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Hi! My name is Duke, I was born November 15, 2018 but was adopted by my father December 25th, 2018 (what a Christmas gift, to have me as a present! 😜). I was named after my owners grandfather Duke Torres. Now I’m here to continue his legend. Since this is my first post I wanted to show who I was as a puppy. (Look at how cute and small I was) if you enjoy my page and want to see more please like and share my page so everyone can see my purty face 🐶 horrible emoji to respresent me 😒 we need a grey dog emoji bluenose grey gray puppy pitbull pitbullpuppies greyeyes scorpio justlikemydaddy followforfollowback dogsonly

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Assessing The Day’s Work Day 144 of 2019, Day 1270 of my daily painting practice. 🌻Daily paintings are 6x8" and can be purchased for $50 (plus $5 s+h USA) 🌻Prints of all originals are available for order for $20 (plus $5 s+h USA) 🌻To purchase an original or order prints, please email whimsymim 🌻Gallery of all daily’s: dailypainter dailypractice 365artchallenge yearfour meghanyates artmonk contemporaryart womenartists art painter originalart innerlifecreations ⚡️ assessing lookingahead work logic grounded preparing prepared structure hat gray drawing

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I based this on one of my favourite poems. no one hears you no matter how loud you scream you yell into an empty well your echoes sound like silence to those who refuse to listen you suffocate beneath the weight of your adolescence your opinions are weightless because those opinions come from the and sadly no one listens to the . ~~~pointless tags~~~ art ventart poetry artfrompoetry youngartist oc originalcharacter watercolours traditionalart artistoninstagram artoninstagram blue gray mute blind

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looking at the birds like 👀

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The Love Potion The End❤ ❀ ❀ Anime: Fairy Tail ❀ ❀ Episode: ❀ ❀ Characters: ✧ ☆ ✧ ☆ ❤Follow: natsu_doraguniru_ for more content❤ ✧ ☆ ✧ ☆ ~Turn On Post Notifications~ ✧ ☆ ✧ ☆ ~Welcome to my account~ ✧ ☆ ✧ ☆ ~Credits to xmizuwaterx on Tumblr~ ☆ ✧ ☆ ✧ ~Ignore the tags~ anime fairytail fairytailguild natsudragneel lucyheartfilia nalu natsu lucy erza erzascarlet jellal jellalfernandes gajeel manga otaku kawaii gajeelredfox levy levymcgarden gray grayfullbuster juvia juvialockser happy lily charle wendy wendymarvel natsu_doraguniru_

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“Alco-Gris” a nice little 6hr portrait mural I did over at Gainsville for urban_revitalization_project walls with artisnotacrimeenvy also I did a video on it check it out on YouTube search Eduardo Smet. Video link is: . art mural portrait gray portraitpainting rainbow portraitmural gainsville gainesvillemurals florida streetart realism face mtnwaterbased inspirational supportart artistforhire wip contemporaryart artnerd ironlak evolvepaint sugaracrylic mtn94

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چیزی که بیابان را زیبا می کند . شازده کوچولو می گوید : چاهی است که جایی پنهان کرده است . شازده_کوچولو kurd gray_photo gray

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Describe this look in one word