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54 minutes ago

NANCY AND ECLAIR LEARNED TO MANIPULATE US🤭 Recently these girls started to make a new sound, kind of intense whistle, and now they do it every time when their snacks are over (even if their feeding trough is full of dry food). And even though we’ve given them a carrot/cucumber/parcel 20 min before, they manage to eat it and start to ask about new yummy 🤷🏼‍♀️ And I can say sometimes it’s really hard to refuse them!

1 hour ago

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2 hours ago

Received quite a lot of questions on 🌽 1️⃣piggies can only eat raw vegs, they can’t digest cooked food, so they would be happy receiving everything raw and fresh🥗 2️⃣yes they love corn on the cob very much😋 but since sweet corn is very high in sugar and carbs(which can cause obesity and diabetes) so only give them sweet corn as a special treat instead of regular vegs 3️⃣corn is sweet and is attractive to insects, so please throw away the cob within 4 hours(even they can’t finish it) to keep the piggies clean and hygienic💕wheek wheek - cavyoftheday cavysofinstagram cavyofinstagram instaguineapig 豚鼠 天竺鼠 天天 小天 荷蘭豬 guineapig guineapigs guineapigsofinstagram guineapigmom guineapigmoments cavylove cavylover cavylovers guineapiggies guineapiggy guineapigbaby guineapiglife

2 hours ago

My beautiful Bluebell, Pippa and Blossom🌸💓 I absolutely adore these beautiful girls and these are the original three and then the other four joined them a couple months later👀✨ Happy Tuesday, hope you have a wonderful day🥰

4 hours ago

I'm not saying Diva did it, but 🤔👀🔎

4 hours ago

💎: This is how you do it, right? ☕: 👀

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Das erste mal draußen in der Wiese🎉💞😇 Haha beide Pigs sind begeistert Haben den ganzen restlichen Tag nichts anderes mehr essen wollen außer Wiese!😂😂 »»«« Pawtner💞 Look at their pages! And support them!💕 New pawtner are always welcome!😇 »»«« 🌠 lilpaws.4 💕 thesavvycavies 🌿 🌷 guineapigs_m4busia_pig 🐞 meerschweinchen »»«« [🌿] \\Tags:\\ guineapig guineapigs guineapigsofinstagram sisters guineapiginstagram guineapiglife guineapiggy guineapiglovers guineapigmom guineapigslove teddyguineapig guineapigvideo adorable smallanimals baby igersvienna guineapigdaily guineapigfun guineapigfood babyguineapigs igers communityfirst ostern meerschweinchen easter cavy canon

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✔ Please doubletab and tag a Friend below Victoria offers great emotional support and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Making sure Ella’s final days are as happy and loved as any other day. ❤️😄😭 🐾 Follow us guineapig_heaven 💝 💕 Make sure you push like follow for daily pics! 😃 💞 Thank you my friend Via: thelavaempire cavia guineapiginstagram guineapiggies guineapigmom guineapigposts101 guineapigsofig cochondinde guineapigsof_ig guineapigsofinsta guineapigsofinstagram cavy guineapiggy guineapiglovers marsvin meerschweinchen guineapigoftheday rodent guineapigofinstagram guineapigofig

7 hours ago

Guinea pigs

8 hours ago

We've trained Rolly to find our hand when we tap the ground in a certain pattern. Rolly also shows off her Up and Spin. Bonus: Rolly twitches her ears at the end. You get to see Pigdad's foot too! Part of why it's a challenge to get videos of the piggies doing their tricks is that they get so excited for treats, they clamour around our feet. We try to avoid feet shots but sometimes it can't be helped 😂 We will try to plan out these videos better in the future! Credit : eggrolltheguineapigs guineapigsof_ig guineapigoftheday guineapigrescue guineapiggy guineapigbaby guineapigstagram guineapigsrock guineapiglife guineapigofig guineapigposts101

8 hours ago

Proof that much can be a crazy bean!

13 hours ago

Hello:) 좋은 아침이에오:)