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Ohana heißt Familie, nicinators sind eine Familie 💛🌻 —————————————————————- qotd Wer ist eureLieblings-Disney-figur?💜 Me- Stitch 💙 Könnt ihr missnici markieren🔥 —————————————————————- girl edit like4like likeforfollow likeforlike likes likesforlikes like4follow likeforlikes likeback likes4likes likes4likes likeme follow4follow followforfollow followme following follow followback followhim followme followher tumblr nici nicole nicinator nicinator4ever nicinatorfamily goodmorning

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😃😎👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Good morning my beautiful, amazing, healthy, sexy and wonderful friends and family, have a wonderful day. Wishing you a life full of love, health, happiness and all the best with Your endeavours. We love and appreciate You all. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. goodmorning sahd sahm lifestyle createyourlife

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Great pic by alessiocariddi 📷👏 • • • • • Nuragic warrior 🗡 The oldest sculptures of west mediterranean 🐟 Found buried and destroyed in pieces with dozens of other nuragic sculptures in a field in Cabras, Sardinia. 🌱 They are the Giants of Mont’e Prama 🌴 museoarcheoca museocabras wearemonteprama sculpture view love art archaeology history warrior nuragic monteprama cabras cagliari sardegna sardinia sardinian travel photography travelblogger past goodmorning Museoarcheologicocagliari museisardegna

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Calça flare e blusa com gola V, ideal para passeios de fim de semana, viagens confortáveis e claro, seu treino também 😉 fuideccm bodyforsure

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Make your Happiness 💜

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Calça de modelagem soltinha e amarração no cós, ideal para a academia ou seu day off. fuideccm

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Conjunto maravilhoso CCM, top com tiras cruzadas na cintura e short de cós alto 💕

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Breakfast grind! Nom nom

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