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Sent in by 350z_speedywillie My Bolted Tuned by L.M.T. 350z 🌽🐰 Vs Tuned GTI Low Dollar Run 200$ Pot He didn’t wanna do nothing less then 60 roll if it involved money. So had to go by his rules. Run 60 Roll My POV Good Runs 🏁 He paid up 🤝💸🔐 No Drama 1320 vw volkswagen gti turbo vq35hr uprev

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I know how it feels to feel alone The king of my own fears, I never leave the throne And I've been searching for a place inside my soul Where all my demons can't find me when I go "Pull it together," they say So I keep hoping for better days I'd be lying if I said that I was fine Cause I feel pain sometimes that I cannot describe So do I raise my fist and curse up at the sky Or do I close my eyes and realize, that's just life? volkswagen polo gti vw slammed static low modified

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golf gti ❤️❤️

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BIG NEWS! Owner indian_welder just picked up a new car for the limited stock class at twspeedway ! We’re going to be spending the next few weeks of free time reworking the car and getting it up to our standards! We plan on having it out for several races this year just to shake it down and get the bugs worked out so we can run a full season next year! We’ll post updates and racing schedules as we get closer! Big thank you to usmctankmech for helping get the car and parts loaded! dicus_enterprises dicusracing racetime trailwayspeedway limitedstock dirttrack racecar racing newtoy rebuildtime vw gti ourfirstvw dirttrackracing supportyourlocaltrack supportyourlocalracer followus performance welding welder fabrication fabricators weldlife racelife timeforfun werebackbitches getready

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BEĞEN +100🌿🌿🌿 GT YAZ +100🍀🍀🍀 + 300 KAYDET 600 TAKİPTE KAL +1000 KEŞFTTEN GELEN TAKİPTE KALSN GT YAZ TAKİPÇİ KAS EKSİK KALMA 🎗🎗📣GTLE SESINI DUYUR ta takipçikazan takipçikazan taki takipcikazanma takipcikasma 🍀🍀 takibetakip gtr gta5 gti gtyapkazan tattooedgirls takipci takımelbise 😎 pasta eg takipçikazan takipe takahiro🎆🎆 takibetakip begeniyebegeni begenihilesi begeni karsiliklibegeni tablo takipedenitakipederim notetaking kas kastamonu takibetakip takipedenitakipederim

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Real Dons move in silence

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WHAT A STUNNING BOOTY🍑👅 WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?🤪 • 🚘: VW GOLF MK7 R • 👤: vag_perf SPONSOR: ARMA_SPEED INTERIEUR_CUSTOMIZING_GROSS MALONETUNING CTSTURBO ————————————————————————- VW SOCIETY:  VWGOLFMK6GTIANDR VW.ELITE | VW.GANG | MBENZ.CLA KWVWCLUB | VW.JUNKIE | VWBUILDS GOLFTURK | VW.PASSION | MK7.FANATICS EASYLOWDUBS | VAG_RACING | VW.OWNERS ————————————————————————- golfr golfmk7 mk7 vw7r gti mk75 mk7r volkswagen vw vwmk7 gti mk7gti  vwclub vwgolfgti gte clubsport vwlifestyle  bagged mk75r vwgolf vwgti vwlove vwmafia  golf7 gtimk7 golfgti mk7golf vwgti golf7r