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Typical kid, Yogi doesn't enjoy the contents, as much as the box they arrived in. growingup akita

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🃏Cards 🃏 . This is one thing I love about E getting older - we can play games like this together ❤️ I loved UNO as (actually I still enjoy it now 😊) and love the fact that E keeps asking to play it before bed 😍 cardgames retrogames simplegames growingup mothersontime

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Mr. Handsome is growing up so quickly, soon mom won’t have any babies anymore! Can’t believe how smart but sassy this little guy is! He’s already asking to use the potty and actually goes on it(not all the time), he talks SO much, and he does everything his big sisters do, not too mention he basically the same size as Ava! I am so proud watching him grow into the little boy he is but it’s so bittersweet knowing he’s my last little baby. 😢🤷‍♀️💚 myben growingup notababy hesaboy sohandsome sobig nomorebabies whatsmomgonnado bittersweet

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Love you soooooo much!💜 My little girl now has a big brother! 🙌🏽

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My crazy man. My wild . The tiny being that keeps me on my toes the most (yes even with all of Lydia’s medial needs!). Since I found out you were growing in my womb you were nothing short of chaotic. Sleeping all day and up all night. Kicking and rolling and rejecting any food I tried to supply you (any myself) with at the time. I may not post pictures of you as much as your sister. But that’s because your sister is still small and in my arms through the day. While you, my wild man are never still. And I love it. You’re constantly moving and learning and growing. You love nature and playing outside and hate stopping for photos. You love to help me cook but you’re so messy you need constant supervision. And the snuggles I don’t get them as often anymore. So the times you just want me to hold you, I do just that. I hold you and nothing else. No phone. Tv remote. Nothing. I love you with all my being Hendrix Nathaniel. Thank you for making me a mother and showing me true love. Stay wild my crazy ❤️ HendrixNathaniel MommasBoy FirstBorn GrowingUp PleaseSlowDown ButNeverStop

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As a kid i believed that if a man lived in the same house with a woman he liked they would have a baby without intercourse of cos😝😝😝I had no idea what that was for a long long time😂😂😂 can you imagine! Tell me yours!

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My sweet twin boys, now 15yrs old, are pulling on my heart strings this week. One of them started his first job yesterday. The other one just left with his friend's family for his first week long trip away from home. Big moves from my not so little guys. I know the plan was to raise them to be confident independent men but I'm not ready for them to be testing the waters. I wish I could keep them with me safe & sound forever. It's hard to let go to share them with the world. But that's the way it goes. While I feel emotional about this changing of the tide, I'm really so proud of them both. I couldn't ask for better sons. Go ahead and be big boys. Just don't forget about mama. myboys twins twinboys momlife twinmomlife proudmama hardtoletgo momofteens growingup mysons wishicouldkeepthemlittle sniffsniff proudofmyboys firstjob firsttrip youngmennow makesmyheartache theywillalwaysbemybabies

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Life is all about taking risks and believing in yourself, even if you dont " in the moment." Sometimes the hardest battle is with yourself and knowing You Are GOOD Enough, and that You DO MATTER. I decided to take this leap into the unknown and take charge of my life. Be the person I know I can be and want to be. You can only do that by putting in the work knowing that it might not work out. It's a scary thing, uncertainty but that's what makes life so beautiful. You can't enjoy the great times and be successful without some failures and falls in between. Becoming a Virtual Assistant wasn't something I ever planned on doing but here I am now, ready to go all in and learn from the ground up, building myself up in the process and hopefully help other's strive towards their goals and dreams! ❤✈ empowering woman ladyboss empoweringwomen savy techsavy work va womanpower empowerment improvement growingup life independentwoman strong mentalhealth happy believeinyourself believe nevergiveup

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Repost laurajaneillustrations with get_repost ・・・ There are certain things in life that as adults we convince ourselves are ‘not ok’, even though they are things that as humans we all need, feel or do. Please remember that: 🌼It’s ok to let yourself cry (whether your a man or a woman, a grown up or a ). 🌼It’s ok to ask for help when you can’t manage something by yourself. 🌼It’s ok to feel a whole range of emotions. 🌼It’s ok to make mistakes, to fail and to try again (it’s a learning process). 🌼It’s ok to have good days and bad days and days that are a bit of everything. 🌼And it’s ok to not have all the answers, to not have everything figured out and to not have a plan You are valid, your feelings are valid and everything is going to be OK ✨ . itsok itsokay itsokaynottobeokay itsoktonotbeok youwillbeok everythingwillbeok itsoktocry itsoktohavebaddays lifelessons growingup adulting laurajaneillustrations thingstoremember divorce   divorceconsultant  divorcecoach divorcesupport  Surrey divorcesupportteam   divorceblog divorcenavigator  divorcenavigation thedivorcenavigator  separation

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Talk about a walk down memory lane The house I grew up in, minus the huge oak tree and crab apple treeI wished I could go inside. The park where I spent a lot of my childhood days and met the one person who I loved more than life, the ice cream hot spot that I spent many a summer dayfeels good to be home and even better to be able to share it with my memories growingup home madeincresthill sharelife family friends

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Hahahahaha now isn’t this the truth?? 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😱😱 Truth GrowingUp RB Music OldSchool WeHadNoClue LOL

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This year, make your kid's birthday extra special with our personalized birthday book! 🎉🤩 This book will surely have heads turning at any birthday party. It’s unique, personalized, and full of fun! Thank you for the photos jessica_agnes! hoorayheroes hooraybday

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Today I finally told my parents about my 2nd tattoo made last June. This compass represents my love for Travel and the colours remind me I have to stay positive so I should be proud of it instead of hiding it in front of them. Today was a step further to accept and love myself for who I truly am without caring about others' opinion or approval. Thank you laurensburgess and meg.devenney for helping me taking those pictures so I could reveal the news. 😘 tattoo compass watercolour art individuality identity selfexpression selfacceptation growingup adulthood thisisme loveyourself travel breakingnews

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Take a break 🙃 We’ll be here when you need us. selfcaremonday

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There are no words to express how much I miss my familly 😭 You grew up so fast, I saw you growing up year after year. Growing in size maturity and wisdom, I wish I could’ve seen you more often ! But one thing I can say is that being your big brother once a year is a blessing for me. Happy birthday Darryl Chiang ❤️ I love you !

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Today I celebrate my first (and maybe last) boardseat by posting a very mature selfie with a big smile, all my wrinkles and red lipstick. I have been offered a seat on the board of Jazzdanmark through a dear friend ❤ and of course I accepted! To me, jazz is the ultimate form of art - the ultimate, manifest otherness of the automated, the 'artificial' and of computation - even though it has patterns, math, repetition. And even though Adorno hated it It is truly betwixt and between and I look forward to be doing my small part in giving jazz and its audience the best conditions in Denmark to thrive, grow, and explore. Thank you, cheers, hurray! 🤸‍♂️🙏🍾🥂💋 balcony celebrate hurray board jazz ultimate artform boardseat wrinkles growingup automation artificial computation music dearfriend redlipstick happysmile audience betwixtandbetween adorno repetition math patterns needatan withlove

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And so he turned 5! Victoriously, so says his sister 🖐️ . It was easy to put him on his best behaviour the past week because I'd been conveniently blackmailing him with: "if u do not do , I'll cancel ur cake/celebration/party/my leave (choose any one)" *evil mom!* 😈 . All in jest, of course! But the little man ain't taking any chance. 🤭 But he really, really took pride in reaching this milestone. Not even when he turned 3 or 4. He volunteered that he should help out more in washing his milk bottle. He insists on opening & closing the car door by himself, even though he struggles with it. He tries to convince us that he can bath by himself. His independence is extremely important for him as he exclaims loudly to anyone who asks him his age that he is 5 Granted his wish was a star wars themed cake featuring R2D2 & BB8 (about the only characters I know!), which he painstakingly chose from polarpuffs_cakes. Added a Darth Vader & a star trooper figurine toppers (ok, 2 more I know lol!) from qoo10sg, after I was disappointed at the actual size of the original disney star trooper collectible truck received in the post. And boy, were we glad that the star trooper OEM mask, which took a while to ship, came just in time A simple celebration in Skool with his family (that's us!), his spontaneous classmates (some of whom he grew up with since toddler class) & caring teachers (most of whom recalled that toddling tot fondly), graced by the grannies who gladly accepted his personal invite, presence is still the best present, ever It's certainly the work leave worth taking, to see that sparkle & beam in his eyes & his curved lips that's almost joined to his ears although he was really looking like this most of the time 😁❤️ . Happy happy birthdayyyyy, my dearie! Stay inquisitive & curious, even though I hope u keep ur prying fingers to urself more often! 🙈 Tomorrow then we ask Google if we can put out fire with soap, ok? 😘 belandbray cheekyBray belandbrayandfamily belandbrayandgrannies belandbraycelebrates brayandfriends brayinskool brayis5 babynomore exertingindependence growingup hbd 5yearsold 5goingon10sg celebrationinschool

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Big Day Tomorrow 💙❤️ Oscar and Isla have their first ever settling in session at nursery tomorrow, ready to start next week 😬😍 They loved it when we had a nosy round & their so excited to use their beautiful new nursery backpacks that they got for their birthdays from Auntie sarahhilton31 🤗🤗 I still can't believe they are 3 years old! 😮😌 toddlers twins twinlife nursery bigday start newstart growingup

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• V A K A N T I E ☀️ • Wij hebben onze Zomervakantie geboekt 🎉. We gaan drie weken naar Turkije ❤️. In de Kerstvakantie gingen we twee weken en nu kunnen we genieten van de zon, de zee en het strand 🏖. Ik kan niet wachten 😍. Wat gaan jullie doen in de Zomervakantie?! Benieuwd 🥰😘❤️! Hele fijne avond. Liefs! Yaz tatilinde üç hafta Türkiyedeyiz❤️. Kışın iki hafta bol bol gezmiştik Bartın ve Amasra’da. Yazın çocuklar bol bol yüzer ve havanın tadını çıkarırlar 😍❤️. Sizler neler yapacaksınız yaz tatilinde canlar? Musmutlu akşamlar 🥰😘 funsmomlife momlife motherhood parenting zomervakantie instamom instakids kidsofig momsofinstagram mommylifestyle momlifebestlife magicofchildhood memories makingmemories daughter minime mytinymoments growingup yaztatili mamavandrie momofthree moederschap momswithcameras basisschool vacation momofagirl momofboys childhoodunplugged motherhoodunplugged momsquad

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My Cameron when he must have been around 10 years old 💞 Sometimes I wish time could stand still for a while 💚🖤 hessocute mybabyboy growingup

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I never knew how much I would grow to love this human being. So many nights spent with this tiny human curled up on my chest as it was the only way he’d fall asleep. Now that tiny human is a high school kid who can carry me on his back! I never expected my nephew to feel more like a brother than anything else. He’s so smart, courageous, kind and caring. He is one of the most responsible I have ever known and is firm in his beliefs. I know he is destined for greatness and he inspires me to be great each and everyday. Happy Birthday Kiddo, now let’s go to Vegas!