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New products! So excited to share the new products I have been working on this past week 😄 This marble inspired resin tray is one of a kind and has a crystal cluster in the middle 😻 it has been finished with gold leaf for the extra luxurious look 😄❤️ available in my Etsy shop. Link in bio x qsptresindesign qspt resin resinart resinjewelry resinmolds resintable resinartist resincraft resintray crystals crystal crystalhealing geodes crystaldisplay jewellerydisplay etsy etsyshop etsysellersofinstagram etsyfinds etsyjewelry etsyjewellery luxury homedecor weekend marble goldleaf

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Each of Cecilia Miguez's sculptures incorporate a wide range of materials and processes. Her otherworldly figures are uniquely rendered through a combination of cast bronze, gilded surfaces, and altered found objects. • Image: Cecilia Miguez. Estructuras 1, 2, and 3. 2019. Bronze, gold leaf, and wood. 29 3/4 x 5 1/2 x 5 inches; 38 x 5 1/2 x 5 1/2inches; 38 x 5 1/2 x 5 inches. • louissternfinearts lsfa ceciliamiguez transitions bronze goldleaf gilding sculpture figuralart contemporaryart

6 minutes ago

How is your Saturday my lovelies !? “ ✔️It's not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities. “ wallart quoteposter abstractart goldleaf interiordesign interior

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Golden nipple 💫

26 minutes ago

Animated visuals of “Mantra” artwork for the genius troyboi_music stage design 🤯🔥🌹Very satisfying watching the art coming to life like this ©️٢٠١٦

29 minutes ago

Another throwback as I’m still settling into my new studio and have prioritised a few jobs that I can’t share yet. I’m going to be doing my best to finish the oil painting I’m sloooowly working on in the next month as well! I just bought some really beautiful round sheets of Italian watercolour paper yesterday as well as plan to work on a mantis themed piece on one of those first! Anyway, HOW ARE YOU ALL?! I’ve missed you 😱😭 teacakeart acrylicpaintingoncanvas trianglecanvas goldleaf italiangoldleaf skullart skullpainting ukartist londonartist ferns

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That's good watch, clock, wrist, wristwatch, strap, number, man, gold, time, object, analog watch, thing, person, no person, watch accessory, fashion accessory, indoor, text, sitting, precision, jewellery, symbol, business, small, digital watch, jewelry, material property, table, stick, brand manis mandarin manali mania wrist wristwear manos manipulation goldenretrieverlove manufacturing goldendoodlepuppy timesup manicura object goldleaf mangrove goldendoodles goldie goldenoftheday timeoutsociety timefreedom objectif goldendoodlesofinsta manolo mannymua watchingtv manque clocktower goldsmith goldenretriver

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Finding inspiration in the details. I’m cleaning and re-setting up my “art studio” space in our dining room. I found some boxes that (STILL) needed to be unpacked and full and behold, these gems were packed away. These delicate, intricately painted on plates were my great-grandmother’s. And I am in love with them. Apparently, a penchant for gold leaf runs in the family 💗✨ louisvilleartist artstudio createyourspace femaleartist artist createeveryday liveyourbestlife sarahclevengerart vintageplates vintageinspo family goldleaf familyconnections

41 minutes ago

Day 13. I drew flowers with trellis with General’s Charcoal White then painted the leaves and petals with Arteza titanium white, Viridian green and brillant red. I then blended titanium white with brilliant red for the lips and nails. workinprogress mixedmedia artlovers jacqueline afterpicasso artoninstagram artist artwork chicagoartist modernart artinprogress figurativeart goldleaf goldleafoncanvas nationale sepp abstractart contemporaryart mixedmediaart artgallery arteza flowers

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Мікроскопічний аналіз грунту і фарби полягає в дослідженні будови, структури технології, це відбувається за допомогою оптичного збільшення під мікроскопом. Між мікроструктурою грунту і фарбовим шаром та їх властивостями існує чіткий зв'язок. Мікроаналіз дозволяє визначити форму і розміри окремих зерен і фаз, а також їх вміст, відносне розташування, виявити наявність пізніших перемалювань чи інших втручань, мікродефектів та інших моментів також можна судити про певні властивості їхнього поєднання, про попередню обробку цих матеріалів, деформування, поновлення. Мікроаналізу піддають спеціально підготовлені зразки, які називають мікрошліфами. реставрація консервація реставратор консерватор мистецтво історія малярство живопис левкас мікрошліф лак art restorer artrestorer painting oldpainting oilpainting color arthistory tempera goldleaf varnish conservation lviv

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“In God I still trust” 🙌🏽

49 minutes ago

( acornmilksweets & me) Reminder: Did you eat enough today? Did you take all the medicines you need? Are you taking time to make yourself happy?

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Our artists are driving us crazy with excitement. Watch the fascinating transformation, from sketch to goldleaf kintsugi porcelain (actually a paperplate). This one from the one and only iamcv5, to be enjoyed live in an installation of 5, at the upcoming "Artworks that enhance the sofa's fabric ' exhibition, opening next thursday in athens. We ❤️ it

1 hour ago

Commissioned Family Crest finished: This piece features embedded gold leaf under 6-8 layers of custom burgundy and black Venetian Plaster. The family crest was then hand painted over top in liquid gold leaf. Finished off with a protective Old World Venetian gold mica wax. If you would like to have your own family crest hand painted on Venetian Plaster direct message me Thanks for looking! handmade goldleaf familycrest fauxvazzainteriors venetianplaster dutchmetal venetiangem fauxeffectsinternational fauxeffects surfacedesigner alwayshandpaint marbleplaster artistoninstagram supportsmallbusiness northshore interiordesign architecturelovers originalart

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OO LA LA TEXTURE TEXTUREEEE (🎵 sing this along to Danger! High Voltage) . I've been laying down more gold leaf and seeing what different types of textures I can get (sponge/brush) and its been fun! Absolutely no idea where I'm going with them but hey ho 👍🙌 . Tutorial 101. Put gold leaf in front of different lights and see what happens! This was in front of my TV as my lighting options are minimal ha ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ goldleaf gilding texture artwork effects turquoise gold artoftheday artist artistsofinstagram art leedsartist portraitartist contemporaryart dailyart hollieartiste

1 hour ago

Another work in progress. Spent the week fine-tuning the last details for construction & was able to pre-install a few items. Not much to show yet, but more to come. Can’t wait to 📸 this powder bath once the custom degournay wallpaper is installed, and to show off the custom vanity & mosaic flooring. Having fun with an Art Deco flair for this project powderbath artdeco itsallinthedetails italianmarble brass goldleaf rockcrystal degourney workinprogress dallas dallasdesign interiordesign luxury lisamdennon

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The final inner and outer frame water gilded and toned. (As a little added description based on what I wrote in Facebook about the toning here is how I approached the Toning: I prefer using raw umber casein from Rosco Iddings of which I make a thin wash with water. Sometimes I apply it over the unprotected water gilded leaf ( yes, it can be done and isn't that hard really, just be careful); in this case, I airbrushed a clear shellac, buffed it with rottenstone on cheesecloth and applied the thin umber wash. Buffed the highpoints with my hands with a lot of love (!) and gave it a final, thin clear shellac spray and another rottenstone buff and hand rub. And there it is :). ) ~ charlesdouglasgildingstudio gilding goldleaf gildingclasses fineartframing coursehorse custompictureframing artteachersofinstagram nyartist seattleartist traditionalwatergilding watergilding artclasses teaching eventbritenyc

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Salaam/hello peeps 😊 Hope you all have been keeping well InShaAllah. It’s been that cycle for me again where I’ve not really had the chance to do any arty stuff But here is one I made earlier! In January I had the opportunity to do the Medieval Manuscript Illumination course P1 at PSTA schooloftraditionalarts with the delightful helen_white_design I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt a lot and look forward to experimenting more in the near future This piece is the final project of the course. Raised gilded initial with a diaper pattern background (Helen’s design used for this). The shine on the letterjust is shockingly bright! I am pleased with how it has turned out after all the mishaps I had during the course! • • • schooloftraditionalarts theprincesfoundation medieval medievalart manuscript illumination illuminations medievelmanuscript lettering gilding gold goldleaf illuminatedletters raisedgilding gesso shellgold transfergold diaperpattern medievelpatterns bintsafar creativemuslimwomen art artcourse illuminatedmanuscript illuminatedart manuscriptart psta

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Gold leaf prints coming soon!

1 hour ago

Mini chocolate/ raspberry buttercream cupcakes with a touch of gold 💕

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