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3 days ago

Singing on of my favourite song with my favourite guys! 🎧 🎼 Serena Berneschi_🎤 Daniele Aiello_🎹 Gianluca Grisafi _🎸 Alessio IlSecco Burberi_🥁 Marco Pomponio_🎷 godblessthechild neosoul weddingmusic weddingband amazingsingers amazingmusicians neosoulmusic soul jazz matrimoniofirenze weddingtuscany weddingintuscany weddingitaly lovelyweddings weddingmusicitaly musicamatrimoniofirenze musicamatrimonio weddingmusic billieholiday billieholidaysong billieholidaytribute acidjazz

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EPIC ANNOUNCMENT, DAHLING. READ EVERYTHING. Last Sunday we had our 8th DaJen Eats Presents: A Dinner & A Story Book Club Meeting and it was divine. We discussed Laila Lalami's "The Other Americans" while feasting on Moroccan delights including harcha and preserves with mint tea. Did you see some of the fancy cups, dahling? Ugh! One of the biggest takeaways of the evening's discussion was the notion that with we are essentially all "other" in one way or another. We explored the challenges that presents, and extolled its opportunities for a kaleidoscope of shared experiences. Neeeeeext month is going to be EPIC. Yep, epic! We are celebrating the glorious treasures author Toni Morrison left us by reading one of her novels, "God Help The ." We are also celebrating local author, Kendra Lott who will be there signing copies of her newest book "Unique Eats and Eateries of Orlando." Both dandelioncafe and dajeneats are vegan eateries featured in Kendra's book. How awesomely kind of Kendra is that? So to celebrate that (we're doing a lot of celebrating, aren't we?) Dandelion Community Cafe and DaJen Eats will collaborate for this epic book club. We are still deciding on the menu (how exciting). Just know it will be tied in with both Toni Morrison's novel and Kendra Lott's book. Yeeeess So, Sunday September 8, me, you, Dandy, Toni, Kendra and some fabulous food st DaJen Eats at 5pm, yes? Of course, yes! Get your books, dahling. Start reading. Event tickets will go on sale soon. Let's read in Eatonville!

3 days ago

This isn’t the first book I’ve owned of hers, but it’s the first book of hers that called my name and held me hostage until the finish. I walked into the store, saw the cover, felt the words of the title on my tongue and so it began. Thank you for the breadcrumbs Aunt Toni. GodBlessTheChild

5 days ago

👀 BEHIND HIS EYES a parked car playing tunes and far away beyond Neptunes moons you spark a fire that stays to next June and all my days will end too soon a week ends and night falls nothing to defend as the conversation stalls behind his eyes resembling black basketballs he has but to askand I answer all his calls son boy fatherhood blackbasketballs godblessthechild photo poem agape loveandgratitude always

6 days ago

Время, ты куда вообще? Мой маленький лучик вчера стала мисс "орленок"☀️🎇. Моя красивая и умная девочка всех затанцевала и покорила :) горжусь. Не могу привыкнуть к этому прогрессу. Постоянно приходится себя одергивать и вспоминать, что мое дитё уже прекрасная леди, а не маленький бутус. Здорово так. godblessthechild thankful

6 days ago

My Sun. He was named after the Source because I knew from the moment he was announced that he would push me to be better than I imagined. He is my source and my warmth. High school begins in a few short weeks and he got me all in my feelings. blessingsonblessings behindthiswoman godblessthechild

1 week ago

This morning, Jerome, Jr. took his senior pictures in my father’s tuxedo 🙏🏽😇✨ It was a tight fit for the Big Fella, (6’7”, 225), but he was adamant about honoring his Grandfather in this way My Mom popped in to help him get suited and booted 🤵🏽🤗🙌🏽✨Although milestones have been difficult for me in 2019 this moment was incredibly special and I know that my Dad is proud of the man that Jerome has become, and excited for all of his future endeavors May he continue to Rest In Peace miss you Daddy 💞🙏🏽✨✨✨ ClassOf2020HereHeComes AlmostThere ThroughItAll YourGraceAndMercy GodBlessTheChild Grateful Thrilled Proud KeepGoing ILoveYouSo 😘😘😘

1 week ago

Me ajoelho à Arte, aos Povos Nativos de nosso país e à Floresta. 🌳🐗❤ Dedico esta foto a todas as crianças. É fundamental que elas tenham o direito de ser crianças, onde quer que estejam! ❤ HAUX! tbt de um mês vivido na Aldeia Nova Esperança - Yawanawa, onde fui recebida com muito Amor e deixei uma família ❤ godblessthechild amorincondicional direitoshumanos humanrights nativeart arteindigena amazonia yawanawa salveaamazonia savetheforest arte pinturaindigena urucum truecolors sosamazonia maisamorporfavor

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"If you can only be tall because someone else is on their knees, you have a serious problem." - Toni Morrison I've had the pleasure of reading so many of her works. I have NEVER read another author who is able to tell stories the way she did. I say to all my friends, in a "Toni book nothing is just there." I find myself diving deeper everytime I set one of her books down. I've researched every book I've read of hers! Every One She was a savant. And I am heartbroken. We lost what will never be returned I love you Toni myfav tonimorrison savant genius author blacklit blackliterature thebluesteye godblessthechild beloved songofsolomon

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"Something that is loved is never lost." 📚 Was certain I had enough Toni Morrison book shots. Weirdly didn't find any except this one, after scrolling all the way to 2017 on my feed. I think Toni Morrison right next to Maya Angelou is perfect. I don't remember what I was trying to portray with the wooden ladle when I took the photo. 📚 "A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double." 📚 The world has lost an icon and there's a desperate desire to immortalise Morrison in perfect words and photos and books but I found this quote this morning by her which says - "At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough." 📚 Thank you for the beauty that you lined your path with and the excess that you sprinkled across the world in the marvellous 88 years you traversed it. Rest Bookstagram ToniMorrison Sula SongsofSolomon TheBluestEye Beloved GodBlessTheChild

1 week ago

Couldn't let this day end without paying tribute to a legend. Those of you that really know me, know how much I love to read. Toni Morrison was the first African American author that I read & I have been hooked ever since. She blazed an undeniable trail & was one one the best authors to ever put pen to paper. I think the greatest purpose in life is to fulfill one's destiny. She did that. If you haven't read anything by her, do yourself a favor. I promise you won't be disappointed. The Bluest Eye will teach you how to love yourself. Sula teaches you to be strong. Tar Baby teaches you not to be afraid. Rest Well Beloved. We your fans love & honor you ToniMorrison BluestEye Beloved TarBaby Sula SongOfSolomon Home GodBlessTheChild Jazz Mercy Love Paradise

1 week ago

From an NPR interview in 2015. "And so writing, for me, is the big protection. But when I'm not creating or focusing on something I can imagine or invent, I think I go back over my life (laughter) - I don't recommend this by the way (laughter) - and you pick up, oh, what'd you do that for? Why didn't you understand this - not just with , as a parent, but with other people, with friends. So it's a long period of - it's not profound regret. It's just a wiping-up of tiny, little messes that you didn't recognize as a mess when they were going on (laughter)." tonimorrison queen godblessthechild beloved pulitzerprize literature restinpower

1 week ago

Sad News: Pulitzer Prize winning author, Toni Morrison, passed at 88. Morrison’s powerful writing, propelled the brilliant and prolific writer into the literary stratosphere. Toni Morrison’s writings and teachings leave a historic and rich literary legacy. Sending condolences and prayers to the family. 🙏🏾 ToniMorrison RIP Beloved TarBaby TheBluestEye SongOfSolomon GodBlessTheChild bookstagram NobelPrize books booknerdigans blogs bloggers LiteraryIcon Literature PresidentialMedalOfFreedom

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Today is the saddest day. Toni Morrison, R.I.P. I’ve spent so many days reading TM, countless hours behind her books, and hours and hours watching YouTube clips of her talks and speeches. She was influential to me, inspiring my writing, way of thinking, and how to write fiction with the power of the imagination. Sad day to lose this amazing writer. But thus we should all begin to celebrate her and the work!

1 week ago

All of the greats are going home! 😥I want to take time to salute this queen of an author 👸🏾Toni Morrison 👸🏾for sharing her gift with the world. She inspired me to write, be authentic and walk in my truth! May she Rest In Peace and love! 💜 tonimorrison rip legend author blackauthors blackgirlmagic inspiration motivation browngirlswhowrite write shareyourstory thinkdifferent changeyourmind changeyourlife queentingz browngirlbloggers browngirlswhoblog inspirationalquotes godblessthechild beloved shero gonebutneverforgotten useyourgifts spirituality spiritualawakening

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“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” Is a quote that I took personally. (Especially when it came to writing songs)thank you for helping to teach lessons on “how to keep your integrity and claim your own life in the face of acts of such "monumental crudeness."’ And for opening doors for us little black girls with a dream to write the words bouncing around in our brains, to embrace storytelling, and to love ourselves in the skin that we are in. rest easy Queen! ✊🏼❤️ tonimorrison thebluesteye tarbaby nobelprize beloved riptonimorrison songofsolomon dreamingemmitt storytelling timemagazine opera harlemrenaissance newyorksfinest jazz godblessthechild

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Today I am deeply saddened by the loss of one the greatest American fiction writers of all time. “The Bluest Eye” changed my perception of beauty and how I see myself. It is a literary masterpiece that speaks to self-worth and how generational traumas affect you into your adulthood. ToniMorrison is my absolute favorite author. The way she juxtaposes beauty and tragedythe way she leaps back and forth to give you deep context and history of a characterhow she paints beautiful scenes of Black Beauty and Strength of the Black Woman Her words pull you into a universe of sultry love scenes and tumultuous fights. I get lost in her stories and find myself in them at the same time. Next to Oprah and Eleanor Roosevelt she’s someone I aspire to be. If you haven’t please please read one her books. I’m going to miss her and her contributions to the world. May Queen Toni live on forever in her words and our hearts. ♥️♥️ NobelPrize Literaryicon writer blackgirlmagic blackexcellence americanicon americannovelist fiction beautifulblackwoman rip gonebutneverforgotten thebluesteye sula jazz godblessthechild songofsolomon beloved love tarbaby

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Toni Morrison, my favorite author and biggest writing inspiration, has passed at 88 years old I remember being introduced to her work by my father dwightfromjerz when I was 13. The Bluest Eye changed my life. I wrote essays upon essays dissecting her genius. I devoured her other works and combed through essays, lecture notes and interviews to be closer to her, hoping to one day audit (or maybe even take) a class with her at Princeton University Her unabashed, unapologetic BLACK inked pen helped me get into Rutgers, and inspired all of my early writing! There is so much left to study and to teach about what has been written by the hand of such an amazing woman May the Most High and Spirit guide Ms. Morrison on her passage from this world to the next. May her family and legacy be encouraged in knowing she now guides them from beyond as an ancestor. May her work be ever celebrated, never buried or watered down, never redacted; may it all be presented in fullness and intention! May her Spirit guide and encourage those that seek to tell the truth with ink. Asé TheBluestEye Beloved Sula TarBaby Jazz SongofSolomon Love GodBlessTheChild Recitatíf ToniMorrison RestInPower Ase

1 week ago

Monday Jam: "God Bless The " (Billie Holiday). Here I tested an unknown, unbranded made-in-China mouthpiece ordered through AliExpress (swipe for a quick look on the mouthpiece). A full review and demo video is available on YouTube.com/robreginald godblessthechild billieholiday godblessyou mondaymusic mondayjams ilovemondays solosax altosax saxman saxlife saxofon republiksaxophone indosaxgram saxophoneworld bending improvisation musicianslife unbranded madeinchina mouthpiece productdemo geartopia geartalk

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Repost from rothing_in_the_freeworld. Our Fabulous Female on this Fabulous Female Friday is the one and the only “Lady Day” singing one of the songs she’s best known for “Strange Fruit”. As is fairly evident from her appearance in this video clip Billie Holiday was not long for this earth. She passed away just 3 months after this performance on July 17, 1959. Billie’s story is one of poverty, desperation, landmark moments, wasted 2nd/3rd/4th chances, success, failure, and drug addiction. The manner in which she lived her life killed her at the age of 44 (heart failure).😪 This post is actually about the song “Strange Fruit.” Lewis Allan's haunting poem of racism's brutality was recorded in 1939. Billie had initial doubts about it being right for her because of its stark contrast to the love songs she was famous for. Once she did record Strange Fruit most radio wouldn’t play it due to it’s message about southern lynchings; that kind of hatred was an open secret in America at the time. The song helped put Billie Holiday on the cover of Time magazine in an era when African American faces hardly ever appeared in that publication. It also made her a major star both inside and outside jazz circles. The lyrics are chilling: “Southern trees bear strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood at the root Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees Pastoral scene of the gallant south The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh Then the sudden smell of burning flesh Here is fruit for the crows to pluck For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop Here is a strange and bitter crop.” billieholiday strangefruit ladyday summertime porgyandbess louisarmstrong godblessthechild endracism eracism fuckracism jazzsinger thegoat drugaddiction jazzmusic

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Ура! Наконец могу представить вам нашу совместную работу с veresova.julia! Я так благодарна тебе за то, что ты буквально уговорила меня на этот клип, я сомневалась, мне не хватало поддержки, а ты все знала, спасибо❤❤❤ Полное видео можно глянуть у меня на странице в вк или в YouTube. Оригинальный трек Макс Корж - Горы по колено. Видео: veresova.julia 🌺 Переделаный текст: Викушка ⛰ Спасибо maxkorzhmus за глубину, за мысли и памятное видео для бельчат. 🍀Я: "ребят, о чём поём?" Ребята: "песня о том, что у нас всё получится!"🍀 Это ли не главное? godblessthechild горыпоколено макскорж cover

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Day 30: For this next-to-last project post, I’m paying respect to one of my favorite basslines from one of my favorite records. I love basslines that act more as countermelody than traditional support, an approach Cranshaw favors in this first section of the melody. He creates an intimate setting with Rollins that’s enhanced when Hall enters. Can’t recommend this track and album enough bass basslines uprightbass doublebass acousticbass music jazz SonnyRollins GodBlessTheChild BobCranshaw TheBridge

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🎵🔥 One of the best things about jazz is how spontaneous it can be! This moment was totally improvised and so much fun. Thanks so much for backing me up friends! 🔥🎵 Definition of Jazz: American music developed especially from ragtime and blues and characterized by propulsive syncopated rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, varying degrees of improvisation, and often deliberate distortions of pitch and timbre • • • • • godblessthechild billieholiday jazz standards improv jazzstandard jazzsinger retro vintage livemusic jazzmusic jazzlover losangeles coversong musiciansofinstagram jazzcover

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little a capella god bless the to end your last week of july +to start off your shark week 🦈🌟

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ebbtide godblessthechild と始まり、その音の重厚さに先ずは驚くだろう。音の壁に埋もれるドラムの音もよし、生のロールがバッチリ聴こえるドラムの音もよし、聴けば聴くほど多種多様の聴き方が出来る。何回もリピートさせて行くと発見が多い盤だ。やはり、 earlpalmer は凄い。 philspector jacknitzsche therighteousbrothers backtoback carolkaye ritchiefrost larryknechtel jimmybond vinyl phillesrecords records flashdiscranch