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Conquistei o primeiro lugar no campeonato world cup bjj pro 2019 , foram lutas duras mas me preparei muito para esse campeonato, agora é só alegria. Muito obrigado a todos que me ajudaram na preparação com apoio moral, suplementos, treinos, etc sem vcs não estaria aqui oss Obrigado pela ajuda camping9374 Agradeço muito meus patrocinadores por sempre estarem me ajudando gbbaixoguandu motionboxbg zeus.suplementoss ritaamorin1hotmailcom labdrdecio oss bjj champion cblp xcombat bluebelt gb graciebarra graciejiujitsu primeirolugar tmj feliz

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These three grapplers just tore a swath of destruction through the grapplingindustries VA Beach show. Three of the hardest working people on the matso, impressive work, gentlemen but not surprising! :) It's an honor to be your teammate! If you're serious about reaching your potential as a grappler, whether with zero rules (self-defense), MMA rules, sub-only rules, ADCC rules or even kindergarten rules lol ;) you won't find a better place on the planet to train than rammartialarts. I've trained and competed all over the world for nearly 15 years now. I know. :) 📷: player7839 choosetobeexceptional teamram pedrosauerteam grapplingindustries grapplers submissiononly brazilianjiujitsu bjj graciejiujitsu grappling nogi martialarts martialartist blackbelt subonly submissiongrappling submissionwrestling subgrappling jitslife jiujitsu

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You need to be realistic with your average student. Not everyone is a former athlete, has size and strength, athleticism, physical and mental toughness. Many of your students are not fighters by nature, or aggressive, and to be honest manymost have never been in a fight in their life. If they ever have to defend themselves the person attacking them is most likely going to be bigger and stronger, more aggressive and vicious. This is why it is so important that people understand how to survive and defend against a violent attack. You have to teach them the art of how NOT to lose a street fight… Which ultimately means, they are able to survive and escape, to get away and live to go on with their lives. Learning how to survive, defense and escape is a huge part of the game, and paramount to self-defense. You can go to my Facebook to watch the whole Jeep Rant. survive defend escape selfdefense combatives graciejiujitsu bjj mma streetfight martialarts realistic bereal theacademymn pedrosauer_bjja pedro_sauer_ graciejiujitsuacademy cswassociation renergracie

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Since a (born in 1991) i only wanted to be a fighter. I only wanted to battle and started my mma journey in 1998. But when i was 13 back in 2004 one of my old coaches kenprimo told me "jiu jitsu is a privledge and life is a priority, our priorities hit but our privledges will always be their." And i always remembered that. As i used to tell my students the same and add, its been here 1000 years before jesus and will be here a 1000 years after us. With that being said. Its time for me to take off a couple months of competing and as much training and finally end the like 7 year battle of a broke system of slavery thay has been holding me back. A man must harvest the seeds he once sow. But from that beauty and character at its supreme come back focused Many great philosophers since the beginning of time has taken Absence of leave. Excited to see what animal comes from the three metamorphosis of the soul. A camel, to a lion, to a . The destruction of a person builds character. My brother a ( unitedstatesmarine) is fighting a holy war against an enemy and he doesnt even believe in a god. "Nor do i". So i must shed my skin to grow from a beast to a monster. And ill say one thing. You fuckers are lucky again. Sleep good while im gone. - Don Pep newjersey Philadelphia delaware bjj graciejiujitsu teambalance relsongracie wrestling grecoromanwrestling freestylewrestling boxing dirtyboxing muaythai nakmuay mma yoga yogi om everydayporrada

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I look at this shirt I wore today to teach classes, and it reminds me I've been training with nextlevelcombatives since 2006 After 7 years of training BJJ, I was looking for a home, I walked into a little gym called Gracie Orlando It was a room full of killers, and a crazy wide eyed coach who was one of realroyce first black belts From moment one, he corrected some bullshit that I had been doing wrong for 7 years prior, he held me (and all of us) to a high standard, he never let me slack, or get away with a thing I'd get my ass kicked, and worked hard to get better, so I could start kicking ass And promotions? HA Never thought I'd get a damn stripe let alone a belt 13 years later, one of his first black belts, teaching at our new named 6levels gym, coaching our competitors, I thank Jon for a lot So if you think that I'm tough, blame him 😂😂😂 Seriously, thanks Jon for helping me get to this point, and still helping me improve, and thanks to my brothers keenanrj85 submit1991 for kicking my old ass for nearly 15 years now, it's been awesome being on this adventure together. brazilianjiujitsu bjjlifestyle bjj4life bjjathlete 6levelsorlando TeamRoyceGracie everydayporrada blackbelt faixapreta graciejiujitsu GracieOrlando OldSchool TheseAreTheOldWays workhard earnit

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Packed out mats for our weekend seminar with Professor Romulo romuloreisrga Great to be together with multiple academies! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 - - Warmup before things get charged up! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ - - thor_the_jiu riliongracie riliongracieacademyhq riliongraciemissouricity - - riliongracie graciejiujitsu rgapcb jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu legend academy chokebjj professorromulo thorthejiu thorshaffer thorjitsu discoverjiujitsu jiujitsuknows panamacitybeach panamacity professorthor blackbeltbjj

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As grandes amizades que fiz na vida foram no tatame. Ótimo DiaDoAmigo Oss MKS Escola Federal de Jiu-Jitsu. Minerva. MAIS QUE UMA EQUIPE. OSS Horários Segundas, Quartas e Sextas 11:30 as 12:30 Ter e Quintas 17:00 as 19:00 jiujitsuufrj Isso aqui é Jiu-Jitsu equipeminerva delarivajiujitsu gfteam jiujitsuufrj graciejiujitsu jiujitsu bjj grappling martialarts artesuave bjj4life lifestyle barretojiujitsu gavazzajiujitsu dnagavazza alvarobarreto dnafadda faddajiujitsu GMHelioFadda bjjgirls meninasnojiujitsu jiujiteiras jiujitsugirls bjjwoman bjjwomen fightlikeagirl mulhernotatame jiujitsuparamulheres jiujitsufeminino

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O Jiu Jitsu nos possibilita fazer amigos em qualquer lugar do mundo, nos possibilita ensinar e aprender a todo momento, nos ajuda a criar laços poderosos de amizade, irmandade e principalmente nos ajuda a crescer. Eu nunca estou satisfeito e nunca quero estar, essa busca insaciável pelo contato humano, pelo conhecimento e por expandir minha consciência cada vez mais, me faz todos os dias sentir a vida correndo em minhas veias, me faz sentir que o Universo pulsa vivo e responde a todos os nossos estimulos, bons ou ruins. Obrigado Prof. Selman, sua hospitalidade é espetacular e sua maneira de pensar nunca vai te fazer parar. Thanks Prof. Selman, your hospitality is amazing and your way of thinking never gonna stop you. DOBERMAN'S NUNCA RECUAM! BEHRING JIU JITSU SEMPRE E PRA SEMPRE! flaviobehringjiujitsu redbelt JulianoBaraqueti blackbelt 2nddegree graciejiujitsu gracierespect GRACIEFAMILY ctdobermansinternacional🇧🇷🇦🇷 🇹🇳🇬🇷

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Saturday is washing day. 5 days in the gym, 5 sets of gi and rashguards for the machine. I love the smell of a fresh washed gi in the bathroom. Nothing worse than a stinker on the mats. ================================ gracie jiujitsu bjj graciejiujitsu ufc mma grappling brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle artesuave oss graciebarra boxing graciefamily toca tocabjj graciebarrasaocristovao jiujitsuparatodos combate life purplebelt kickboxing cbjj brazilianjujitsu graciemag atosjiujitsu blackbelt germanosteam carlsongracie blackwombatbjj

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🔥🎯👉 citadelbjj ・・・ Pay close attention to what Royce Alger and Dan Gable say in this clip from the FloWrestling film, TERRY. 🔥🔥🥇 — It’ll be a hot and steamy practice today for no-gi grappling at noon. 🤼‍♂️🔥 — Be there. • • You can find the film TERRY on the flowrestling or flograppling websites! Watch it! (It requires a “pro membership” but it is worth every penny.) • • iowacity iowa owacityiowa iowacityarea martialarts iowacityfitness iowacitybjj bjjiowacity easterniowa ibjjf graciejiujitsu downtowniowacity coralville coralvilleiowa northliberty northlibertyiowa selfdefense nogi muscatine iowacitycrossfit nogigrappling nogibjj bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu bjjclass iowawrestling iowacityarea grappling iowabjj

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Kinda interesting, what age and belt colour are you? •✖️•✖️•✖️•✖️• •✖️•✖️•✖️• •✖️•✖️• •✖️• • bjj jiujitsu oss brazilianjiujitsu everydayporrada bjjnogi grappling nogi jits gi cbjj bjjgirls bjjfighter bjjtraining bjjlove jiujitsufamily jiujitsumylife graciejiujitsu bjjtechique submissiongrappling jiujitsuforeveryone bjjforlife artsuave mma bjjdrills bjjmemes selfdefense brojitsu jiujitsusavedmylife submission