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A week of no sleep induced flu, 2 day since I had a tooth pulled and baby food and nom back on my program. And it gave me a whoopin. Again.

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Day one of a great weekend in Newcastle. Lovely meal in piccolinorestaurants and to see the quayside . Never been to Newcastle so nice to finally get over here and see it and as always more time with this one and to celebrate his 40th ❤ d_r_adams . - - newcastle bankholiday personalgrowth positivelife lovelife livinglife girlswholiftheavy gymaddict girlseholiftheavyshit musclessresexy manchester myhusband fitnotskinny gymbunny gymaddict beyourself dreams happytimes❤️ healthybody fitnessgirl mystrength bikiniathlete bikinifitness fitfam fitgirls positivethinking

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Push harder today if you want a different tomorrow. 💯🙏🏽💪🏽❤️ Deadlifts 75% 200 lbs 12 x 1. 10 with the vertical pull plate and 2 without. The vertical pull plate is becoming a favorite tool for helping me to master my form. Without it, it makes the weight seem like a feather. Coach jt.181 in my dj khaled voiceYou smart.🤓💪🏽 So grateful to be able. 🙏🏽💪🏽 Saraismuscle powerlifting girlswholift liftheavy traindirty eatclean weights strength power muscle fitness fitnessjourney motivate inspire challenge selflove selfworth selfrespect gains fitlife fitmom mobility strong gymaddict barbell squat bench deadlift TeamJohnny wherestrongpeoplearemade

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BODY COMPOSITION- Weight scales versus the mirror and clothes. ————————————————— I think it's safe to say, that majority of us have probably heard and know, how scales dont really or shouldn't really matter when it comes to fat loss journey Whilst the above is LARGELY TRUE, there are exceptions. Below I'm going to try to explain where scales dont matter and where they do. ————————————————— Let's start with 👉🏼where scales dont matter If you see the pictures above( swipe ) , I weigh the same in all pictures. Left was before I had and right obviously many years later & my current pic Yes! I weigh the same in both In a situation like above, weight on the scales doesn't always matter. When you gain few kgs of muscle and drop fat at the same time, the way you look can often change dramatically but your scales might not show much or any change at all. So, if you have only few kgs to lose, say below 10 or so, then try not to stress too much about the weight but focus on the ✅way you look and ✅your clothes fit. —————————————————— SO WHERE ARE SCALES RELEVANT and can be a very powerful tool Say for example you are 5.5 female in height, and you weigh 90kgs and you havent been below 80 kilos for nearly 15-20 years. We all can agree, no matter how many inches she drops or muscle she puts on, she's NOT GOING TO LOOK lean 👉🏼staying at 90kgs In situations like this weighing scales can be a very powerful and a relevant tool.🙌🏼 Imagine when she gets below 85kgs , how powerful & motivating it’ll be for her♥️ —————————————————- Remember, In any weight loss journey, there's always going to be fluctuations so don’t obsess too much. JUST BE CONSISTENT 🙌🏼 transformation transformations weightlosscoach fridaymotivation yougotthis fitnessfam fitnessprogress fitgram fitnation gymrat gymaddict fitspo getfit exercise facetofacefriday fitnesswithsonali fattofitjourney fattofitmom onepoundatatime myfatloss

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Keep going up and don’t look down. | May 17, 2019 🧗‍♀️💖

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Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide?

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Couldn’t have said it better myself gbaby00 🙌🏼🙌🏼 . I started my weight loss journey in September of 2015 after being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Within the first year, I not only lost 80lbs, but I fell in love with health and fitness and decided to get my training certification. My number one priority was bettering myself in all aspects, but specifically health and fitness During that first year, I could count on 1 hand the amount of times I consumed even 1 alcoholic drink because I knew it had the potential to make or break my progress The following 2 years, I started to experiment with moderation. I didn’t know how to live without deviating from my meal plan, my fitness regimen and my training sessions with clients. All of that was great, but there’s more to life. Long story long, I did it! I managed to incorporate 1-2 chest meals accompanied by a few drinks on The Weekends and STILL lose body fat (weight wasn’t a realistic goal at this point). moderationiskey🔑

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Always in the office doing the work and being creative Don’t let the lack of a equipment in any gym stop you from putting in work. Some gyms got lots of shit and some ain’t got much shit. But even out of a shitty situation you can still get a shit load a gains once you about that life. No belt squat machine here but in the second video I made shit happened. 300lbs belt squat. I don’t “Make Excuses, I Make A Way” realtalk facts motivation inspiration bodybuilding powerlifting strength power workout exercise trainhard instafit fitspo muscle beastmode alpha legs training gymaddict fitfam instamood noexcuses fitness instagood stayfit

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🇳🇱⁣ The “out of bed look” feat. ontstoken oog 🥴 Mijn ene oog is meer open dan de ander. Geen idee hoe dit weer is gekomen. Kortom, ontzettend irritant en pijnlijk maar gaat wel weer over. Anyway, vandaag is mijn laatste vliegdag. Vanuit Alesund - Noorwegen, hop ik nog even naar Florence en terug. Dan zit mijn werkweek er weer op. Dan ga ik net zo nonchalant onderuit zitten als hier 🙋🏻‍♀️. Ja of niet, het wordt ook wel weer eens tijd om te gaan trainen. Jij nog leuke plannen voor de zondag?!⁣ ikkannogalleszien hotelverveling ⁣ ⁣ 🇬🇧⁣ The "out of bed look" feat. inflamed eye 🥴 My one eye is more open than the other. No idea how this happened. But long story short: very annoying and painful. Anyway, today is my last flight day. From Alesund - Norway, I go to Florence and back. After that I’m done until friday! Then I’ll sit down as casually as here 🙋🏻‍♀️ or not. It’s also time to hit the gym again 💪🏼 Do you have nice plans for Sunday?! hotellife happysunday

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震到跳舞咁款,睇佢個樣平時肯定無操腳😂 . Me after watching “The Conjuring “ diquemoreno

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That fresh Sunday feeling 🌼 I don't know how it happened, but I got so caught up on those instagram booty exercises that I slowly phased out all the heavy lifting I used to do 🤦‍♀️ The past two weeks I've reintroduced body weight squats and deads and now building back upto 160kg leg press 💪and I tell you what it's poppin 💣 dohertysgym deadlift squat legday booty girlswhosquat bootygoals bootygains fitchicks squat gymlife girlswholift model instafit gymgirls strongissexy instahealth motivation active bossbabe workhardplayhard bodybuilding bootybuilding fitnessgoals fitnessmotivation gymaddict bossgirls спортивныедевушки

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harder1774 harder1774 harder1774 harder1774 harder1774 harder1774 harder1774 harder1774 harder1774 Follow  harder1774 for more workout tips - Follow 👉for respective owners ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ fitness  fit  workouts  fitnessmotivation muscles  gymlife  diet  gymtime  bodybuilding abs  gymshark  workoutmotivation  healthy physique  muscle  fitindia  bodybuilder  body motivation  gymgirl  gym  workout  indian gymaddict  fitfam  fitnessmodel  gymrat bodybuildingmotivation  shredded gymmotivation

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Sunday, I am so ready for a new week. Actually so obsessed with this gym now 💪🏻

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What does “fasted” mean? It doesn’t just mean you’re running on an empty stomach. Your stomach probably feels empty an hour or so after you finish a meal. bejuststrong gohardorgohome legsdayworkout fitness powerlifting strongwomen womenwholift goals gym binousgym fitnessmotivation ad_supplements fitness workout muscle gymmotivation strength instafit healthandfitness athlete training gym muscularwomen masterpiece girlswholift bodybuildingmotivation bodybuilder instafit bodybuildingwomen discipline gymaddict Your body is in a fasted state when you have not eaten for at least 8 hours. A good night’s sleep is a sufficient amount of time to get your body into a fasted state. When insulin levels are low because you haven’t eaten, your body has no choice but to burn fat. Naturally, this happens faster when you haven’t eaten for 8 hours.

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‏مع الرياضة تحتاج أن تصل إلى مرحلة "الممارسة". ‏ أن تكون "ممارس" لرياضة معينة معناها الانتماء والمداومة والالتصاق. ‏هذا لا يأتي إلا عندما "تمتلك" رياضتك وهذا يأتي من الشغف والتعلق وحب الرياضة التي تمارسها استفسر بالخاص عن التدريب اونلاين 📩‬ هندسة_الجسم تحدي godfatherofbodybuilding coach bodybuilder bodybuilding protein bodybuildingaddic fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel fitnessaddict progym fitnessphysique gym progymmoualla gymwear gymlife wehy gymaddict gymtime gymflow gymnastics instgram personaltrainersyria iraq damascus germany🇩🇪 .

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More and more progress. It's not an easy journey but it became so easy to build discipline due to a broken heart. Turn that negative into positive, rebuild yourself, reinvent yourself, help yourself grow the right way. When you want to keep yourself occupied then focus on being occupied until it becomes a daily routine. It's a must, it's my church, it's my escape. Anyone can be on the same path if you fucking do it WITHOUT making any EXCUSES! fuckexcuses isymfs gymaddict

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Barcelona Walking Machine: "Andale andale! Arriba arriba!" Speedy Gonzalez Gorilla Power

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Komm, guck in meinen Lebenslauf, alles voll mit Rückschlägen. Mein Kopf raucht, denke zu viel nach. Wenn du nur an dich selbst denkst, dann bitte halt Abstand. Hab aus Fehlern gelernt, die Welt dreht sich weiter. Ich bereue keinen Tag, keine Tat ManKenntIhn karma fit fitness fitfam fitfamgermany gym gymfreak gymaddict l4l gymmotivation monster motivation sport sportmotivation sportswear smile smilodox therock betheone love betterbodies thisfeeling diet kassel myway training workout hardestworkerintheroom

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💪'Que tu meta de hoy sea ganarle a tu mejor excusa; Disfruta donde estás hoy, el tiempo no regresa'⏱••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• noexcuses gymtime gymlove gymaddict gymlife gymmotivation gym gymgirl fitnesswear fitnesslove fitnessaddict fitnesstrainer fitness fitnesslife fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl girlwithmuscles strong motivation motivacion pocoapoco undiamasundiamenos girlboss ootd outfitoftheday photooftheday beautiful getfit healthylifestyle healthylifestyle

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When myproteinuk have a 45% off everything sale, it would be rude not to right?? . New sports bra and leggings ordered at 11pm last night and arrived before 11am today - cannot fault the quality or the service . Happy weekend people 🙏

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💪^Existen tres reglas muy simples para la vida: si no vas a por lo que quieres, nunca lo conseguirás; si no preguntas, la respuesta siempre será no; & si no das un paso hacia adelante, siempre estarás en el mismo lugar^📛 fitness fitnesswear fitnesslife fitnesslove fitnessaddict fitnesstrainer fitnessmotivation outfitsport outfitoftheday photooftheday fitnessgirl fitnessbody bodyfitness gym gymaddict gymlove gymmotivation gymlife gymtime gymgirl healthylifestyle healthy healthylife healthyme healthystyle healthybody sexyfitness sexybodies girlpower instafit