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6 days ago

Day 21: a song with a person’s name in the title Ashley: Escape the Fate I also added a few honorable mentions because for this one I really couldnt pick a favorite So: Amelia: Tonight Alive Abigail: Motionless in White Alice: Ice Nine Kills Clint Eastwood: Gorillaz Im Made if Wax, Larry, What are You Made Of?: A Day To Remember If You Seek Amy(f-u-c-k me): Britney Spears Okay so back to Ashley, this song reminds me of an old friend who helped me through alot, and another friend who Is still one of my best friends showed me this band back in like 2010 and Ive followed them ever since. escapethefate adaytoremember motionlessinwhite britneyspears gorlliaz tonightalive iceninekills