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5 days ago

2d from gorillaz drawn competently incompetent First off fuck spiky hair it's a bitch to draw in ms paint had the same problem when I tried to draw deku And second I am a bit of fan of gorillaz and will be doing the rest of the band next (I will do both ace and murdoc) art mspaint paint badart fanart gorillaz 2dgorillaz gorlliaz

1 month ago

Terence Edward Hall (March 19, 1965) is a musician best known as the lead vocalist for The Specials and Fun Boy Three. Throughout his career Hall has He started as the Coventry Automatics which became The Specials in early 1979. They released a number of hit singles throughout the ’80s and are probably the most popular 2nd Wave ska band. After the band’s last big single, Hall left the band an formed the new wave and pop band Fun Boy Three with a few members of the Specials. The band found moderate success releasing a few hit singles. Hall would go on to form The Colourfield another new wave and pop band. They also found moderate success in the U.K. Hall went solo in 1994 and released 2 solo albums. Hall has worked with various artists throughout his career lately he has been working and providing vocals for Gorillaz and Dub Pistols. Hall has reunited with The Specials in 2012 and continues to tour with them. The Specials released an album a few months ago. The Specials and Terry Hall play a big part in the 2ndWave ska movement scene. Hall and The Specials influence true ska fans and artists today. Musician Rock NewWave Ska Pop TheSpecials FunBoy3 TheColourField TerryBlairAndAnouchka Gorlliaz

1 month ago

This is my playlist based of Kalus for alexaniche contestif anyone else listens I hope you enjoy

2 months ago

Day 21: a song with a person’s name in the title Ashley: Escape the Fate I also added a few honorable mentions because for this one I really couldnt pick a favorite So: Amelia: Tonight Alive Abigail: Motionless in White Alice: Ice Nine Kills Clint Eastwood: Gorillaz Im Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made Of?: A Day To Remember If You Seek Amy(f-u-c-k me): Britney Spears Okay so back to Ashley, this song reminds me of an old friend who helped me through alot, and another friend who Is still one of my best friends showed me this band back in like 2010 and Ive followed them ever since. escapethefate adaytoremember motionlessinwhite britneyspears gorlliaz tonightalive iceninekills

3 months ago

Noddle from gorillaz has gone through so much change I honstly love the band still and listen to there song here and there but how they came back is odd idk I just hope they make more hits that il love for now there new ones are hit or miss with me I’ll come back for it but idk gorlliaz noodle

6 months ago

고릴라즈 히트곡 많은데 이렇게까지 해야하는거야. 한국에서도! blur gorlliaz

6 months ago

Lol I’m really really really sad but too lazy to make a vent edit so here’s some audio instead. Pls tag me if used ⠀ Song: youtube: SAD- Xxxtentacion (cover by zekerya) [follow me 4 a free cookie🍪] [credit if reposted] [tag 3 ppl in the comments for a follow back and help save my dying page] ☟tags ignore☟ xxxtentation edit editaudios editaudio ripxxxtentacion x sad toptags sad nothappy cry crying tears instasad sadness depressed alone help hope l4l insta mood badmood moods gorlliaz 2d shilohdynasty

7 months ago

Never knew it was hard to find photos of murdocs butt gorlliaz

9 months ago

📷😎he loves my little feet notbigfatfeet😲😑😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂㊗ gorlliaz 👸🔙