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Guten Morgen ihr lieben. 😊 So. Heute kommen wir zu den T's 😁 2 total knuffige kleine große Klößchen 😅 Die Mama hat das sehr gut gemacht, denn die beiden hatten ein Geburtsgewicht von 139 und 149g 😯. Das ist schon sehr groß. Aber allen geht es sehr gut und es wird schon gewuselt. 😍😍😍 Später dann die Einzelvorstellungen. meerschweinchen meerschweinchenvombirkenwald meeris meeries meerlies guineapig guineapigs pigs guineapigstagram guineapigsofinstagram guineapiglife guineapiglover meerschweinchenzucht rmz glatthaar usteddy meerschweinchengehege Partnerseiten schnutengesichter rmz_vom_isselbruch rmz.die.boehnchenleger my5piggis glitzer_schweinchen little.carotts _happy_feeds_ rmzvombergersee hechthausener_meeris _die.diamant.schweins_ rmzvomerdbeerfeld meerschweinchenvomklosterbach

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★ Twins 🌟 BuBu & Shong Shong ★ ★

34 minutes ago

Beans hair all nicely groomed!🤩 - In PhotoVanilla!✨🕊 - Follow our lovely Pawtners! 》 chonkpiggies🌸✨ 》 thesavvycavies🐝🤩 》 cutieguineapiggy🦋 》 piggyy_princesses👑 》 mo.and.baz 🌼 》 guineapig_cookies🍪 》 guineapigmunchers🕊 》 ginipig_2✨ - Happy Wednesday!🌸✨ - guineapig guineapigs guineapigsofinstagram cute adorable animal hazel chocolate vanilla reese follow instagram cutie smallanimals small pets pet cutie lilpaws hay pellets treats domesticguineapig domestic domesticguineapigs insta cuties guineapigsofinsta piggies pawtners cookiesforpigs

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❤Littlefood❤ Naaaa, hättet ihr auf den ersten Blick gesehen wo hier vorne und hinten ist? 🤭 Mein kleiner Struwelpeter 😍 Aber bald struwelt er nicht mehr alleine durch die Gegend. 🥰 ich freu .uch schon. 🤗😍 Und gestern hab ich eine neue Überwachungskamera gekauft. Denn bald steht ein Urlaub an, da möchte ich natürlich nichts verpassen. Davon mal ganz abgesehen, dass ich die Schweine sehr vermissen würde! 🤭 _happy_feeds_ böckchenliebe meerschweinchenliebe meerschweinchen meerschweinchenlove guineapigs guineapiglove marsvin marsu モルモット cavia  świnkamorska 豚鼠 morumotto raw_pets pawfect_piggies_of_ig animalsofig weeklyfluff picoftheday piggy_pawfection nc_cuties buzzfeedanimals cutepetsclub smallfluffy_ig  cochondinde furbaby guineapigmoments awwfeed instapigs petsarefamily meine PS sind markiert ❤

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This luscious rodent is going in to get neutered tomorrow 🎉 Ok, not that exciting for Rudy or me💸 It seems that he and Fig are fond of each other beyond procreating, so this is their best bet at living a happy, healthy life together. I’ll be out of town for a few days, so Rudy, Fig And any babies that decide to make an appearance will be staying allcreaturescarecottage until I get back. I feel completely at ease boarding them there.

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I’ve been collecting Guinea Pigs accessories from different shops to compare the qualities! These are made by guineapigmkt and I am very pleased with them 💕 I’m washing them right now so on next cleaning day I can let my babies use them 🥰 🐽 ♥️ 🐹 frankietheguineapig ralphietheguineapig guineapignaps guineapig guineapigs guineapiglife guineapiglover guineapigofig cuteguineapig babyguineapig guineapiggies guineapigfun guineapigoftheday guineapigsofinstagram litterbox piggiemom piggiedad guineapigbaby guineapigcare guineapigs101 guineapiggy guineapigappreciationday

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throwbackthursday time! Here’s a little snap of our little Toffee on the day he was born! Still can’t believe he used to be so small- they grow up too fast!

1 hour ago

Such a cutie! 🥰

1 hour ago

terrible picture of sheila(first) and coco(second) but i never get a lot of pictures of them anyways. guineapig guineapigs pets

2 hours ago

every time there’s a camera in front of Harry, he turns into a model! 🤣

2 hours ago

Eai pigamigos como vocês estão hoje? Nos mandem o número de 1 a 8 que mais te representa nesse momento 😴😁😛😒😑❤️🐹 ———————————————————————— porquinhodaindiabrasil guineapig guineapigs guineapiglover guineapiglife guineapigofinsta guineapigsofig cavylife cavy cavys cavylover cavysofinstagram pets petlover petstagram nutropica instapet meupetbr picoftheday fotografiapet DiarioDeUmPig porquinhodaindia guineapigsofinstagram porquinhosdaindia loveguineapigs porquinhos animals cavia guineapigoftheday roedores

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It's cage cleaning night here at southern cavies. Matilda, Fawn, and Willow are munching some tasty lettuce while they wait patiently for their cage to be cleaned! *Disclaimer* Not their actual cage, just a temporary bin they wait in while we clean their actual cage :) • • • • • • • • • guineapiglife piggy guineapigs guineapig cavies weeklyfluff guineapigsofinsta guineapigsofinstagram cavies cutepets cute fluffy cutenessoverload sweet adorable loveanimals guineagirls smallanimals cavylove cavylover cavy guineapiggy pugsly longhairedguineapig cuterthanme cuterthanyou cuterthanmetho lettuce munch cavygirls

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She kept licking me it makes me so happy she’s been doing that a lot lately when I hold her and cuddle with her and watch tv with her while I pet her she’s so dang cute😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💕💕 bilss iloveguineapigs crazyguineapigmom

2 hours ago

Does anyone know how to spell Guinea pigs off the top of their head? guineapigs furbaby

3 hours ago

Amazon delivered a kid today! 😅My is so loved by my staff. Frankie, and the rest of them, spoil her like crazy. 🥰 She got to be a kid in a box and play with the Club guinea pigs. We made a quick stop at en route to the house tonight and enjoyed basically the best dinner time ever. I’m glad my pants are stretchy. Portion control may not be my forte. Arizona wanted me to eat with her in my lapbut Once she sorta came to she got in her chair and gobbled up all of her food. Summer time fresh farm veggies are one of the best things God ever gave us! 257/396 amazon guineapigs maxnruby momlife momboss familyfriendlywork package kidinabox babyinabox arizona arizonaperry momlife bosslady toddlerceo okra farmfresh farmtotable dinner foodporn

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Sometimes this might mean giving them space if they are running away, or displaying other signs of wanting to be left alone Just remember, just like a person they can go through changing moods. 🐹