений.😲 В моей жизни это впервые. Даже и не знаю как на это реагировать. 😨Пока, что все болезненно. 🤒Но так как я об этом никогда раньше не думала, обещаю подумать и проработать данные ощущения на досуге (если он предвидится🤪). А пока даже и не знаю как быть с данной информацией.🤓 Но внутри однозначно кто-то цепляется за прошлое, и кричит: 🙏🙏🙏деееетииии! Хватит вырастать! Я же привыкаю и очень привязываюсь! ❤️Оставайтесь всегда такими!👶 А я и дальше буду в вас душу вкладывать! 😘🎈🎉💃✨ покавыполняюдомашнеезадание раздумия сменапоколений вотэтоработка люблюсвоюработу талантливыедети детинедети лучшийдругудружил лучшийдругвсегдарядом mysoul myvocalkids singers Godblessthechild

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Lay them baby hairs down Baby girl while you're in homeroom, i need you to listen. I don't know your ethnicity, but I don't think that you need that to toothbrush, all you need is some baby oil. Some black girl has lied to you! It don't work that way. blackgirlmagic babyhair godblessthechild

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The coach singin in Vegas

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🎶God Bless The 🎶 written and recorded by Billie Holiday. "An argument with her mother over money led to the song. Holiday's version of the song was honored with the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1976. It was also included in the list of Songs of the Century, by the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts." NationalJazzAppreciationMonth GodBlessTheChild BillieHoliday JazzMusic Jazz Lifting Inspiring Filling Everyone Life LetsDoLifeTogether

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Exploring madamsorgandc 🎶 I loved getting to sing some jazz. ❤️ I feel really in the moment and can improvise freely, which is amazing! Here’s some Billie Holiday for your tbt playlist. billieholidayofficial

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'Tribute to the Lady,' a tribute to Billie Holiday, was Sam Cooke's third studio album and released in 1959, the same year Billie passed. Ironically, however, the album was recorded about six months BEFORE she passed, so there is almost a heavy sense of irony and foreshadowing in this "tribute." Nonetheless, the King of Soul delivers top notch performances on tunes closely associated with the great Lady Day. 🌺 🎶 - samcooke tributetothelady billieholiday ladyday kingofsoul Godblessthechild taintnobodysbiznessifido goodmorningheartache loverman solitude jazz blues rhythmandblues soul fifties vinyl vinyljunkie vinylcollection vinylcommunity vinylgram igvinylcommunity records recordcollection wax vintage LP vinyligclub recordoftheday vinylporn

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Happy birthday to Eleanor Fagan better known as Billie Holiday aka Lady Day, born on this date in 1915. Her voice, phrasing, improvisational style and tempo made her to be considered the quintessential jazz singer and one of the most influential of all time. I really love listening to her so much that a friend of mine gave me an entire collection of her works featuring 200 different songs that she sang. Thank you for your cultural contribution to the world. SIP!

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Eleanora Fagan better known as Billie Holiday, was born on April 7, 1915. Considered by many to be the greatest jazz vocalist of all time, Billie Holiday lived a tempestuous and difficult life. Her singing expressed an incredible depth of emotion that spoke of hard times and injustice as well as triumph. Though her career was relatively short and often erratic, she left behind a body of work as great as any vocalist before or since. “Lady Sings the Blues” is an album by Billie Holiday which was released in June 1956. The album was taken from sessions recorded during 1954 and 1956. It was released simultaneously with her ghostwritten autobiography of the same name. Though Holiday's voice had arguably deteriorated by the 1950s, the album is widely regarded as a classic and some of Holiday’s best work. Tonight I am spinning Lady Sings the Blues by the Incredible Billie Holiday! 
 BillieHoliday LadyDay LadySingsTheBlues TravlinLight IMustHaveThatMan SomeOtherSpring StrangeFruit NoGoodMan GodBlessTheChild GoodMorningHeartache LoveMeOrLeaveMe TooMarvelourForWords WillowWeepForMe IThoughtAboutYou Vinyl VinylJunkie VinylCollector LP 33RPM NowSpinning Jazz JazzBlues VocalJazz RAndB Verve

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Happy Heavenly Birthday to Billie Holliday. Continue to RIP and Rest In Power. Here she is singing the haunting beautiful song, "Strange Fruit." Repost rothing_in_the_freeworld • • • • • Our Fabulous Female on this Fabulous Female Friday is the one and the only “Lady Day” singing one of the songs she’s best known for “Strange Fruit”. As is fairly evident from her appearance in this video clip Billie Holiday was not long for this earth. She passed away just 3 months after this performance on July 17, 1959. Billie’s story is one of poverty, desperation, landmark moments, wasted 2nd/3rd/4th chances, success, failure, and drug addiction. The manner in which she lived her life killed her at the age of 44 (heart failure).😪 This post is actually about the song “Strange Fruit.” Lewis Allan's haunting poem of racism's brutality was recorded in 1939. Billie had initial doubts about it being right for her because of its stark contrast to the love songs she was famous for. Once she did record Strange Fruit most radio wouldn’t play it due to it’s message about southern lynchings; that kind of hatred was an open secret in America at the time. The song helped put Billie Holiday on the cover of Time magazine in an era when African American faces hardly ever appeared in that publication. It also made her a major star both inside and outside jazz circles. The lyrics are chilling: “Southern trees bear strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood at the root Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees Pastoral scene of the gallant south The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh Then the sudden smell of burning flesh Here is fruit for the crows to pluck For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop Here is a strange and bitter crop.” billieholiday strangefruit ladyday summertime porgyandbess louisarmstrong godblessthechild endracism eracism fuckracism jazzsinger thegoat drugaddiction jazzmusic

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Happy Birthday Billie Holiday tuned int to WKCR’s incredible, impeccable Billie Holiday Birthday Broadcast. Portrait in Acrylic and pencil, 1996, from ‘Slow to Burn’ MCA/Krasnow Entertainment:::: Billie, you were my first muse, from the first note, I understood your message was one of triumph as much as pain. You stood firm in your singularity, never caving in to critics or haters, never softening your tone to make it easier to swallow the bitter pill of your beauty, never compromising your art to suit the music industry hegemony. An original through and through. We, of true hearts, miss you. billieholiday wkcr billieholidaybirthdaybroadcast blues dontexplain jazz singer singersongwriter godblessthechild womenempowerment sistahsouljah strangefruit 50s lesteryoung prohibition mca bobkrasnow ladyinsatin ladysingstheblues findyourvoice findyourvoiceanddaretouseit ladyday happybirthday happybday happybillieday

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REMEMBRANCE: Eleanora Fagan a.k.a. Billie Holiday Nicknamed "Lady Day" (April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959) 104🕊 Halliday nightclubs metoo strangefruit mister godblessthechild Holiday had a seminal influence on jazz music and pop singing. In 1935, Holiday had a small role as a woman abused by her lover in Duke Ellington's musical short film Symphony in Black: A Rhapsody of Negro Life. She sang "Saddest Tale" in her scene. Holiday had a brief stint as a big-band vocalist with Count Basie. Holiday found herself in direct competition with the popular singer Ella Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was the vocalist for the Chick Webb Band, which was in competition with the Basie band. On January 16, 1938 the Basie and Webb bands had a battle at the Savoy Ballroom. Webb and Fitzgerald were declared winners by Metronome  magazine, while DownBeatmagazine pronounced Holiday and Basie the winners. Fitzgerald won a straw poll of the audience by a three-to-one margin. After a short prison sentence, she performed at a sold-out concert at Carnegie Hall. She won four Grammy Awards, all of them posthumously, for Best Historical Album. She was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1973. Lady Sings the Blues, a film about her life, starring Diana Ross, was released in 1972. She is the primary character in the play (later made into a film) Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill; the role was originated by Reenie Upchurch in 1986, and was played by Audra McDonald on Broadway and in the film. In 2017 Holiday was inducted into the National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame.

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Billie Holiday - The Legacy box set (1991)

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Happy Birthday to the incomparable Lady Day, Billie Holiday (April 7, 1915 - July 17, 1959). She was an American jazz singer with a career spanning nearly thirty years. Nicknamed "Lady Day" by her friend and music partner Lester , Holiday had a seminal influence on jazz music and pop singing. Her vocal style, strongly inspired by jazz instrumentalists, pioneered a new way of manipulating phrasing and tempo. She was known for her stirring vocal delivery and improvisational skills. Holiday would win 23 posthumous Grammys. She was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1973 and received several Esquire Magazine awards during her lifetime. Other awards include the Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame, RockandRollHallofFame, and the ASCAP Jazz Wall of Fame. In 1985, a statue of Billie Holiday was erected in Balitmore, Mayland, that was completed in 1993 with additional panels of images inspired by her seminal song "Strange Fruit". In 2019, Chirlane McCray announced that New York City would build a statue honoring Holiday near Queens Borough Hall. Some of Holiday's most most noteworthy hits: the popular jazz standard "Summertime" sold well and was listed on the pop charts of the time at number 12, the first time the jazz standard charted. Only Billy Stewart's R&B version of "Summertime" reached a higher chart placement than Holiday's, charting at number 10 thirty years later in 1966 Holiday had 16 best selling songs in 1937, making the year her most commercially successful. It was in this year that Holiday scored her sole number one hit as a featured vocalist on the available pop charts of the 1930s, "Carelessly". The hit "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm", was also recorded by Ray Noble, Glen Gray and Fred Astaire whose rendering was a best seller for weeks.[108] Holiday's version ranked 6 on the year-end single chart available for 1937. In 1939, Holiday recorded her biggest selling record, "Strange Fruit" for Commodore."God Bless the ", which went on to sell over a million copies, ranked number 3 on Billboard's year-end top songs of 1941.  BillieHoliday StrangeFruit GodBlesstheChild LadySingstheBlues Singer Jazz Pop