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Size yıllar sonra bile modası geçmeyen fotoğraflar bırakıyoruz📸 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 foto.dome 📸 expofilm 📸 portraitfestival 📸 igpodium_portraits 📸 portraitpage 📸 myphotoshop_ 📸 marvelous_shots 📸 portraitmood 📸 vzcomood 📸 art_iphoto 📸 portraitvision 📸 bravogreatphoto 📸 igworldclub_women 📸 📸 portraitsfromtheworld 📸 seekingthestars 📸 tv_moods 📸 dark.daisies 📸 filmpalette 📸 peoplephotatoes 📸 peoplesmood 📸 globe_people 📸 quietthechaos 📸 of2humans 📸 creative_portraits 📸 oblivioncreature 📸 discoverportrait 📸 kdpeoplegallery 📸 kd.photostudio 📸 endlessfaces 📸 theportraitpr0ject 📸 portrait_vision 📸 majestic_people_ 📸 human.edge 📸 ₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋ portraits bravogreatphoto earth_portraits endlessfaces myphotoshop artofsystem portraitfestival theportraitpr0ject portraitmood ourmoodydays portraitpage turklikeben_women yourvisiongallery featureaccount hvmansouls gramkilla pursuitofportraits cityports portraitstream moodyports discoverportrait portrait_vision awesomeportraits portrait_wizard cityports

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what you think we do vs. what we actually do. 🤷🏻‍♀️ • when you really like your friend, so you spend hours retouching, then ask a couple of friends for their opinions and then retouch even more. thanks for the tips snapshopped and art_brzo & marcin.stempien for your help. 💙 • • • • makeportrait makeportraitsnotwar doports moodyports portraitpage portrait_shots hvmansouls portraitgames portraitsnyc dream_ports theportraitpr0ject gramkilla aovportraits cityports 777luckyfish uk_ports londonphotographer ourportraitdays portrait_vision portraitvisuals portraitmood bleachmyfilm portraitgasm moodyfilm discoverportrait portraits_perfection wildsoul blueaesthetic browneyegirl

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Nailed the vintage film look on these!🎞🔥

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Still can’t get over how much I loved this shoot more to come!🌞 💫 Model: nathaliaramos Photographer/retoucher: edendozier

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Feeling reflective (PUN) This is just to say that most people base their self-worth on the following formula: . My value = performance + others acceptance . Except that this formula is a lie, because God has already settled that your value is immeasurable, and you were made to do more than scramble after made-up point systems and contrived standards. Let us be free from deriving value from fickle places, and let us be free to live lives of abundance and share them with other (also immeasurably valuable) people searchforsignificance pdxmodel pnw_shooters awesomeportrait portraitoasis pnwportraitvisions ourportraitdays thep0rtraitproject pursuitofportraits moodygrams killeverygram gramkilla moodyports portlandportraits citynrose bravogreatportrait fringefashionpdx reactionmodels pdxstudio theportlandstudio evansamy amyevans trashkaren n pdxfashion creativepreneur

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TEBRİKLER👏🏻👏🏻🏆👏🏻👏🏻 Congratulations ➖➖➖💋➖➖➖ Photo by 👉🏻 tolgaaray 👈🏻 Seçim / selected 👉🏻 dilek1cann 👈🏻 ➖➖➖💋➖➖➖ Takip / Follow 👉🏻 turklikeben_woman Etiket / Tag 👉🏻 turklikeben_woman ➖➖➖💋➖➖➖ Kardeş sayfalarımız turklikeben turklikebenbnw turklikeben_macro turklikeben_people ➖➖➖💠➖➖➖ 🚫 Not internet or stolen pictures. All pictures will be controlled with ✪Tineye ✪Google reverse image and ✪Picstagrab earth_portraits earth_emotions portrait_blog bravogreatphoto 777luckyfish endlessfaces myphotoshop featurecollective doports vscocam theportraitpr0ject portraitmood ourmoodydays theportraitculture portraitpage aovportraits yourvisiongallery majestic_people snapseed mextures gramkilla ArtOfSystem pursuitofportraits ftwotw hvmansouls moodyports discoverportrait portraitsfromtheworld portraitstream

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1, 2 or 3? I love the colours but I think that the grey smoke might suit this witchy look more! 🤔 What do you guys think?? Model vooduudoll Makeup kapartistry and assistant !

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My favourite of the series with sharonlburford, so much strength and positivity 💪🏻

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Scranton street photography

24 minutes ago

Scranton street photography 🖤

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Spanish [V] Portrait ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Foto por aayub.ess Modelo rittaax.uwu TAG: SPANISHVPORTRAIT 👉🏼 ¡Felicidades! Selection by ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Team SpanishVPortrait carlosaay apartofyou_ph dani.gual makendbeart ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Allianze • Juegodetonos - - fotokillerzCreative_portrait_ - creativeportraitPortraitneworld - portraitneworld ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Help Tags: globe_people topportraits PortraitPage portraits_mf Portrait_Vision portraitmood PortraitVision portraitsvision earth_portraits portraitsociety potrait4ever portraits10 portraitlegacy portraitirad folkportraits sigmaART instashootmadrid doports GramKilla discoverportraits portraitsbySudansh ourcolourdays portraits10 portraittm

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Some street photography I did in Scranton.

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Colour palette of dreams. 🌞

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lah goon ah

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Good Evening, this picture was taken Yesterday for me whilst dining out! I didn’t upload it with my Other pictures, because I hated it I hated it because of my Legs! 🦵 We’ve all got that bit we hate, and I have Kankles! I feel disappointed with myself for not exercising as much as I should be, to keep them toned! Getting older is tough, but I try and concentrate on the things that I can work with! 😆 With my Shape, I struggle so much with my bottom half, it’s like it doesn’t match! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I haven’t created this post for Wowzer Comments, but to say no matter a size 6, 10, 14, 18, Etc We will never be satisfied! There is always something that and will bother us, I could have edited this, smoothed it and reshaped, but that’s not what I’m about! ✌🏻 trendingreallife thegirlgang anotheroutfitpost midsizestyle thestreetograph mumstyle gramkilla xparentcom okidsshine bloggerswanted reallifeandstyle ukstyleblog londonstyle simplefashion easyoutfits thecaptionclub keepthegramreal myfashionsubmit highstreetfashion yeshm sotonbloggers petitestyle fashiongram whattoweartoday styledomino whowhatwear wearitloveit size10style averagegirlsize wearthisnext

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Day 203 of 365: Keep the culture going tahjworld

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If you never try, you’ll never know

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As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others Audrey Hepburn ———————————————————————— ozoneportraits thank you for everything goodtuesdayz ———————————————————————— portraitphotography portraitmood ginger portrait_mood vintage portraitmode moodyportraits redhead milfotos milf redheads portraitgames portraitgasm wmportraits pursuitofportraits portrait.unit portrait_vision portrait_planet portraitvision_ portrait_shots portraiture portrait_ig vintagefashion gramkilla portraitvisuals portrait_today portrait_ig portraitmodels portraitstream portraitpage