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📍 Campo de Concentração de Dachau, Alemanha 🏴‍☠️🇩🇪 O Campo de Concentração de Dachau, que fica perto de Munique, foi um dos maiores campos de concentração Nazista. O local era uma fábrica de pólvora, mas em 1933, apenas 6 semanas após Hitler assumir o poder na Alemanha, ele foi transformado em um campo de concentração No início recebia apenas presos políticos, depois passou a receber também outros presos, como os judeus. Cerca de 200.000 pessoas ficaram presas em Dachau, e desses 41.500 morreram. Mas esse é o número oficial registrado, estima-se que muito mais pessoas tenha morrido em Dachau. 😔

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** Okinawa international movie festival 🎥❤️ 毎年恒例の、ちえたんと映画祭!!! EXIT、ミキ、しゅんP、チョコプラ、和牛などなど見たい漫才たくさん見れて大満足🤤♥︎♥︎ 毎年プランがレベルアップしすぎて、本当に最高すぎた〜!!! ちえたんありがと!!!しゅ!!! 来年もよろしく。そして、次はハワイで👐🌺 ちなみに、次の帰沖は7月です🌴♪♪ ** travel instatravel travelholic okinawa genic_okinawa moviefestival festival travelphotography goprolife secondhome international photogenic genic_mag photooftheday travelphotographer exit instagood l4like likeback 沖縄 沖縄国際映画祭 島ぜんぶでおーきな祭 しゅんしゅんクリニックp 漫才 よしもと お笑い芸人 女子旅 写真部 ネタ お笑い

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人力車のお兄さんのモノマネ笑 めっちゃめっちゃ本気でしてくれとる笑 自分肖像権無いから言うて載せるのOK貰っとるけん載せよ笑 みんなも京都の清水寺の人力車乗るんやったらこの人に乗せてもらって笑 他の人も何かしらやってくれるらしいよ?笑笑 でも面白かった笑笑 京都行ったらみんなもぜひ人力車えびす屋に是非どうぞ!! 京都 清水寺 てくてく京都 着物デート 着物レンタル 人力車 鈴木貴登 人力車えびす屋 人力車のお兄さんイケメン お洒落撮り 人力車のお兄さんモノマ 檀れい面白すぎ 嵐山 渡月橋 竹林 嵐山駅 キモノフォレスト GoPro活躍 gopro goproのある生活 goprohero7black goprolife goprogram ゴープロのある生活 ゴープログラム

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“La creación de una visión del mundo🌍 es el trabajo de una generación más que de una persona, pero cada uno de nosotros, para bien o para mal, añade su propio ladrillo” •Vamos a cambiar la perspectiva 📸• . 📍Miravete de la Sierra . 📸Foto tomada por👉🏼 abraham_sanz_ con GoProHero7black . MiraveteDeLaSierra Teruel Aragon ViveMiraveteDeLaSierra elpuebloenelquenuncapasanada sienteteruel teruelexiste instateruel igersteruel historiadeespaña fever_aragon revueltadelaespañavaciada larevueltadelaespañavaciada pueblosdeespaña tinyworld littleworld littleplanet goprogram instagopro goprolife goprography gopropic gopro7 goproes

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☆ マングローブを上流まで上り上陸🏞 神秘の滝を目指しジャングルをトレッキング。 森の中には沢山の危険な生き物が🐛 滝壺へ辿り着くと涼しく清らかで 心が洗われるよう。 kenguide55 さんの"もののけ姫"が また雰囲気を醸し出す。 お昼は、夏川りみさんのお母様が されている八重山そばのお店"古見村"にて。 kenguide55 さん改め、 自称"ジャッキー・ケン"の ポリス・ストーリー香港国際警察 主題歌 「英雄故事」onstage🎤♬ 最高に楽しませて頂きました😂🤙🏾 ☆☆☆♪☆☆☆♪☆☆☆♪☆☆☆♪☆☆☆♪☆☆☆ 沖縄 離島 南国 西表島 西表島旅行 西表島ケンガイド 西表島マングローブ 西表島の滝 西表島ジャングル 八重山諸島 大人の春休み 八重山そば 古見村 早めのgw 西表島好きな人と繋がりたい 八重山諸島好きな人と繋がりたい ゴープロのある生活 ゴープロ男子 goproのある旅 gopro男子 goproのある生活 goproを持って出かけよう goprolife goprolifestyle travel iriomote iriomoteisland goprotraveljapan goprojp tripon goprojp gopro

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There are times when we are just happy, happy in the moment, that moment can be anything and everything at the same time and random hugs, laughter, lame jokes, jamming sessions and intense conversations being a part of it. Being on the roads and different terrains, moving here and there, meeting and having conversations with new people has been a constant process through which we get to know a lot about their lives and experiences and then people only few turn out to be such a lovely soul that it becomes difficult to say a goodbye. I happened to be in Spiti for the last one week along with wanderontravelcommunity where i met few people who have now become like family. Post that trip, i was supposed to be back in Bir for my personal work and i ended up having three more souls together with me. saurabhdesai_ and me already clicked before and he planned to accompany me, twenty minutes later rohit.12 also joined in and so we three were all set for the extended trip. After returning to Shimla, the entire group left for Delhi except the three of us, we planned to stay in Shimla for that very night. We just checked into the hotel only to know that solo_hippie got down the bus somewhere 10 kms away after Shimla and she was on her way back to join us where initially she was supposed to attend her friend's wedding. So the next morning, we all started for Bir and this was the first sunset that we witnessed. We are the best of friends now. Detours are always a good option himachalpradesh himachal himachaltourism

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0423① 2日目は京都行って着物デート でした。 着物初めてやったけどめっちゃ良かった! 悠夏もめっちゃ可愛くてニヤけた笑 人力車のお兄さんノリよくて楽しかった笑 嵐山も行ったけど疲れとったけんよく分からんくなった笑 ごめんね。 京都 清水寺 てくてく京都 着物デート 着物レンタル 人力車 人力車えびす屋 人力車のお兄さんイケメン お洒落撮り 人力車のお兄さんモノマ 檀れい面白すぎ 嵐山 渡月橋 竹林 嵐山駅 キモノフォレスト GoPro活躍 gopro goproのある生活 goprohero7black goprolife goprogram ゴープロのある生活 ゴープログラム

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✨고프로를 좋아할 수 밖에 없는 이유✨ 사랑하는 사람과 멋진 배경을 이렇게나 이쁘게 한 화면에 담을 수 있어서😍 올해 겹벚꽃 마이 페이보레이트 사진👍 - 📸Setting - GoProHero7Black superphoto 세로모드 - 📌고프로 시그니처사진 촬영 팁 ✔️고프로7 슈퍼포토 세로모드 설정 후 사랑하는 사람의 손을 잡고 ‘고프로 사진 촬영’ 끝. ✔️구도 잡을때 손이 보이고 위쪽 여백 살리는것이 포인트🤘 ✔️여행, 나들이, 데이트 무거운 카메라는 🙅‍♂️딱 고프로만 챙겨 가세요📸🤙 - - GoProKR all4gear GoPro 고프로봄이벤트2019 Spring Korea 고프로 고프로라이프 GoProLife GoProMafia GoProHero7Black GoProPhotography GoProHero7 고프로히어로7 후니훈고프로 GoProKR all4gear GoPro 올포기어 봄스타그램 벚꽃스타그램 goprofamily goprotravel 여행스타그램 모녀스타그램 경주 불국사 겹벚꽃 왕벚꽃 엄마와딸 여행에미치다 travelholic

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Our Vertical Frame mounted on a motocross helmet from our customers nicola_cassella & viktoria.esse.rain 🏍 gopro VERTICAL FRAME FLUO GREEN ✅ 3D by godrone printed in hight quality ALFAPLUS is online at this link ———> gopro goprohero7 goprohero7black goproit goprohero5 goprolife goprodoubleframe goproverticalframe goproaccessories gopro3d goprokit gopro_captures 3dprinting verticalframe madeinitaly heroscommunity goproit gocamera goprofamily goprooftheday

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Volver a Auckland es como sentirme en casa. Sin tiempo, sin planes, solo por el placer de perderme y con el instinto incansable de estar en constante DESCUBRIMIENTO. Siempre en movimiento, pero nunca con prisa. Y lo mejor, compartiendo aventuras con gente bonita que te encuentras en el camino.👣 newzealand nuevazelanda nzmustdo capturenz newzealandwithme newzealandguide lovenewzealand travelnz aucklandcity auckland skytower viajar viajera viaje travel traveler traveling lovetravel viajaresvivir mujeresviajeras landscape natgeotravel lifestyle wanderlust goprohero7 goprolife goproes gopro nomad nomadlife

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𓇼 TOKYO🗼 浅草は何回も行ったことあったけど せっかくだから着物を着て 人力車に乗ってきたよ😋💓 片手にGoPro 片手にチューハイ🍺笑 で忙しい人力車内 🤣🤣🤣 案内をしてくれたのは らぶちゃん💘 rickshaws01 いろんなことを教えてくれて 楽しかった〜😋🌈✨ いつか人力車で石垣島に 遊びに来てねっ🤣🔥 着物を着るのも何年振り👘? やっぱりすきだわ〜🥺💓 📷 goprojp 東京 Tokyo 浅草 asakusa 浅草寺 雷門 人力車 gopro goprjp goprohero7 goproのある生活 ゴープロの生活 goprogirl goprolife goprofamily goprotraveljapan tripon gopro縦撮り タビジョ

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Photo by : luisoortega———————————————————— Follow us ( goproxoo ) Tag your friends Double tap ❤️ Comment 💬 Share 🔄 ———————————————————— gopro goproeveryday surf gosoulcommunity goproselfie goprohero6 travel photooftheday goprophoto goprotravel goproit goprohero goprohero5 goprophotography goprohero4 goprojp goprobrasil goprobr goprodreams goproeverything goprofamily goproit goprolife gopromx gopromoment gopronation goprophoto gopro6 goprohero7 ocean goproxoo goprogirl

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疲れたけど楽しかったなあ🤘🇯🇵 先輩たちも良くしてくれて本当に感謝ばかりです!一つ言わせてもらうともう集いたくはないですかね ・ ・ instagram instalike instagood instapic 一眼レフ mavicpro drone ドローン gopro goprojp goproのある生活 karmagrip filmwalkr tabilabo friends friend instatravel goprobr goprohero goprooftheday goprography goprolife goprolifestyle instapic instadaily ootd fff f4f lfl likes いいね返し

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Photo by : abdhulllaa——————————————————— Follow us ( gopromvs ) Tag your friends Double tap ❤️ Comment 💬 Share 🔄 ———————————————————— gopro goproeveryday surf goprooftheday goproselfie goprohero6 travel photooftheday goprophoto goprotravel goproit goprohero goprohero5 goprophotography goprohero3 gopromaldives goprojp goprobrasil goprobr goprodreams goproeverything goprofamily goproit goprolife gopromx gopromoment maldives goprophoto gopro6 photooftheday love ocean goproxoo

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La tomba a prospetto architettonico di Sas Puntas è realizzato scavando un basso bancone calcareo a breve distanza dall'abitato, riproduce integralmente una tomba di giganti sia nella facciata a esedra sia all'interno, con il vano di sepoltura ellittico. La sepoltura rientra nella categoria delle tombe a prospetto architettonico, note anche come "domus nuragiche", cioè sepolture ipogeiche scavate nella roccia, spesso riadattando preesistenti domus de janas di età neolitica. sardegna sardinia cerdeña lanuovasardegna sardegnageographic sardegna_reporter focusardegna sardegnaofficial unionesarda yallerssardegna archaicsardinia sardiniantales megalithicmarvels vivosardegna welcometosardegna archeosardegna tissi gopro goproit goprolife nature archeology labrador adventuretime outdoors sassari domusdejanas tombadeigiganti farah

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HAWAII🌺 . 結婚式終わって2ヶ月経った🥰 結婚記念日☺☺💕 写真見れば見るほどHawaii 行きたい欲高まるばかり🌴🌴🌴 今日は3連休2日目✌✌ やっぱり2交代よい😇 新婚生活は順調です🥰 ゆうきくんは毎日仕事😂 旦那がんばれ🤘🏻 📍Hawaii gopro gopro6 goprogirl goprolife Hawaii honolulu waikiki🌴 waikikibeach 🏖 honeymoon✈️ palm🌴 palmbeach trip 🌺 🍍 🏝 💍 🐠 🌈 👫 . むらやまカップル 村山夫婦

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• LIVE.YOUR.DREAM • If you get the possibility to shoot with a real XCO MTB Athlete - take your chance! It's awesome! You can find the full movie in my IGTV. 🚵🏼‍♀️ Hanna Klein goprolife goprovideo beautyofcycling womenscycling roadcycling cyclinggirl goprobike stravacycling igvid cinematic cinematicvideo travelvideo mtblife igvid noshortcuts mtblife beautifuldestinations moodygrams filmmaking filmwalkr bestvideooftheday gopromovie awesupply artofvisuals germanroamers wekeepmoments shortfilm trainingday cyclist mtbgirl