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Vishnu tries to Kill Lakshmi goodnight

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Good night everyone. I had been cleaning for hours but I was tired. So in my mind I decided that a picture break is needed to take a picture for my boyfriend to show him that I was thinking about him and because he usually calls me after I send a picture. I was hoping it would be my reason to talk to him and take a even longer break. Turns out he was taking a nap at the time😕 and then I find out he's not going to be able to come see me for 2 weeks because of work, I'm sad😞 goodnight goodnightworld latepost cleaning tired selfie latina latinaandproud lovemybody proudofmybody mybody snapchatfilter boyfriend babe ilovehim imisshim longdistancerelationship

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Looking for some Monday motivation? F Mondays ( fmondayscoffee) has just what you need: great coffee, outstanding cakes and delicious toasties. ☕️ 🍰 🥪 Open throughout the week, the coffee shop in London's Brixton is a throwback to the small neighborhood shops owner Ken Nally and crew grew up in. “We wanted to create a place that sold excellent products but felt laid back, fun and relaxed,” he says. Their F Mondays iconic blue coffee truck is parked nearby in Windrush Square and is now bookable for events. “Instagram works so well for us cause it allows us to show what we have on offer to a wider audience.” What's their Monday tip for other businesses on Instagram? “Stay focused on your individual vision. We are lucky that we have a very clear vision of what we want. We are not trend led or into following the crowd.” 📷 by fmondayscoffee

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С моего дня рождения распаковку подарков посмотрели, теперь можно посмотреть с дня рождения Милахи💞видео уже на канале! КАКИЕ ВАШИ ЛЮБИМЫЕ ЦВЕТЫ??? мне уже не нравятся альстромерии , кстати😂 они оказывается такие банальные, их дарят все! Мне нравятся тюльпаны, пионы😍 розы вообще никогда не любила , а теперь не могу оторвать глаз😱 наверно я старею))) livinginluxury womanslook roses mood goodnight luxuryliving luxurylifestyle happybirthday

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날씨 맑음 🌈

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Happy birthday tay tay🤴🏽 I hope u have the best birthday ever💙and don't let nobody ruin your birthday🎉wish you many many manymore🤪wish I could come to yo party😖but things happen This is so crazy how taytay it 2 nowit felt like yesterday he was one years old now this dude is two. Nia can you tell tay i said ;💙It has been two years, two years of joy, laughter, and your little milestones. We filled up a lot of photo albums just to capture and treasure each special moment🔑. 🗓You filled our 278 with joy and laugh😂❤. I did not know I could be this fond about a baby but I am so fond of you💫👣. I wish that the Lord will give you a mind full of happy thoughts and a heart filled with courage. Nia and kentrell loves you so much💚.You little munchkin has been making our lives more meaningful and more colorful for the past two years. 💕You are our little bundle of joy, and little does not seem appropriate because you have grown up. 💖You are growing up so fast.🖇❤ Soon, you will attend school, meet new friends, and have a life of your own. So I will enjoy these moments when I can still snuggle with you and hug you in public without you complaining. We love you, munchkin! ❤Happy 2nd birthday tay tay!🤯❣ fortnite viral fanpage explorepage taytay trending taylinloveless niaxtay niaababyy nbayoungboy explore edits tay goodnight ibeenthat🐍 4KT slime iwantyouchallenge laiiandnayah videostar nba_youngboy mz_allaboutmoney niaaxtayy