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Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend like Nigel! I really want to come back as one of these boys Fresh herbs daily, fleece snuggle beds and lots of cuddles too guineapigsofinstagram nigeltheguineapig ❤️

8 minutes ago

Mom cant stop posting Hyuga’s photos with his giraffe hat 😋🦒 via cutieguineapiggy ─────────────────── » Let's spread the love. Tag a guinea-loving friend! » Follow guineapigdaily.ig and use to get featured! ─────────────────── guineapigs guineapiggy guineapigmom guineapigsofinsta guineapigposts101 guineapigcage guineapigsofig guineapiglove guineapiglover guineapigoftheday guineapiglife guineapigsof_ig guineapigsofinstagram

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СТРИЖКА КОГТЕЙ💅✂️ОХ И НЕ ЛЮБИМОЕ ЭТО ДЕЛО🙈🙈 ❓КАК ЖЕ СДЕЛАТЬ ТАК , ЧТОБ МОРСКАЯ СВИНКА СИДЕЛА СПОКОЙНО❓ ✅ХОЧУ ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ с вами хитрым СПОСОБОМ: 1️⃣Попробуйте включить музыку(не громко) , и посмотрите как свинка отреагируетЕсли свинка замирает , тогда этот лайфак для вас😊😊 2️⃣Возьмите свинку на руки, включайте музыку вашу любимую и начинайте процесс стрижки когтей😉😉 3️⃣С музыкой этот процесс станет для вас любимым занятием, и будет занимать меньше времени ‼ ☑ЛИСТАЙТЕ КАРУСЕЛЬ (СМОТРИТЕ ПРИМЕР)⏩⏩ ✳P.S Мы с Рэдиком старались для вас🥰🥰 guineas guineapiglife guineas_pigs_love guineaspig guineapigsofinstagram guineapigmom cavyoftheday cavylife cavyofinstagram морскиесвинки

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can this be eaten mama?

39 minutes ago

The second part of the hunt! 😃

47 minutes ago

~Kiki Wir sind im Freilaufgehege und sind heute schon viel gepopcornt🌻😍🍿Jetzt sind wir müde geworden und schlafen gerade in unserem Spieltunnel😴☀️ ➡️Wischt nach rechts:Qoo schläft auch bei mir😌 Freut ihr euch schon auf Ostern? 🐇🐣Wir uns sehr weil unser Freund mickey_the_cat214 morgen Geburtstag hat🎉🎈🎁 . Partner sind markiert💕 Kiki Qoo guineapigsofinstagram guineapigstagram pets cute guineapiglife guineapigs guineapiglove guineapigstagram Mimi Lilli guineapiggies meerschweinchen meerschweinchengehege meerschweinchenfotografie meeries freilauf frühling Mickey

56 minutes ago

“If you snooze, you don’t loose!” - Duncan

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A (slight) break from the incessant guinea pig posts! Had a lovely day yesterday as it was a bank holiday and my flatmates and I all had the day off work. We cooked a roast dinner which was absolutely incredible (and made up for my Christmas, New Year and Birthday spent in hospital!) then went for a walk/sunbathe/ice cream in our local park. Absolutely stuffed but when papajohns came and started giving out free pizza who were we to say no?! Day ended with guinea pig snuggles on the sofa while we watched Chris Lilley’s new show. I think we all went to bed feeling completely revived 😌 mentalhealthawareness mentalhealth mentalhealthrecovery mentalhealthblogger eupd eupdrecovery bpd bpdrecovery therapeutic roast roastlamb goodfriday greatfriday roastdinner pizza papajohns papajohnspizza guineapiggy guineapiggies guineapigsofinstagram guineapig flatmates doctor

1 hour ago

Schönen Samstag!🥰 -Lutzi

1 hour ago

Just as good as a bed, I guess? 😂🍈🍈

3 hours ago

Mew: hi guys, did you see our Easter egg hunt yesterday? Today part 2 will be up - and I am going looking for the last egg 😊