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32 minutes ago

Ruka's much calmer compared to her first couple of weeks home. I'm happy that I'm finally able to do photoshoots with her. For this one she happily gets to relax in this basket which she seems to really enjoy. A new video will be uploaded soon on the pet's YouTube channel. Link to the channel is in the profile bio, check it out! PetsDailyTale guineapig guineapigs guineapiglovers guineapigsofinstagram guineapigsofig guineapiglife guineapiglove guineapigbaby guineapigsofinsta babyguineapig petsofinstagram petstagram

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1 hour ago

What a beautiful piggy

3 hours ago

モルスタグラム ネモフィラとチューリップが見頃でした。やっぱりネモフィラは、キレイ💕 もっと早く家を出て人が少ないときにネモフィラを撮りたかった😭(9:30前から駐車場入場待ちで、9:45頃に入園) 平日なのに、混んどるーーー チューリップがさまざまな種類があって写真に撮りきれないくらいありました。 大満足‼️ モルスタグラム モルモット ネモフィラ チューリップ 水仙 guineapigs guineapig guineapigsofinsta guineapiglove tulip nemophila babyblueeyes

4 hours ago

Sofie 🐖 wünscht euch einen tollen Start in die kurze Woche und einen sonnigen Dienstag! 🥰☺️ Es ist herrlich sonnig bei uns ☀️❤️

5 hours ago

✔ Please doubletab and tag a Friend below Victoria offers great emotional support and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Making sure Ella’s final days are as happy and loved as any other day. ❤️😄😭 🐾 Follow us guineapig_heaven 💝 💕 Make sure you push like follow for daily pics! 😃 💞 Thank you my friend Via: thelavaempire cavia guineapiginstagram guineapiggies guineapigmom guineapigposts101 guineapigsofig cochondinde guineapigsof_ig guineapigsofinsta guineapigsofinstagram cavy guineapiggy guineapiglovers marsvin meerschweinchen guineapigoftheday rodent guineapigofinstagram guineapigofig

7 hours ago

❤Bruce❤ endlich zeigte sich auch er mal wieder vor der Kamera 😍 Ich finde es eher schwierig dunkle Schweinchen zu fotografieren weil einfach das ganze Bild dann dunkel aussieht. Schade, denn eigentlich sind es bezaubernde Fotos die manchmal dabei rum kommen. Um so glücklicher bin ich dass dieses Foto so toll geworden ist 😍 _happy_feeds_ bunnynaturehopp nrw marsvin marsu モルモット świnkamorska tierfotos petphoto ilovemypet petsoftheday smallpet instapets petmom petgram meerschweinchen meerschweinchenaufinstagram guineapig guineapigs guineapigsofinstagram guineapigsofinsta artgerechtehaltung tierfotografie petsphotography artgerecht  豚鼠 tierliebe tiere morumotto cutepets Meine Ps sind markiert ❤ *unbezahlte Werbung wegen Seiten und Markennennung

9 hours ago

Cage set up time! Trying to bond three boars is very difficult so the maximum amount of space needs to be utilized 😊 • I have the girls on the top (Blake, Nugget, Freya). They’ve all gone through the bonding process and from time to time there are some rumbles • The boys are on the bottom. Thor has finished his antibiotics and is all good to go! I currently spent most of my afternoon bonding them. Flynn has 0 interest in them as long as they acknowledge he is alpha. Loki and Thor bicker but I’ll see how this continues to go. • top cage: 2x4 grids • bottom cage 2x6 grids guineapigs guineapigcage guineapiglovers guineapigsofinsta guineapiggies

11 hours ago

What’s that? Oh. Back to sleep. 😴

11 hours ago

A little late, but Happy Easter!

11 hours ago

We has no patience. We eat right from the source in our cage 🙊 petlogic

11 hours ago

Pigmum giving me some love. 💕 - Victoria

12 hours ago

Rocko gets mad every single time cause he can’t get the bigger peice of hay Credit: ians_guineapigs ❤️Follow me if you love guinea pigs❤️ Love to tag? Please do!⤵️ Double tap & tag friends below 🙏 Plz follow us - ians_guineapigs Tag your love😍✅Turn post notification on 📣 ✅Follow like and comment✏️ ✅Tag your friends👥🎥🎞 * Via: piggyherd guineapiggy guineapigsofinstagram guineapiglovers guineapig guineapigofig guineapigslove guineapigmom guineapigoftheday guineapigbaby guineapigofinstagram guineapiglover guineapigsofinsta guineapigposts101 guineapiggies guineapigs guineapigstagram guineapiglife guineapiggie guineapigsof_ig prilaga guineapigcare guineapiginstagram guineapiglove guineapigsofig guineapigcage And special thanks to my best friend paw_blog paw_blog

12 hours ago

I wonder if our new piggy is going to have long-ish hair?? It doesn’t look like she’ll be a typical short haired piggy, but I’m guessing not a full on silkie either do you guys have any guesses??