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La journée où je pensais faire un super photoshoot au Grand Canyon mais finalement faisait aussi froid qu’au Mont-Tremblant en Decembre. grandcanyon arizona sky nature earth

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Many consider it to be one of the seven wonders of the world. Stretching 446 km in length, the Grand Canyon is a true marvel of nature that fits anyone’s bucket list. Check out GoPro video highlights of our adventures at this epic national park and don’t forget to follow us to learn more on our custom-made road trip of Southwest USA! 📸 naninasim More videos from SudharSpeaks at sudharspeaks southwest southwestusa roadtrip fall gopro hero4 grandcanyon grandcanyonnationalpark southkaibabtrail bucketlist naturalwonder arizona scenic adventure

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노계획 ! 노빠꾸 ! 일기장 하나 들고 도망친 천방지축 단벌신사 in America ! 🇺🇸 in Las Vegas ! 흥이라는게 폭발해버린 뜨거운 그랜드캐년의 하룻밤 ! 그리고 그랜드 캐년의 웅장한 대자연과의 조우 내가 느낀 그 어떤 것도 말로 다 표현이 안된다. 그저 피부와 숨과 체온으로 느낀 그 전율을 내 감각으로만 기억하고 있을 뿐이다. 그저 압도되어서 눈물이 났다. 너무도 완벽한 곳이었다. 내 작은 세상을 또 한번 열어준 그랜드캐년 ! 나는 운명론자다. 내게 지금 생긴 모든 일들은 과거에 있었던 나의 선택들로 인해 있었던 일들의 결과라고 생각한다. 힘들었던 과거는 현재 행복한 상황을 더 많이 느끼라고 있었던 일들이었다고. 그렇게 운명이 이끄는대로. USA 미국 미쿡 Grandcanyon 그랜드캐년 운명론자 버킷리스트 Bucketlist 행복 Happy 대자연 Beautifulnature 좋은시작 운명이이끄는대로 엉진망창 좌충우돌 여행의 다음 역은 어디 ?!

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Everyone always tells you how beautiful Mooney falls is, but has anyone ever mentioned the descent to the falls?! 😩 literally climbed my way down steep rocks holding on to nothing but chains. The rocks were slippery from the waterfall mist so I held on for dear life 😤

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How many get to hike in the Grand Canyon with their Great Grand Parents!? ☀️

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Seeing this after a looong hike with a heavy pack was pretty awesome

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Rim to rim hike was GRAND Thanks tprry for making my dream come true and doing this with me! 17 mile hike with almost a mile in elevation lost then gained Truly the best way to experience the beautiful Grand Canyon (Travis says white water rafting would be better 🤷🏼‍♀️😆) 👏🏼🌞💪🏽🌵 bucketlist GrandCanyon cantwalknow worthit

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more Canyon pics because IG is basically my own personal photo album 😆

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Long long Car ride to the gorge. My paws and butt could take no mores. Epic crack and granite rock, all I think is what the fock? Walk to the edge and experience. Scary gorge I peed my pants. Run through trails my ears fly free, today I feel like a super doxie. grandcanyon dachshundsofinstagram lovethybeast dogmomlife hobokendogs hobokennj puppiesofinstagram puppies puppylove spoiledaf wienerdog longhaireddachshund minidachshund nyc citydog scarf thepuppydays spoiledaf doxie minidoxie barkboxday barking toys tennis puppylove doggy love doxiesofinstagram dachshund_feature dachshundappreciation

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Station look outs.

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One of the greats.

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Our world faces everyday that aren’t significant enough for media recognition😶. Realities like: